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Too Good To Be True?

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        08-30-2008, 04:40 PM
    Well, there is no way it's going to get 60+ MPG, but with the trailer it should be doing 10-15 mpg depending how heavy it is with the horses. Without the trailer, you should expect minimum 20 MPG with a heavy diesel. My 3/4 ton 6.5 gets 25 MPG empty about 20 with a trailer & loaded.
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        08-30-2008, 05:12 PM
    I decided against the truck--it's SO loud and doesn't drive very well--but I did go for the trailer... I couldn't find a thing wrong with it, other than I have no idea what brand it is or anything and it doesn't have a ramp, but it can be quite useful... Moving 20 horses? I ("You could simply buy 10 more so that you can use up all the room." ;))

    Thanks again to you all!!
        08-31-2008, 11:04 AM
    Originally Posted by claireauriga
    . I'm used to hearing 60-70 mpg as a good value for a typical car xD
    OMG WHERE???? What?An excellent mph here would be 40 mpg... and you would be driving a tinfoil car that would squish you flat in a wreck!

    My Ford 150 v8 5.4 gets 6-8 when towing a loaded trailer. And at $4.35 a gallon, I ain't going anywhere soon!!

    I would not recommend buying a trailer bigger than you "need." Of course what you ned is up to you!The tags are often by weight class, so it'll cost ya more - insurance also.If you don't need to pull all that weight, don't stress out your transmission, shocks, brakes, etc.
        08-31-2008, 11:37 AM
    I'm in the UK, so it is UK gallons ... 50 mpg UK is around 42 mpg US. Divide by 1.2 to convert from UK to US figures, multiply by 1.2 to go from US to UK :)

    For local driving on our windy country lanes and brief bits of 60mph single-carriageway roads, my mum gets around 50 mpg in her 1.5L turbo diesel Mitsubishi Colt. Diesels do get better mileage than petrol engines, but my mum isn't a very efficient driver. I drive my dad's Peugot 406 estate 2.1L turbo diesel, which is about eleven years old; it gets more efficient as time goes by. I'm not nearly as efficient a driver as my dad (I'm learning) but he typically gets around 60 mpg (50 mpg US), which is good.

    Obviously when we're towing the caravan that goes way down, and the car is most efficient on straight level roads at about 50 mph - not much of that round here! Because of the conversion factor, there isn't so much of a difference between our figures as you might think - but with prices currently at around 122.9 p/L for diesel, fuel economy is important.
        08-31-2008, 03:25 PM
    I'm not sure I would trust the whole truck ordeal but I don't know much about inspections of trucks and the only thing I have ever bought was thru a dealership so. As for the trailer now that sounds like a good deal to me and it's easy for you to check out whether or not its in good shape.
    There are some well minded people out there but there are some cruddy ones as well. If you are looking for a trailer for you horse tho, I don't know that a trailer that can fit 20+ heads is what you are going to want. Hard to drive and hard to fit at horse shows as well, not mentioning at the barn.

    I would do some research.

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