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Tell me about your horses.

I am trying to sell a horse i've had for six years, and I want to try to find one that's better suited for me, but I have this fear that they will all be like him even when I know they probably won't. We bought him when I was eleven, and the owner didn't really tell us about him, and my parents don't really know anything about horses, so that's how it began. He was always too much horse for me to handle, but I was determined to make it work. He is very unpredictable and hot headed, and being so young I didn't really know how to handle it. So it got progressively worse from the beginning. I took riding lessons for six years, so it's not like I didn't know how to ride, I just didn't know how to ride a horse like him. Anyways, he made me kind of scared of horses, even horses I know I can trust. So, I need convincing that not all horses are going to try to run away with me, because that's my biggest fear. So, tell me about your horses, how do they act? What's your favorite thing about them? Something they do that annoys you. I just want to know about how other people are with their horses. :)
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Green Broke
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My horse is great, he is quieter enough to do silly stuff on, he doesn't shy at many things, he can jump, I could go on and list all the good stuff but with good comes bad.
He bucked me off today not to sure why.. going to get dentist and chiropractor out.
He has seperation anxitey. Doesn't like being away from his little buddy.
He is the hardest horse to keep weight on and is costing me a fortune.

I think you would probably be best with an older been there done that type horse.
A school master :)
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Not all horses are grumpy all the time. I have a horse that will lay down and take a nap with me even or lay his head in my lap and go to sleep. I agree that you need a school master. Just find a horse that you can bond with and trust before you buy it and make sure you don't just settle on one because it's pretty or has a smaller price tag.
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I love my Ginger. She's a beauty, and I love loving on her. But she's a spoiled brat. She was never properly finished with being under saddle, as she was bred to be a halter horse. She listens well enough most days, but she refuses to canter, and it's almost impossible to keep her in a trot. When we go trail riding we're always behind!!

Duncan is my colt. He's a precious, adorable little baby and my little man. He's so super curious and wants to get into EVERYTHING. He chewed on the ends of my knitted winter cap while I was brushing Ginger, and almost got it off my head. He's a hoot.

Not all horses are ornery, spoiled, untrained brats. You just have to figure out what works between the two of you, and don't be afraid to get some outside help. I've grown up with horses and have been riding my whole life, and I still need tons of help with training and behavior issues. Don't lose hope!! Owning a horse can be a wonderful experience, even if it is a bit trying at times.
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My gelding is a been there done it horse. :) I love how I can hop on him and go and be able to relax. My POA mare is a spooky brat at times...normally her attitude is good though so that's a plus. The mini is well just the And my colt is a smart boy who needs his attituded checked from time to time. I love working with him. :)

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My horse is a 17.3 hand appendix, named Moose (Stellar Moves)
He's like a big baby! He is always in your face, wanting you to give him attention, and when you don't, he does annoying things to get your attention (like shaking a bucket, chewing things etc.) Whenever we show, he knows when it's show time and always gives me his all. However, he can sometimes act like an idiot about certain, random things. It's not really a big deal, he would just kind of jump to the side or look at something. But, I love my Moosey!(:
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Im sorry you had a bad experience. But Im glad your not giving up either.
I have a soft spot for younger horses. I have 3 total.

#1 is my old girl. She is 17 this year. She was an ex park horse and VERY HOT! she had some bad training and she has been deemed dangerous. She put 2 diffrent people in the hospital. I have her in a totally diffrent enviroment and I dont have a problem with her at all, just a little barn sour, but I got her number! I got her given to me because of my understanding of the breed and my abilities to try diffrent things with her. Had she been trained properly she would be worth upwards of $20,000.
She is kind but business like. She knows her job and wants to just get it done already! She is very dominant in the pasture but is very good with her ground manners. She will be with me til she dies or I die. She is one of those horses that only I could love. She was destined for slaughter when I got her. She is very well bred and has major motion, but her history scared everyone but me. I adore her, all of the good and bad. I guess I like trouble!

#2 is my comming 4 yo saddlebred. He is new, my x-mas gift to myself!
He is super friendly and full of curiousity. He can be a little watchfull, but his life has changed significantly, and with time he is relaxing. He has so much try, it isnt funny. He learned to get on a petastal in 1 15 minute session. Now he tries to get all 4 feet up there, but he is too long for that. It takes the friesians I work with weeks to figure it out!

Then there is #3, another comming 4 yo. This one is a 1/2 arabian. She has the kids horse mentality. Nothing bugs her, nothing spooks her and she is a partner in crime kind of mare.
As a 2 yo, when I got her, I could see her potential as a kids horse. She likes people better than other horses and thinks kids are for her. She is also a quick learner, even if a little more stubborn. She is not like the others, she needs leg to keep her going. She is what I call semi-lazy. Doesnt mind walking, loves to trot, too lazy to canter...ya have to push constantly to keep it.

Not all horses are created equal. I have the breeds I have because I prefer horses that use their minds, not just wait for you to figure things out for them. My horses are thinkers and love people. Well....except for #1, she only loves me and everyone else can just take a hike! I think thats why I adore her so much. a horse just for me!
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I was in your situation a couple of years ago.

