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The craziest horse I had was a leapord app. He was crazy.!!!! We took him back to the lady we got him from the night we got him. He went through my round pen and pulled a t post out of the ground. Broke the door on my horse trailer that goes into the L/Q. He jumped our stall door and ran around the yard not letting us catch him. I was always told if a horse isn't scared to hurt himself he isn't scared to hurt you. And he definitely wasn't scared to hurt himself.
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Whew, has everyone noticed that most of the problem horses aren't the ones you raise and spend time on, lol?

I've had my share of crazies! One that comes to mind was a grey mare that would spin a hole in the ground, but if you tried to make her go forwards, she flip over backwards every time!

A friend and I bought her in a sale thinking we could make money on her, wasn't til we tried her at home we realized we didn't want to deal with that sort of thing! I'd rather a horse do almost anything other than rear/flip over! She wouldn't just halfway rear either, if she came off the ground, it was with more effort than most.

We both tried to break her of it, I lost my nerve to ride her, I'm not used to losing and can't risk getting my metal plates messed up in my head from a previous horse injury, lol. We sent her to a friend. That girl stuck to her like glue and wouldn't bale when she flipped over. She got her going some, but the first time she broke a sweat or didn't want to do something, over she'd go.

I think that is the only horse I've ever messed with that I thought the only thing she'd be good for was dog food.
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Mine was a coming 3-year-old filly that I bought at a big spring horse auction. I talked with the owners quite a bit before the sale and even though the ad said she would have 30 days by sale time, they told me that they were not able to get 30 days on her and had only actually put the saddle on her back a few times. So she was basically not started. No big deal. She had great bloodlines and perfect ground manners.

I was able to ride her the first few times in a small pen indoors, since it was too wet and sloppy outside yet. She was a bit jumpy, but nothing out of the ordinary for a filly being started. On about our 4th ride, I was finally able to get outdoors to my round pen. I did everything as usual and mounted up. Within a second or two, my butt hit the ground pretty hard. Apparently, I had a little rodeo bronc on my hands.

My mother came to help me after that and we tried for weeks to just get her to accept having me on her. She was perfect in every other way when being saddled, doing sacking out work, giving to pressure on the ground, etc. But the instant you tried to put your boot in the stirrup, she was going. She reared over me, ran into the panels, fell over multiple times, all to just get me off. She wasn't doing it maliciously, but she was acting downright terrified and bucking/rearing out of fear.

Turns out, the sellers were big fat liars, I come to find out when I confronted them about it. This filly had already been at the trainer's for over 30 days and I don't know what that trainer did to her, but the trailer was afraid to ride her too. So they thought they would pawn her off at the sale so she "could get a fresh start".

Well I gave them a mouth full (what I should have done was sue them for my money back). For me at that time, I had too much going on that I could not afford to get hurt trying to work with this horse, and there are so many young horses out there for cheap.

So I re-sold her for the same price I bought her (thank goodness) to a lady and her son who were 100% aware of her past, but they wanted to give it a try anyway. Last time I talked to them, her son had her riding around in circles in the round pen without bucking in terror.

It's so sad that you have to be so wary of HORSE scammers who just want to make a buck. I like to think that a horseman is a good person, but that is certainly not true.

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A few years ago,I had a Dutch Warmblood mare.I knew when she was given to me (yes,I discovered that sometimes you do want to look a gift horse in the mouth) that she was high strung and had some issues,but she was actually pretty good when I went and checked her out,so I thought,put some work on her and teach her some manners and this should end well.WRONG! This stunning 16+ HH tower of horseflesh with a fancy lineage was actually a monster in disguise!I felt like I needed to put on a full suit of body armor anytime I went near her;kicking,biting,rearing,bucking,jumping sideways and trying to pin you against something,she had an endless supply of ways to try and get rid of a person.She could be sweet as could be one minute,leading nicely beside you or going perfectly under the saddle,and the next come completely off her rocker. And she was ridiculous when it came to fences,always leaning on/over them,then when she got shocked on the electric fence or discovered she couldn't push through the wooden fencing,she would turn around and start kicking the heck out it! Which would usually end up with her wrapped up in the wire or hurting herself in some form..Which then meant trying to doctor a ticking timebomb..Which ended up in me needing to be doctored a few times myself.Lol.I finally ended up sending her to a horse auction because she was so out of control and a danger to anyone who got near her.Later found out that two previous owners hadn't even been able to do anything with her because of her craziness,which made me feel pretty good about the fact that I was at least able to get on and ride her,even if the rides did often get interrupted by flying dismounts and rolling to get under the fence as she tried to stomp on me after bucking me off.
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Goodness! Hard to say which! LOL

One mare that had been somewhere to be broken came to the stables to have the job done.

