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Impressive: World Champion Halter
Sire Of: World Champion Halter horses
#4 AQHA All-time leading sire by # of registered progeny
2,250 Registered Foals
Total Points Earned: 24,602.5
AQHA Halter List: #9 All-time leading sire of Halter ROM qualifiers (43)
AQHA Performance List: #19 All-time leading sire of Performance ROM qualifiers (89)
#13 All-time leading sire of AQHA Champions (21)

Poco Bueno: Stallion Show Record for Poco Bueno: Hall of Fame, AQHA Champion, ROM Performance

Stallion Offspring Record for Poco Bueno: Superior Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NCHA Money-earners

Mr. San Peppy: Hall of Fame, World Champion, NCHA Finals, 1972 NCHA Derby Champion Top Ten World Show, Superior Performance, AQHA High Point Performance Horse, NCHA money-earner, ROM Performance. Stallion Offspring Record for Mr San Peppy, World Champion Offspring, Reserve World Champion Offspring, Top Ten World Show Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA High Point Performance Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NRHA Money-earners, NCHA Money-earners, NRCHA Money-earners, Halter Point Earners. Besides being a two-time National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Open World Champion in 1974 and 1976, MR SAN PEPPY also won the AQHA World Cutting Championship in 1976, becoming the first horse ever to win both titles in the same year. Then, in 1978, he became the first horse to ever win over $l00,000 in open cutting competition. The pinnacle of his career occurred in 1974, when he became the youngest horse ever to be inducted into the NCHA Hall of Fame.

Zip's Chocolate Chip: ROM Western Pleasure
Superior Western Pleasure
1988 World Top Ten Jr Western Pleasure
1989 World Champion Western Pleasure
1999 NSBA Hall Of Fame
Quarter Horse AQHA Stallions, Zips Chocolate Chip, Myers Horse Farms, Western Pleasure prospects, English Horses for Sale, sires, Chips Hot Chocolate, Rich N Chocolatey
AQHA All-time Leading Sire of Western Pleasure Horses.

Two Eyed Jack: ROM Halter
Superior Halter
AQHA Champion
AQHA Hall of Fame 2007
died 3-2-91
All time leading sire of AQHA Champions, having sired 119 Champions
He also sired sixteen AQHA World Show Champions, as well as 242 Performance Register of Merit earners. He also sired three AQHA Supreme Champions
His daughter Vickie Lee Pine was the 1978 AQHA World Show Superhorse and his son, Mr Baron Red was the 1983 AQHA Superhorse

Doc O'Lena: 1970 NCHA Futurity Ch.
NCHA World Ch.
NCHA LTE: $21,991.93. COA
A Leading Sire NCHA money earners.
A Leading Maternal Grandsire NCHA Money Earners.
AQHA Hall Of Fame
Sire of Multiple NCHA Hall Of Fame.
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Originally Posted by Spyder View Post
I have always found it fasinatingf to know what breeding a horse is and even more so just what did the ancesters actually did.

Since I have no clue what any of the AQHA names that are being thrown out here, has any of them done anything? Have they won anything or are they just stallions that breed a lot?

Poco Bueno: 100% Foundation, H-37.0/P-8.0
AQHA Champion/ROM Arena/Hall of Fame
Sire of AQHA Chs/ROM Arena/Pro.Dghts/etc.
HERDA Carrier

War Leo: H-72/P-192
SI-75(A)/ROM Race,8-2-1-2,$1006.
AQHA Champion/ROM Arena/SUPR CT & HLT. 1963 HI PT Cutting Stallion. 1964-4th-NCHA Finals. NCHA earnings:$19794.80. Awards: COA Bronze.
SIRED: 65 Starters,3 Race ROMS,Foals earned H-266/P-1840 pts;45 show ROMs.

The Continental: AQHA CH/ROM Arena(H-34.0/P-18.0)_/NRHA m/e/ROM Race, 12-5-1-0,$98,321.
Sire of Wrld Ch, AQHA Ch, Supr Ch, Supr Halter.

Painted Robin: 1971 & 1973 Natl Ch. Get of Sire
A leading sire of APHA Champions & Show ROMs, Superior Halter Sire.

Joe Reed: Since AQHA issued Joe Reed the P-3 number NFQHA accepted him as a 100% fnd. horse.
Born 6/21/21-Died 5/17/47 of heart attack.
AQHA Hall of Fame 1992. AQHA Hall of Fame Sire.
Sire of 184 AQHA Foals, 27 Perf incl: 6 Race ROM, 1 Superior Cutting-Arena ROM, & 34 Daughts Prod. ROM.

Oklahoma Star: Sire of 119 AQHA registered foals, 8 Performers including Sizzler, Race ROM, and 17 ROM producing daughters.
AQHA Hall of Fame(1992).
Since AQHA issued him the number P-6, NFQHA awarded him a 100% foundation rating.

Buck Hancock: 100% nfqha
Sire of ROM Race/AQHA Chs/ROM Arena/Honor Roll Perf/Supr.Perf/Supr.Hlt/Pro.Dghts.

Skipper W: 88% NF Sired 3 World Champions, 13 AQHA Chs, 118 arena ROM, 4 race ROM, 17 Sup. Hal. & 11 Sup. Perf.
died 1963
Inducted into the AQHA Hall Of Fame.

Sirrealistic: Sup Halter, ROMs Halter, HUS
Times Grand Champion : 14
Lifetime Halter Points : 107.0
Times Resv. Grand Champion: 10
Lifetime Performance Points : 14.0

581 FOALS, 204 Performers earning in excess of 25,000 points Many World Champions, Reserve World Champions, National Champions, Resv. National Champions %9

Chiefs Norfleet: H-99, P-56, 3X Res. Natl. Ch. Halter, APHA Champion, ROM: Halter & WP, Superior Halter & WP.
APHA Champion & National Champion Sire.

