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A very odd horse transaction....(long read)

We bought Chisum in January after looking at a LOT of horses for my husband. He didn't want any ol' deadhead or a sorrel or a bay - he wanted something with some flash. Thanks goodness, we finally found a fine horse for my very picky husband.

Instead of retyping the entire event, I copied this from an email that I sent to a non-horsey friend. Just remember one thing - whistle when you pick their feet~

Oh, and names changed to protect the weird.

Email to my friend about Bob's new horse:
I don't get on FaceBook very much anymore - sometimes, if I'm looking for somebody in particular. For example, the girl that sold us the buckskin was overjoyed that we bought the horse. After the deal was done, I asked a few innocent questions and she turned into Jekyl/Hyde on us. Very weird, and it pissed me off. Now, when that happens, I start doing research. This girl told me that she'd owned the horse about a year, and that's cool. When we drove up the driveway to look him over in <East Texas>, she and her husband were all smiles and saying 'THIS is YOUR HORSE' to Bob.

Well, ya gotta test ride 'em first, right? It was pretty chilly out, so we asked her to lunge the horse to get his yah-yahs out before saddling him. Lunging is when a person attaches a longish rope to the horse's halter and has it walk/trot/canter in circles around her (or him) until he's warmed up. She did and it was okay. And then it was time to saddle up and ride. Naturally, we asked her to ride first so that we could see how he acted. We stood back and watched while she got him ready and it was obvious that these people didn't know a whole lot about horses. She (the girl) brushed Chisum and he's a big, BIG horse. All the while she was grooming him, she said that she'd had a bunch more calls about him, but she just knew that Bob was THE ONE. Fine, whatever. Next, she picked Chisum's feet. This involves picking up a horse's foot and using a metal hoof pick to remove the dirt and crap from around his 'frog'. The frog is like a person's heel, and it has to be kept healthy. Here's where it gets really weird - the girl 'informed' us that you must let the horse know that you're going to pick his feet up and she does it by whistling. WHISTLING?! WTF?! Never had to do that before. We watched her move around Chisum and when she rounded his butt, she must've been 4 or 5 feet away. Okay, let's think about this for a minute. If a horse is gonna kick you, the best place to be is right up next to his butt. Why, you ask? If you're standing that close to a horse that kicks, he doesn't have enuf momentum to do much damage. Now, if you don't mind a busted leg, arm, ribs, or your head knocked off, go ahead and back off about 4 or 5 feet. That way, the horse has a whole lot of weight and momentum to put you on the moon. We took note of her odd way of doing things, but we weren't there to give lessons. After whistling and picking feet, she saddled him up, but the boy was being a little bit feisty and restless. It was cool and he was feeling his (cut) oats. Okay, so she decided to bring out another one of her horses to settle him down. Whatever. It was very obvious to us that she wasn't leader of the herd, and her husband was afraid of him. The girl rode him for a few minutes and whenever Chisum decided he didn't want to do something, she said 'okay' and let him do whatever else he wanted. Hmmmmmmm.

Finally, it was Bob's turn. I wished I had videoed the entire event, but I never can remember that I have that function on my phone. Bob rode up the driveway at a walk and it was good. He turned Chisum around and the boy bumped his butt against the gate and jumped a little, no big deal. Bob then loped Chisum back down the driveway and all of the sudden, the husband freaked. He thought Chisum was running away with Bob. He was hollering and waving his arms, trying to get the horse to stop. When Bob got to where this fool was, he told him that he asked Chisum to canter, and the horse did as he was asked. After that, they let him ride in a great big pasture and Bob took Chisum all over the place, some places that Chisum didn't want to go. He had to anyway, cuz Bob was riding him. In the meantime, I was texting someone and I didn't pay much attention. Bob is a very good rider. The only uh-oh thing that happened was that Bob lost his billfold somewhere in the pasture. It didn't take long to find it, thank goodness. The girl and her husband were very delighted how well Bob and Chisum were getting along, and Bob fell in love with that horse almost immediately. It was all fun and happiness.

We scheduled to pick up Chisum on the following Saturday, but they offered to deliver him on Sunday when the husband had to go to the airport, and that was good. The girl said that she would worm Chisum that day and that he'd need a followup in 2 weeks. Still good to go. They kept saying that Bob and the horse were made for each other, but already we knew that.

Now, this is where it starts to get really questionable. If Chisum hadn't been such a fine animal, we would've called off the deal, but you'll know what I'm talking about when you see his pix. The first thing that bugged me was that they were very anxious to get rid of the horse. They kept telling me stories about having to come to Houston or College Station or somewhere nearby to pick up some hay and they could deliver him then. We saw Chisum on Monday since it was a holiday and the girl's husband delivered him to the stable on Wednesday, four days sooner than we expected. Thank goodness Theresa, the stable owner, was there to see the transaction take place - I didn't get a bill of sale on him, my bad. The only thing I got was his Coggins test paper (incurable, highly contagious blood illness). Theresa watched the guy unload the horse and she put him in a round pen so that he could get used to the new sights n smells. And of course, Theresa has a bunch of other horses, so she wanted to see the Coggins paper. She mentioned that the horse was bought from Doug Gittins, a well-known horse trader with a very bad reputation. The guy immediately got hostile in the sense that he counted out the cash, got back in his truck, and headed home. This was supposed to be his trip to see his family, which I guess he didn't know about. He didn't say thanks/hope you enjoy him/kiss my ass or anything - he just headed out as quick as he could. Just too weird for such a handsome horse.

