Stressing out, have to move Baby O and soon!

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Stressing out, have to move Baby O and soon!

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        01-29-2014, 09:47 PM
    Green Broke
    Exclamation Stressing out, have to move Baby O and soon!

    So iv been going back and forth about posting here about this cause I don't like sharing my problems so much but I need help brain storming here and fast .

    I have kept Oliver just down the road at my trainers house where he is so so happy, he mentally and physically is doing wonderful, trainer on property almost 12hours a day and he's in her back yard so at night I am not concerned. Heated tack room, good shelter, plenty of pasture, out door arena and weekly lessons.

    I pay 300.00 a month, extremely resonable for our area.

    The house was foreclosed owned I'm pretty sure and we'll it was just sold this week and legally we have 3 months to find a new place for the horses.

    Now legally yes three months but I'm sure in reality they will pay more to move us off the property, am I right?! So I just found this out, my head is spinning and I don't have that many options....I can do self care if a place comes through with a opening... No word on any place so far.

    One option I thought about, haven't said it to anyone yet but is that I could maybe turn my boyfriends property into a workable place. He owns it. And it's 10 acres... But I feel like that's too big of a question for him and our relationship as it's only been a month, though secretly if he said yes he's a keeper!! He loves my horse and wants to ride and has horse experience already....I just don't know if that's too much of a burden of a question.

    I still have other options I'm looking into but all but one has no arena and I'd have to ride on the road, he's to nervous for that so not safe... And I do not own a truck and trailer to haul to an arena.

    My family (mom) is looking into buying a house there is one with 2 acres and just enough room for him if that worked out but I don't have time or anything to say that's a go at all...

    I'm stressing out...I know my mom will help me pay for buying a protea me shed for him and a shed for hay if it comes to it but I just need to know he has a place...
    Ideas!? Hope?! Anything?!
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        01-29-2014, 09:49 PM
    Super Moderator
    Do you want to stay on Vashon? Aren't there other boarding facilities? Isn't your trainer, who has been boarding your horse, willing to help you find something ?
        01-29-2014, 10:03 PM
    Green Broke
    Of course she is but he's my horse and she needs to worry about her own two so if she can't find a place for all three then I need to have a back up, can't just wait for her to find a place lol
    There are some boarding places yes and I contacted one about prices tonight but the other two.... We'll three...

    One has really bad footing in the arena and no turnout... Turnout and shelter are my ugh eat things to get him...

    Barn two is a barn I work at and cannot afford the board and again if I could no good turnout...

    Barn three is no an option, full and I don't agree with there methods at all and are tied up and mixed up in legal issues now...

    So the barn I did contact is a friend of mines, turnout and great little barn, with outdoor arena and tack lockers and walking distance to the horse park with covered arena....

    There are many pastures I'm looking into, cause yes we are staying on vashon. Cheaper board and won't leave my trainer...she goes all over the island to teach so that's not an issue for me.

    I just am trying to be responsible and not just leave it up to her to find MY horse a safe place, she has her own horses to find a barn for... :)
        01-29-2014, 10:17 PM
    I would not entertain the boyfriend's acreage. Things could go sideways between you two and then the fun begins with the horse on his property. Leave that option until you are in a long term relationship with him, meaning he put a ring on it.
        01-29-2014, 10:23 PM
    I'd park the horse at the frined's nice-sounding place and wait out the bf angle... If your mom buys and provides, or if things cement with the bf, all the better. No need to put unnecessary pressure on either relationship and it sounds like a potentially great place to hang.
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        01-29-2014, 10:24 PM
    Green Broke
    That's what I am thinking
    Ugh stressed out
        01-29-2014, 10:30 PM
    Green Broke
    What about the one you work at?

    Is it somewhere you would LIKE to be? Maybe a workers discount or work off board or somethung?

    Just spitballing ideas here.

    Good luck!
        01-29-2014, 10:31 PM
    Green Broke
    Yes I would only not enough room turnout they are all full up :( just asked
        01-29-2014, 10:32 PM
    Green Broke
    That's what I need, spit balling ideas
    Come at me with anything
        01-29-2014, 10:36 PM
    Green Broke
    If I were in your situation I would prioritize needs. The top one would be good and safe care for the horse, followed by affordability, then followed 'human' facility related amenities. That would mean, at least temporarily, a person would be looking at the smaller farms that would take in a boarder or two but may not have great arena set ups as well as some of the more professional boarding places.

    P.S. I agree with Waresbear - stay away from the boyfriend place if at all possible. Best of luck.

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