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Mine was similar to smrobs. An ottb, that when he got worked up, he would go flat out backwards. I could turn my whip backwards on him and he'd just keep running backwards. A few months got him working better, and the owner asked if I would like to take him out to his first dressage competition, to see what he'd be like.

I also had an appyxQH mare that I took on for a friend of a friend. This mare was 10, had never cantered under saddle, the owner only ever did a little bit of trail riding with her and she got away with everything. She would run flat out sideways, straight into your legs and slam you against the arena rails. I got my coach to ride her, and the same thing, even with a spur stuck in her side, she would run sideways. She had no concept what so ever about moving away from pressure.
Eventually I got her going well enough to place at Novice level at the state dressage champs, but she wasn't going to go any further than that so she went to a pony club home where she was quite happy to plod around.

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Not so much a crazy horse, but her owner that apparently wanted me dead.

Years ago, I took care of this lady's two horses from time to time when she was out of town, etc. One was an older gelding, and the other was a HUGE German Warmblood cross mare. The gelding was no problem, but the mare tried to kill me on various occasions.

The first incident was while hand-walking her. The owner asked for her to be hand-walked x-amount of time on x-amount of days, but left out the very vital information in that I could NOT walk the horse in certain areas of the barn. Not knowing this, I walked her (obviously) wherever I wanted. We were in the open jump field and the horse COMPELTELY flipped out; rearing, bucking, flying side to side and LEAPING in the air, as if I were flying a 2,000+ pound kite! The walk back to her stall was insane and took seemingly forever, PLUS it was getting dark and hard to see (she was a dark horse as well). When I saw her owner again, I mentioned what happened as she calmly replied stating something to the affect of "Oh, no, you can't walk her in the jump field, she will go crazy". Thank you for telling me now!

The second attempt to kill me was when I was to ride the mare for the owner another time later down the road. She said she wanted her ridden bareback (bareback pad), which I did not find an issue with, as she used to always ride her bareback. Again, the owner went out of town, I rode the horse bareback and while trotting in the (semi-enclosed) arena, she took off bucking HUGE repetitive bucks to no avail. I could not get her to stop and knew I would end up on the ground sooner or later. Deciding to bail, and landing on my feet, I made the right choice as I would have HATED to be trampled by that monster of a horse. Once I was off, she bolted out of the arena. Her owner came back into town, I explained what happened and she just blew it off, stating that she wasn't surprised the horse was fresh, as she had been recovering from an injury and that was the first she had been ridden in a while. But yet... she had me ride her BAREBACK? That makes SO much sense!

Needless to say, I never did anything for her and her horses again that consisted of taking them out of their stalls (still fed and blanketed). Like Waresbear stated, ever since, I have been very selective and cautious when agreeing to ride other people's horses for them. I am more than willing to help out when I can, but a line has to be drawn. I am no longer willing (or stupid enough) to risk MY live with somebody else's horse who is not exercised properly, cooped up and full of spunk, AND (especially) lacking ground manners.

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Crazy... not really but unhandled? Yup! To get my stroy, take a young tb, train it like it was a grand national racer and do point to point for a year then turn her away for the next 10 years. Ask teenage neighbour (me!) to ride the **** thing.

I thought 'brilliant!! I like spunk!!' She was so gentle, hardly a bad hair on her body. Did loads of ground work and lunging work then when the snow finally melted I started riding her. Straight and fast was all she knew! She was very undermuscled and had virtually no fat on her so saddling her was next to impossible. It would appear to fit, but would make her so tense and unhappy. I did manage to get her working a little more relaxed but she was still unhappy. Her conditioning improved, schooling progressed and we even found ourselves popping small fances and sheep feeders.

Then it all went pear shaped! Her owner wanted me to ride her until she was 'safe enough'. In hindsight she was never truely sound (always stiff, a bit reserved etc) and I shouldn't have kept her under saddle, and ridden her bareback/not at all, but one week she finally decided she wasn't having any of it. She turned up slightly lame on her right fore so I didn't do anything for 10 days. She was fresh when I came to ride her again, and i intended to just walk around for 5 mins. She had different ideas and took of at a mad gallop round the field. Just as i was regaining control my freeking sturip leather broke and I went splat! 2 days later, she did a similar thing but bucked like hell as well. We were traveling at 30mph towards a big cattle feeder thing so i bailed before we hit it! Landed on a dry, rocky patch and couldn't walk straight for the next week.

