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Is unnecessary blanketing some sort of craze?

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        10-06-2012, 10:53 PM
    It gets really cold where I am, while the rest of her field mates are wooly mammoths she's just a little fuzzy. So she get's a blanket. IT's more to keep her dry if it rains or snows so she doesn't get sick.
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        10-06-2012, 10:59 PM
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    I blanket Lacey but that's because 1. She's an old lady and shivers, 2. Her eyes (she has ERU/Moon Blindness) are triggered by getting chilled, and 3. I worry about her getting too cold so it's a peace of mind thing for me.

    If she were younger, less medically fragile, and just all around made of tougher stuff than she is, I would not blanket.

    However, she's not and I'm not going to make her 27 year old body work any harder than is really necessary when I have all the blankets to make her life easier.
    Currently she's wearing a light sheet at night and going "naked" during the day. In a couple of week she'll probably be wearing a sheet during the day and her MW at night but we'll see. It all depends on the way temperatures/weather conditions go and how she reacts.

    However, on premise, I generally agree with you. I think the average horse does not need to be blanketed nearly as much as most are.
        10-06-2012, 11:25 PM
    I too don't see the need to blanket horses in the wild don't get blankets they learn to survive. People are turning these beautiful creatures into Barbie dolls.
    However I see if a horse is old or not well needing a blanket but other than that its a bit ridiculous.
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        10-07-2012, 12:06 AM
    I blanket my Arab because if I don't, she will stand there and visibly shiver. Then she will drop weight and develop a cold.

    So I blanket her. My old gelding I didn't blanket, because he had a thick coat and didn't need it.
        10-07-2012, 12:17 AM
    I put a sheet on my horse in the cooler weather (he's inside) just to keep him clean! And I sheet him lightly sometimes in summer just to stop him bleaching in the sun!
    Crazy girl at my barn puts a quilted blanket on her 'inside' horse during +30oC......he stands there sweating all day.......not sure of the logic in that...
        10-07-2012, 12:30 AM
    I think maybe it might seem like a craze, because before the world of the internet we were not especially educated about things that were outside of our norm.

    If I had a hardy chubby QH, I wouldn't blanket.
    However I have a skinny TB who I fight to get weight on in summer so heck yes I blanket.
        10-07-2012, 12:48 AM
    I blanket when it rains or gets a little chilly. Winter lows are 45, so therefore no snow, but theres lots of rain. I think horses deal better with cold dry weather than mild rainy weather, at least those that get proper coats, and I have that people in snowy dry climates generally leave their horses un-blanketed more over rainy climates where we tend to lean more toward blanketing. If I moved to a cold climate with snow with easy keepers I wouldn't blanket.
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        10-07-2012, 01:31 AM
    Green Broke
    I only keep blankets around in case a horse gets sick. Haven't blanketed a horse in years. Knock on wood!

    There are days that I'm very glad I'm not a horse, or a deer, or anything that lives outside, but they all do very well.
        10-07-2012, 01:52 AM
    I am reading lots of explanations as to why we blanket. I don't think we need to do that really, we have our reasons so we blanket.

    Honestly it's like comparing apples and oranges for those who do not blanket their horses. If a chunky QH met my riding goals, I would have so much more disposable income, it's not even funny. No fancy board needs, no fancy supplements, no extra fancy feed, no blankets, no need for shoes - heck the horse would be about $300 a month less expensive.

    I am all about that, if I could do less for my horse and he would thrive, I would totally jump all over it.
        10-07-2012, 02:16 AM
    When I lived in the UK, my horses both owned to turn out blankets, and a stable blanket, and some extras just in case. They were blanketed a lot during the winter when it was cold wet and miserable.

    My first couple of years owning horses in Canada here I didn't own a blanket, but now I have one turn out for Ace, and a selection that would work for the others if needed. Fortunately although we get temps down to the -40's mostly it is a sunny dry cold and the horses are perfectly happy in it. There will be a few days here in fall and more in the spring that I have to watch carefully to make sure that everyone is doing OK.

    Mind you I own a bunch of easy keepers, they go into winter fat and sassy and usually come out of it the same way

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