Sonny Dee Bar: H-62, P-10
AQHA Champion
Superior Halter
ROM Arena
AQHA Hall of Fame
AQHA Leading Sire
Sire of:
22 AQHA Champions
159 AQHA ROM winners
35 APHA Champions
90 APHA ROM winners
36 Superior winners
15 World & National Champions
Toatal of: 6,082 Halter points; 18,024 Performance points

Sugar Bars: AQHA Hall Of Fame
A Leading Sire and Maternal Grandsire Of Race ROM, A Leading Sire Of AQHA Champs, A Leading Sire Of Arena ROM

Mr Bar None: AQHA Race SI-100 AAAT
SW, Champion, 36-22(13)-10(4)-1(0) $72,125
1957 CEN 330 1ST Kansas QHA Futurity 1957 CEN 330 1ST Rocky Mountain QHA Futurity 1957 END 300 1ST Oklahoma QH Exhibbitors Assn. Futurity 1957 FPX 350 1ST Pacific Coast QHRA Futurity 50% NFQHA

Three Bars: 28-12-3-1, $20,840.
Won: Speed Handicap
The leading sire of racing Quarter Horses for many years. American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame 1989. Died April 6, 1968.
Three Bars was the sire of 29 AQHA Champions, 4 AQHA Supreme Champions, 317 Racing Register of Merit earners, and his foals earned more than $3 million.

Wimpy: He achieved everlasting recognition by being awarded the number P-1 in the AQHA registry
1941 Fort Worth Exposition and Fat Stock Show Grand Champion Stallion
Sire of 174 registered foals; 1 AQHA Champion, 13 hlt.pt. earners, 2 Supr.Hlt. awards, 4 perf.pt. earners, 1 Supr.perf. award, 4 Perf. ROMs, and 1 race starter

Ok whew that list is long but not complete. That is some of the great AQHA greats that many of our QH's, Paints are out of today. All of which are in my boy's pedigree plus many more.
Mighty Fine Justice Paint

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway~~John Wayne
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My Thoroughbred mare has Bold Ruler, Man O' War, Reflected Glory, Fleet Contessa, Nasrullah, Nearco, Teddy, as well as other older lines. Her pedigree can be seen at Lady Diamondo Thoroughbred
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Victor is related to Damascus, Mr. Prospector, and Native Dancer, among others that are farther down his pedigree. His sire, Classic Account was the Illinois Stallion of the Year in 1995.

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Jessabel our horses are practically cousins, Mr. Prospector is her Great Great Grand sire
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I'll play...


TOP VANTAGE (Grandsire)
1983 Reserve World Champion
Superior Halter
Sire of:
World Champion Offspring
Reserve World Champion Offspring
Top Ten World Show Offspring
Superior Halter Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
ROM Halter Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
Race Money-earners
NSBA Money-earners

IMPRESSIVE (Great Grandsire)
World Champion Halter
Sire Of: World Champion Halter horses
#4 AQHA All-time leading sire by # of registered progeny
2,250 Registered Foals
Total Points Earned: 24,602.5
AQHA Halter List: #9 All-time leading sire of Halter ROM qualifiers (43)
AQHA Performance List: #19 All-time leading sire of Performance ROM qualifiers (89)
#13 All-time leading sire of AQHA Champions (21)
Foaled in Oklahoma, April 15th 1969.
Deceased 1995 at 26 years of age.
The genetic disease Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP) has been traced back to this horse.

Dodgers Playboy
Superior Halter
ROM Arena
World Champion Sire, Reserve World Champion Sire, Top Ten World Show Sire, Supreme Champion Sire, Superior Halter Sire, Superior Performance Sire, AQHA Champion Sire, ROM Performance Sire, Hall of Fame Sire, NSBA.
Total Points Earned by offspring: 5,722

Bar Flower
AQHA Champion, superior halter,
performance ROM 1967 high point halter 7th place 47% Foundation.

Three Bars
Won: Speed Handicap
The leading sire of racing Quarter Horses for many years. American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame 1989. Died April 6, 1968.

Luke Mcluke
He was inducted into the US Racing Hall of Fame
Won: Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Handicap, and Carlton Stakes
Sire of Nellie Morse (Preakness Stakes winner) Parternal grandsire of Three Bars, the greatest influence in the QH. bloodlines, in all divisions, the world has ever seen
Died in 1929

Three Bars was the sire of 29 AQHA Champions, 4 AQHA Supreme Champions, 317 Racing Register of Merit earners, and his foals earned more than $3 million.

If I go far enough I can get to Poco Bueno, King p-234, Man o' War, Peter McCue, STEEL DUST, etc.

Pistol is out of the old man.

"Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you
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And love like crazy"
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Arizona: Peppy San

Dixie: No idea

Not all who wander are lost - J.R.R. Tolkien
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lol i have no idea Swoop was a rescue kind of deal i bought from a consignment place and Petie i got from my trainer who got him from someone else. they're both TB's but i dont really care about blood lines bc theyre both amazing and i love them but i wish i knew.

"The horse you get off is not the same as the horse you got on; it is your job as a rider to ensure that as often as possible the change is for the better."
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BlueMan McGuire, Toco Sam, Redbird (if any of you are familiar with the RMHA/KMSHA circuit )
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Reds Sire is Handsome Investment and his Dam Lorhea Sun. Hes got The Invester, Eternal Sun, Zippo Pat Bars, Three Bars, Leo Pat, Leo, and Man O War WAY back!!!
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