After this I did carry on riding (without the saddle in a smaller field ) and didn't fall of again but I was riding her because I didn't want her to go to waste. If i didn't ride her, her owner sure as hell wouldn't. I am now the very proud owner of this mares daughter, and can safley say I made the right decicion in taking on the filly. Unfortunatly, this gave me no time to ride the mare and my prediction about my stopping riding her came true and she is once again an unloved field ornament. It is sad as she had so much potential, I just wish the right person would come along and give her the time she needs.

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Little Dee aka Little Devil

I was given a mare a few summers ago in exchange for bored. I was told she was very green but had no buck or rear in her. I was told she had just return from from have 90 days training on her by a girl I run with and trust that she would not have lied to the owners. She told them she was still green that she had no issues just needs more time under saddle to learn what everything really means.

So anyways I should have taken all this info with the grain of salt, but I trusted these people.

Its the first day I decide to work her. I groom her and saddle her, the whole time she is berg calm very quite and not even tied. I was thinking this is going to be a breeze.

Mind you this was in the dead of summer, I had on shorts because I was sick of everyone teasing me about my sickly white legs that glow in the dark. Not such a smart idea when planing to ride in a rough out saddle :/

Anyways, I slowly start to mount her and she seems fine. I throw my leg over and she stiffens, I soothed her and when I felt her relax I went to ask her to walk on...just neck rein. As soon as I did this she went into a fit of hard bucks. Usually I just let them get them all out until they ware themselves out, so out of habit I planted my self and was just along for the ride. They were some of the hardest bucks I ever sat, she not only had her head dropped super low and was throwing some huge ones she would also then snap to the side, almost spinning in a perfect circle.
Remember how I told you about me riding in shorts, well after about the 5 buck I started to feel it....was not at all pleasant. So I went to reach down to pull her head up to get her to stop and of course as soon as I reached down she popped that butt up and I went souring over her head. Don't worry my face broke my fall....literally. (picture attached)

So long story short, after working with her for about a month she was a dream, she caught on pretty quick to anything I would teach her. I trail rode her and she did time, nothing phased her. Of course she still, from time to time, would throw up her back legs ever so slightly it did not qualify as a real buck, but that was in her mare pissy moods when she was over being worked...I would just push her threw it and she would continue being a dream. It got to the point where I would rather ride her then my mare, I could even pony other horse with her.

Her progress was making me super happy. My plans were to make her a kids horse and her her trained on the patterns so that I could sell her and make some money. She was not papered but was super cute....all of her 14.2 hands.

Mind you I was riding her daily, if only for 30 min sometimes. Three days passed and I did jot have the time to ride. After those three days I went back out to ride her and it was back to square one. She acted like she did the first time I got on her, throwing fits and acting as if she remembered nothing. So after daily work again for about another month she was back to being a dream.

I then went two days with out riding her and it happened again...back to square one. After yet another month she was amazing once again.

The last day I ever rode her was just like any other, I had been riding her on a daily basis....mind you nothing too hard just putting miles on her. Anyways I started off like I always did but this day she was in a mord, she was not wanting to work she was trying to fight every bit of the way. I took her into the round pen to work her and after her trying to jump the round pen about 4 times and bringing it down on herself for no reason, I threw my hands up and was done.
I do not know her back story because she was a rescue by the people who gave her to me (she was six at the time I was working with her), so she could have had a scarry past, IDK. What I did know was that she was either going to hurt me or herself so I no longer wanted anything to do with her. I called her previous owners and told them I wanted her gone..the next day she was gone. The previous owner found some lady who wanted her for a brood mare..yeah I know she crazy. I made sure she was fully aware that this horse had some loose nuts and bolts but she did not seem to care. I also asked why on earth would she want to breed something that was not reg and was crazy and she said because she has the look she wanted....all I could do was laugh at that point.

All in all this was one of the weirdest cases I had ever dealt with when it had nothing to do with pain or actual fear that I or my bets could tell, she was just one of those horses I guess. I have no clue where she ended up and I honestly don't care, so long as she never returns to me. She killed most of my want to ever work with green horses again, I have worked a few since but not as much as I did before her.
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When I was 9 or so, my friend did the mounted games in pony club, and she asked me to ride her sisters little Welsh, to help her practice while she rode her little half Arab.

