Venting about the rescue.

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Venting about the rescue.

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        09-01-2009, 10:02 PM
    Venting about the rescue.

    Okay so this place is kind of ridiculous. I went to look at Toccoa today after they told me he had great ground manners and yadayadayada. Anyway, in order to actually get to the rescue itself you have to drive off road through 4 separate fields. When you finally get there, their "rescue" is a little makeshift 4 stall barn in the middle of a pasture. Okay okay that's fine, they go according to donations.
    I get there and no one says hi or anything to me. AWKWARD. They're all just sitting there chatting among themselves, kinda ignoring me. One lady tells the boy to go get Toccoa. They couldn't find a leadrope so they gave him a set of reins instead.
    As he was getting Toccoa I walked out to get my camera and happen to glance over at the kid struggling to put the halter on him. The walk him up and he's acting just fine. I start to take my second pic and he starts getting antsy and wont hold still for the boy holding him.
    So, after I take the pics I go ahead and take the lead rope and walk him in a circle. I stop and he sorta kinda stops. Ok. I walk him in a circle again and he starts to invade my space, I kinda push him out. I stop, he stops. I tell him to back up and after about 7 "BACK UP's", tugging on the lead line, and pushing into his chest as hard as I can, he starts to back up.
    I walk him in a circle again and about this time he just completely tunes me out. He's pushing into me and wont settle down.
    He finally gets to the point of where he would rather be with his "girlfriend" and just completely drags me across the field.
    None of the rescue employees are doing anything or saying anything.

    While this is all going on its raining and the ground is muddy in most places..

    I was so embarrased but more than embarrassed I am PISSED and how these people are acting. Like they couldn't give two sh*ts about whats going on.

    So, Toccoa was a DEFINITE no go and I left soaked, muddied, and fairly embarrassed.

    The only pictures I ended up taking.

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        09-01-2009, 10:05 PM
    Gotta love the barefoot. Is it me or does it look like he's missing a toe in the second picture?

    Sorry he didn't work out for you. That's always frustrating :(
        09-01-2009, 10:11 PM
    Its probably under the sand. You can see how drenched he is. I looked about the same when I left except I htink I had more mud on me? Lol

    I am bummed about Toccoa. I'm not a very assertive person and to be honest I really don't know what to do in a situation like that but they had led me to believe he was perfect with his ground manners. In my first pic you can see he was fighting for his head.
        09-01-2009, 10:51 PM
    Well, that is certainly not the best way to go in getting customers! What jerks! I am so sorry for the bad expirence. I thought about getting a rescue horse before, but the requirements are always so strict and hey, if they need to get rid of it, I wouldnt put bute past them.
        09-02-2009, 03:14 PM
    Wow. For a rescue, even going on donations, that's just quite unprofessional. Especially having a kid go get the horse, and with bare feet especially with a horse that large. Definitely not a place I'd want to visit. I do have to point out that the horse may have been acting bad, partly because he didn't know you from adam, so he wanted to test you, and tuning people out may have worked in the past for him, and if the kid was an inexperienced horse person, he may have decided to be a pain because he knew he could. But if he truly had perfect ground manners like they implied, then it wouldn't have matter who got him out, and what was going on, he should have listened just fine. Sorry it didn't work out, but think of all the other problems he might have had that they didn't know about, or would have lied about that you would have been stuck with if you had gotten him. Good luck on your search.
        09-02-2009, 11:49 PM
    I agree, it just made me so mad...I mean, it was painfully obvious that I could not control him so instead of taking him or lending me help, they just stood there.
    Not being able to handle a horse that large is extremely dangerous and made me feel very uncomfortable.

    No, a horse with such wonderful ground manners that they said he had, shouldn't have acted the way he did right from the start.
        09-03-2009, 03:07 AM
    Still a handsome/pretty horse, but your first instinct and impression is right on spot. If it didn't feel right when you approached and non of the adults even lifted a finger to get the horse then you did the right thing and left the horse where his at. Regardless of his ground manners.

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