Now, no comments on my stupidity here. I had been trained all my life by a not so wonderful trainer, and the things I was taught were incorrect and gave me a very bad mindset that I could ride anything and be fine. That you could just hop on a young horse and do whatever. I bought a 4 year old and long story short, it was a VERY short period of ownership and I injured my back pretty badly. It turned out that horse was never supposed to be sold anyway, that her previous owners had first right of refusal, and it worked out for the best for everyone, but I quit riding for almost a year out of fear.

In my heart, I knew that I didn't get hurt because all horses were out to throw their riders off, and I knew there were more suitable, safe horses for me out there. But I had a sickening fear issue, and previous falls in my life that had never bothered me were weighing heavy on my mind.

I ended up with a good realization that I did NOT know everything about horses, and I needed to start right back at the beginning and take some lessons from a good trainer.

It took me up until honestly about 6 months ago to have true confidence in horses again.

I won't bore you with the details of all the school horses that have helped me along the way.

What I will tell you about is the wonderful horse I just bought a little less than a month ago. I started riding her while she was still a lesson horse back in October/November. I had recently lost my anxiety about cantering back in the summer, and had gotten my seat back for it. I was much more confident around all horses, but still had an inkling of nervousness still.

From the moment I sat on Amber it was different though. For no logical reason, I was totally at ease, and had complete confidence in her.

Amber is young yet at only 6, 7 next month. But she has a willing, sensible personality and is rather mature for her age as far as I'm concerned.

She loves people. She comes when called and always perks her ears and gets excited when I go to catch her. She's a real attention lover. She has a little issue with that - if you aren't giving her all the attention, she will get impatient and paw whilst making cute faces like "Look at ME!". She also loves to be ridden and gets impatient if you aren't saddling her up fast enough. Once that girth is tightened and she sees you coming with the bridle, she relaxes. While she needs to learn patience; it is quite charming and I like knowing she enjoys getting exercised.

Under saddle she's very quiet. She doesn't know much yet, and is still trying to figure out contact and bending. She has an excellent set of brakes on her. She is not in any way lazy, but you have to make sure your seat is telling her go, because she will stop on a dime if she thinks that's what you are asking of her. Can't fuss with her mouth too much. She goes great on a light contact and very quiet hands. Any spooks she has are legitimate, and not any anxious silliness. The two times she's spooked with me were, one, in a covered arena and a gush of melting snow fell off the roof, and two, when a piece of paper went flying across our path. Once she realized what it was, she was fine. Just the initial "WAZZAT MOM?!?! HALP!"

Overall, while one must keep in mind Amber is young and has a lot of learning and "mental growing" to do still, she is a reliable mount that I trust enough to give pony rides to beginners on. The trainer who I bought her from and I joked once that if a bomb went off beside us, she probably wouldn't even dump me, she'd just start running and I'd either stay on or flop off.
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Green Broke
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I have two horses, a mare and the last foal she had.

T, my mare, is originally from NC. She's a southern gal, and always proper. She has never been mare-ish and is always well mannered under saddle. She will give as exciting a ride as you want, or as calm. A registered app, and now 22 years old. Never uses any unnecessary energy on the trail, and has never spooked. I call her a thinking horse. She is going blind, but you'd never know it by her demeanor. She is my heart horse.

Walkamile, is becoming his mothers son. He trusts me to a fault, though I haven't built that trust on my side yet. He loves to be with me, and will push his mother out of the way to stand by the gate for me to chose him to go for a ride. He was born with a deformity (Reyes nose) and had surgery to help correct (at 3 months of age), but it adds character to his face. According to the vets, he is a survivor. Had learned to compensate for his deformity as a foal and thrived, when most died due to starvation. He is to be my primary horse this year and I think he has been ready for a long time for this. He is turning 13 this year. He is also an app, and way too tall for my short legs, but he will stand still as long as it takes for me to climb aboard. Bless his heart.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, "Oh crap, she's up!".
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my first horse was a school master, he was great! i deffinatly recomend getting one! and you probably want an older horse, at least ten or older. My second horse is what scarred me for life! his name was elliot and the lady that sold him to my mom told her that he was 11, had tons of professional training and a whole bunch of other bs. The truth was he was only 5 yrs old and she put him on a long lasting drug i didnt even know there were such things! he was perfect for 5 weeks then BAM the switch was flipped, and boy did he flip!!! we were in the middle of a trail ride and he went crazy, i was in hospital for 6 weeks and stuff. When we were looking for a new horse, I had a very hard time trusting anyone, but finally we found my Sable.

he is really sweet! if we're out in the field he likes to play hide and seek(well he hides and i seek) but him hiding is sticking his head in a bush or behind a tree, i call it "if i cant see you, you cant see me" its really funny! and he likes to wash your face, like lick your face. but boy does he have his grumpy days and you can tell. if you walk into his paddock with a halter he just puts his head down and gives you this nasty stare! its kinda cute but a pain in the butt because theres no way your riding him!

But i would go with a school master, he/she will help you gain your confidence back and you'll find the joy in riding again!!!

the hardest part of riding is the ground... yup sounds about right
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