The pony, wasn't crazy per se, but definitely super green. Spooked at everything, wild little pony trot, one speed, and that was go.....I really learned how to ride that year, needless to say.

All the other horses I've schooled have had their moments definitely, but I'd say that little Welsh was the one that was consistently a handful.

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A lady brought me a palomino mare once that had a huge scar from the point of her shoulder to about half way down her ribs. the lady told me that she had barged into a stall and the bolt that holds the door closed caught her and tore the skin and muscle. She seemed sound so I agreed to take her. Everything was pretty good until I went to saddle her. She would squeel and jump every time I touched her girth with the cinch. When I got the cinch tightened she wanted nothing more than to buck. Fortunately she was pretty poor at it. She also had awfull feet and she was a snake about handling them. I would work on her one day until I could pick up her feet a little and then the next day it would be like I'd never handled her. She would kick when I went to reach down to pick up her feet and she would aim for me and even try to step over and get me. I got her where I could ride her but she was never right. I could take a broom handle and touch her chest between her front legs and she would squeel and try to lay down or strike or bite at the broom handle. I told the lady what was going on with her and that she probably had a physical problem that was causing it. About six months later a guy called me and asked if I thought the mare would work for an older gentleman as a saddle horse. I told him it wouldn't be a good idea unless the gentleman didn't want to get much older. I don't think he bought the horse. Two years later the lady sent me a very nasty e-mail in response to an ad I had placed on a local website for horse training.

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Subbing! Looking forward to more stories and thank god I don't really have any of my own!
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I didnt ride this horse, but got it as my horse for training class.

I had passed Training I with flying colors, so go into Training II where you are assigned one or two horses for the entire 3month trimester. Well I got a Appy cross. Supposedly he was amazing under saddle, and would jump anything you put in front of him. On ground, he was just a nightmare.

Turning him out was interesting to say the least.....he would charge you. You could have anything to keep him from charging you, and he would do it anyways. I finally got him to get some of his energy out. Well one day while we were in class, I just had him walking in hand when out of nowhere he reared up, and tried biting me in the face, I blocked my face with my hands, and he ended up ripping a hole in my glove, and in my hand. Blood was everywhere....I didnt think he got me to be honest. I was so full of adrenaline, and shock.....I brought him back to the stall, the entire time watching his every move....took my glove off, and couldnt believe my eyes.

Mine wasnt too bad, a few weeks later he ended up biting a girl in the face, nearly ripping her nose off. She had probably 30+ stitches....craziest horse Ive ever worked with!!!

He still to this day will charge anyone that even looks into his stall. But they say he is a dream under saddle.
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well my friend has barrel horses and they are all hyper and my own are crazy. my friends horses will either yank the riens and when you pull back he will throw it up again and it goes on and on. her pole horse im barrel racing will prance and if you try to back him he will rear until you lossen the riens then will try to take off if hes hyper. if you dont have his canter collected you have no control of him, ummm i think thats it for him. my little paint started to rear at a show.. yea not fun. my other paint will back up when asked forward, try to lay down. my QH for years will not go and buck if asked rears and all i do is kick him a few time and use my reins as a whip and make him work then hes fine for the ride. i worked with the last BOs youngest kid, horse and she would try everything with me.
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my friends ex roper...my friend had gone to boarding school and couldnt take her gelding so he stood out in pasture for months....when she came back he was vishous towards her and everybody else. he would attack you in the field. i had to get on my mare and rope him. he even tried to attack my mare but shes the lead mare in my herd so she put him in his place.

it took me a week to get him re halter broke and he stil tried to take bites out of me with the halter on so i literally tied him to my mare and let em loose in the field. after trying to boss her around (and failing and getting a couple chunks of hair pulled out by teeth) he started learning some boundaries...

first time i tried to groom him in his stall he grabbed me by the shoulder and shook me. didnt break skin but bruised like a b*tch.
eventually i got a saddle on him and rode him around. but he liked to randomly rear up, corkscrew, and buck all over. and he would just drop and roll. no warning. we would be walking fine and then bam he was on the ground and i would have to jump clear....as soon as i got most of his aggression done my friend sold him to a young cowboy that wasnt afraid of aggressive horses and knew how to handle them.

last i heard the kid was still roping off of him doing pretty good in calf roping and team roping....but he was never the same

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