Switching barns- Part 2... And other questions.

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Switching barns- Part 2... And other questions.

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        12-04-2011, 03:12 PM
    Green Broke
    Switching barns- Part 2... And other questions.

    So I posted a couple days ago about possibly moving barns. Here's the link if you want the background of this thread.

    Okay so I went to see the barn. A few times actually and I like it. It just feels homey. (beside the fact that the barn is almost 100 years old!)
    Anywho there are two stalls left and I definitely want to take one if I move there. Some of the stalls have minor leaks which we can fix ourselves. I've talked to the owner of the farm and the lady who takes care of the horses. This is all of the information I got.

    Board will be $175 by the first of January instead of $150 like I stated in my previous thread. The reason for the increase in price is because of the renovations they are doing to the barn. (fixing fences taking down broken boards...the whole 9 yards) keep in mind I'm paying $275 where I am currently which is the cheapest around here in NY for rough board besides this place I'm looking at. Anyway. At the new place I would have to buy my own grain and she would bring him in from the pasture and grain him in his stall in the AM. His pasture would be 50+ acres with a handful of other horses. I would have a stall for him in the barn for when severe weather hits. (then he would be inside) otherwise he will be out 24/7. The ring is grass and pretty large. They're are trails but they need to be cleared again and if I want to use them I will have to pay extra. Which I kinda think is weird but I would only use them in the summer. He would be hayed in the winter but during the warmer months he won't really need it being how he will be on 50+ acres of grass 24/7.

    The only real reason id move here is because two of my other friends keep there horses here and I need riding buddies. Where I am now everyone is alot older then me and they're horses are mostly retired. I like where I am but I don't like riding alone constantly and there is another reason about the younger girl who feeds on Sundays.

    Anyway. I would have to do nighttime feeding which is fine because if I can't make it out my friends can always help out and vise versa.

    The place is really old. I mean really, really old. I'm having such a hard time deciding to move or stay. I'd love to move but I'm nervous about what if the other horses in his field beat him up. Or what if she throws a couple bails of hay in the pasture and causes them to fight over it and he becomes severely food aggressive. (I've had it happen!) moose is only currently with 2 other horses on a measly acre which is just a huge hill. He has a round bail currently and loves it.

    Now opinions??

    Also. I would be feeding him pellet as that's what he is on now. He was kinda skinny when I got him so we didn't wana over feed him. Right now he is getting 3/4ths a scoop of pellet 2x a day with a free choice round bail. Is this too little or too much grain? He's probably around 1000 pounds now give or take alittle an still has alot of muscle and weight to put on. Any help is appreciated!
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        12-04-2011, 03:18 PM
    I think I'd move barns, if just for the social aspect of it. I ride alone 2 days a week, and with another lady one day a week. The days I ride alone we get a lot accomplished, but, its lonely. I'd love to have some friends at my barn to ride with!
        12-04-2011, 05:55 PM
    Green Broke
    I want to but I'm so undecided. No clue as to why but this is becoming harder then I thought! I like the social aspect of the other barn but moose is just starting to seriously settle fully in at this one. Blah.
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