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those with no voices or choices

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        04-25-2012, 03:19 PM
    Originally Posted by dirtroadangel    
    I have been doing some research on the living conditions of the carriage horses of NYC.
    I don't want to persecute anyone who is a fan
    Or into that business.
    There is nothing wrong with a 9 hr. Work day, horses are meant to be used that is their purpose.
    It seems that the living conditions of these beautiful animals is less then good.
    They have no running water or ventilation in the stables. Their stalls are60sq ft. In diameter. It looks like the life span 15 yrs. At best
    There should besome water source for them when they are out working.
    If so much money can go into lobbyists and lawyers, what has gone to improve this gentle giants living conditions.
    I would love to be proved wrong.
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    Read the part I you realize until just the last few generations that referred to all horses...AND HUMANS?

    I'm not trying to detract from what you are saying - I oppose animal abuse just as most other people, and think it should be punished when found. But I do think that most people today have an absurdly high standard about how horses, and other animals, should be treated. If you don't work a horse, it will run around the pasture like a goofball and work itself, it likes to stand in the rain, roll and sleep in the community poop pile, hates stalls and paddocks, and will be happiest snd healthiest when left to munch all day instead of being fed meals...
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        04-25-2012, 03:21 PM
    "Do some actual, independent research that isn't presented by the AR groups, and I think you'll find that your uninformed opinions will be more than proved wrong.

    We've already had this discussion. Unless you have eye-witness PROOF, you're just going off what you've gleaned off the internet and from airhead celebrities parroting the AR party line."

    ^^My computer won't let me "like" things (or or use any of the post editing's about to get thrown out the window... -_- ) for some reason so I quoted this for truth!

    To OP,
    Everything you read on an AR website or article or whatever, should be taken with a grain of salt. They're not above tweeking or over exaggerating stories so they will bring in more donation money.
        04-25-2012, 03:26 PM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by arrowsaway    
    this thread might as well be titled,
    "are tom thumb bits cruel?" and "is my horse pregnant?" or "this is my stud, I'm going to breed him!"

    How about a topic that hasn't already been beaten senseless.

    Edit: not trying to be mean. I reread that and realized it sounded harsh. I just get upset when folks jump on soapbox for animals who are well taken care of, when there are SO MANY who at this very moment are starving and wallowing in their own filth. Let's champion a real cause, shall we? The carriage horses are fine.
    Kind of ironic to *beat a dead horse* on the Horse Forum
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        04-25-2012, 05:04 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Most of those horses are treated far better than the horses who end up in auctions all over the globe- mangy with bad feet and poor health. And their jobs are keeping them alive and useful! If carriages in the city were banned, it would be just another 500 or so horses without a job on their way to the meat man. Do you realize how much it costs to feed a stagnant draft horse that doesn't 'pull his own weight?'

    Further, most horses- if they absolutely hate pulling a carriage, would not be so peaceful and well mannered during their work. They would put up a fuss, not willingly work every day for their leaders, and they would be sold to do something else because an unruly horse is not going to be used in NY traffic. Is it the best conditions for a horse? No. But it is absolutely not the worst.
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        04-26-2012, 01:38 PM
    This was and old post. I'd forgotten all about...
    I was influenced by that Animals Angel group that went into thewestside livery stables. Along with a Cnn broadcast that back the humane society and related groups.
    As with any industies there can be good and bad.
    I still don't that feel that NYC is aplace anymore for horses.
    I have been trying to get updates to see if they have refurbished
    The stable. Westside Livery stable.
    Got intouch with the banHorseCarriage group my God you can't gets ride them.
    Iprobably acted in haste and should have done better research.
    I am sure the industry as whole is honorable and love their horse

    I just think theydon't belong in Nyc. As days gone by.
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