Ready for the really weird shtuff? After a day or two, I read the Coggins page to see if the girl's name was on it anywhere. Nope, and the test was done back in June. We had asked about his shot records and the girl said that she'd fax them to us, but we don't have a fax machine. Told her to put 'em in the mail, and oh, btw, if you've owned this horse for a year, how come his Coggins test is in Gittin's name? This is where it gets mean n nasty, so lemme copy n paste a texted conversation we had:

her: Hows the <buckskin> doin?
me:He's all settled in like he owns the place. Dang, he's a handsome young man -
me:Question - how come his Coggins paper is in Doug Gitten's name?
her: That is where he came from.
me:I gather that - if y'all have owned him for a year, why would you bring him back to Magnolia for his Coggins ? Doesn't make sense -

her: If youre not happy I will pick him up tomorrow. I have not owned him for a year.
me:Sorry, done deal. Just asking some easy questions.
her: Sorry I feel they were sort of dumb questions. I had the horse long enough and know he is a great horse.
me:Sure he is - questions aren't about his looks or disposition - I'm just asking about some inconsistencies in your answers and the paperwork. I'm not trying to be a hardass about it and you should know that. Just the facts, ma'am.

her: He is the best looking horse at the place you are boarding and that is not a good thing and the owner/trainer does not havw anything better looking and that bothers me. i wish I would have went out there myself I wouldnt have left him
me:No problems w/ any of those horses at all. Are you a horse trader? Just askin ~
her: You have got to be kidding. I wish I could just bring him home where he belongs not at that dump where you are keeping him with a 'Ms Know It All Trainer'

me:He's fine. Still, just a couple of simple questions you should be able to answer without being mean or derogatory -
her: Call me tomorrow if you really want to talk about this texting is not the way to discuss. But where youre keeping him is not a very nice place.

me:Actually, that's not the point, now is it?

End of conversation. Okay, so when someone pisses me off like that, I tend to do a bit of research on the web. I actually found her FB page, no privacy, and I checked it out. She had a pix of Chisum when they bought him in November, and then again about a couple of weeks later. I believe she put an ad in the paper to sell him around the middle of December - $1250/obo. Sounds desperate to me, don't you think? Honestly, if I wanted to sell that boy, I'd ask double the price. Theresa, the stable owner, knows her horses, and said that even though it was an odd transaction, Chisum is a great looking horse. I had nightmares that those idiots were going to try to steal him back. I checked out Gittin's website and found where Chisum had been sold, and that was good. He's as gentle as a pup - he's just a great BIG horse.

The last thing that the girl told me was that she had wormed him the day we were there and that we needed to worm him again in 2 weeks. Had we taken her word for it, our worming would've killed him. What happens is that horses are wormed with a mild wormer first to get rid of a lot of worms, but not all of 'em. Two weeks later, they're wormed with Ivermectin to finish cleaning them out. Had we listened to the idiot woman, Chisum probably would've colic-ed because so many worms had died and blocked his intestines. He would've laid down, rolled, twisted 'em up, and croaked. WTF?! We are so grateful that Theresa is happy to share her experience with us, and, btw, she never once said that she was a horse trainer. Chisum is a calm, happy horse and I can't wait to get out there with my honey and go riding.

End of email to my friend. Chisum is a very well-trained reining dun/buckskin with excellent ground manners. He tends to use his huge head for 'nudging', and I've got the bruises to show for it. We were able to stop the nudging fairly quickly, thank goodness. We were also told that he wouldn't back out of a trailer. They used a stock trailer to haul him around. We have a 2 horse slant combo and he backs out like a pro, even though he can turn around and walk out. Oh, and he doesn't like curb chains, so 'she' said. They were using a twisted bit w/o a curb - it's a good thing that he knows 'Whoa'. He loves to be groomed; I've never had to whistle to pick his feet, and he's not a kicker/biter. He adores Bob and it's mutual, but he also respects me and the stable owner. He's just a big ol' puppy dog
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Very odd indeed, but he sounds wonderful!
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WOW that was hard to follow but I am glad you have a horse you are happy with.
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Hmmm..I think if I read that correctly..it sounds like the girl didn't really know much about horses and got intimidated by the big horse. Unfortunately, from what I read on Gittins website she would have to trade the horse back within a week of purchase.

Possibly she thought she was getting one over you guys, but fortunately you have issues with the horse and not intimidated by him. I would guess that is why she got defensive with you.

As far as the Coggins and who's name on it doesn't seem like a big deal. Unless she was untruthful about when and where she bought the horse.

But I agree with you...odd transaction. But you seen the horse for what he really is and taking someones word for it...good for you and glad your pleased with him!

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Wow, that was an odd one! At least you wound up with a great horse, and what looks like a very happy hubby! (:
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wow that person sounds like an air head
I am happy your husband and you are new owners and he
looks very happy very nice picture

Country Woman

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Some people are just......
But you got a lovely horse that seems perfect for your hubby out of it!
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Not sure why she felt the need to lie about how long she has had him unless she thought that would help the sale?

The whole thing seems strange indeed - especially whistling to lift their feet? Wonder where she got that doozy. But Congrats on a nice looking horse!

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Sounds like she didn't know a lot about horses and got in over her head. Oh well her loss is you gain. He's a very good looking boy.

So in lies the madness, the pursuit of the impossible in the face of the complete assurance that you will fail, and yet still you chase.
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Anytime you enter the wonderful world of buying and selling horses you never know if you are going to meet up with the crazy, dangerously crazy, or just deranged

There are the odd real honest up front people around, and that always manages to make me keep the faith in the long run. You have got a really nce looking horse there, congrats
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