The mare lunged and accepted tack, she was fine going one way but the moment she was turned she went ballistic! She took me through post and railings, through another fence, down a hill, managed to turn her at the bottom of the hill whereby we headed back up the hill , through another part of the fence back into the arena. She did fall onto her knees and nose and my instructor was screaming for me to get off but, I didn't. Once she regained her legs she took off down the arena.
A man watching stood in front of her and waved his jacket in her face so she stopped dead, reared up and came over backwards, luckily I felt it coming and bailed out to the side and she missed me.
We tried everything with that mare but she was never going to be safe for a child to ride so was put down. Turned out that at one point in her life she had broken her back and obviously a pain issue. (All this was way before chiropractors for horses were around)

I have ridden more than my fair share fo runaways, bucker, nappy (barn sour) and rearing horses. There is always a reason as to why they are like this and most can be cured with the right training and understanding.
The most dangerous ones are the ones that have learnt they are stronger than humans.
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Ex-racehorses with "screws loose" in their brain xD

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I use to ride 2 racehorses that had a history of trying to go through running rails, one was 1 strike from lifetime ban from racing. I had these guys slow mornings and fast, jump outs and trails. Serious extra cash was handed over to get jockeys to ride these guys raceday.

I only got the nice rides if I was sick (my rides went swimming till I was fit to ride them, which was great. them jumping out of their skins from it).

Riding pre-trainers I had more interesting rides, Had one bolt with no turn and we both flipped over a fence. Me broken Ankle him, 34 stitches and a bit of soreness.
If I go by injury I should be able to work out the worst of the worst and put names to them. Only had one that was tumor related (was good one day and the next BAM! King Crazy) which they found when the call was made to put him down (no way this guy was getting sold or sent to the meat plant in case someone thought he needed a second chance).

The last time I rode "sane" horse was maybe 1998. I've made some good money with these horses over the years.
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You mean I have to pick one? o.o

Well I'm going to go with a Selena story from equestrian team last year. She's not crazy anymore and I still have her, but at the time I was ready to bury her alive.

So we practice all kinds of one-handed in the warmup pen and she does well. She lopes her circles, changes her leads, spins her pretty little hole in the ground and will slide to a stop. I thought we were okay to check into our event so I went on ahead and went to the gate. We had another dozen or so riders ahead of us, but seeing as Selena was dripping with sweat, I thought she would be okay if I watched those riders and then went into the ring.

Boy was I wrong.

I walk in along the rail on a loose rein thinking I'll be a show off and be that rider with the horse that can do a reining pattern with the reins dragging the ground. Yeah I was thinking I was pretty hot stuff, especially after watching the others who were pretty bad (Most people do reining as a pick up event)

So after walking in on a loose rein, the judge gave me a nod to begin. I go to pick up the right lead, and what does Selena do? STRAIGHT up in the air, all four feet off the ground. I think we left the earths gravitational pull for a minute there. She then proceeded to lunge into the wrong lead and almost run over the judge. All the while, I'm trying to gather up my loose reins (Not such a good idea now, was it, turbo? ) and ask for a flying lead change and get back on a circle while simultaneously trying to comprehend what the hell just happened.

The first circle was supposed to be a small slow one. Selena thought a deformed egg at a hand gallop would be a more suitable pattern. And when it came time to go to a large fast circle, she bucked so hard for a few strides and slammed my leg into the fence, causing me to swear loudly and my eighty year old judge to give me a 'look'.

At this point I was just along for the ride. I could point her in a direction of a circle and she followed it about 30% of the time. And she just kept running around no matter how far back I sat, how many times I pulled on her face, or how ,any shouts of "WHOA, STUPID" I could muster up. I pretty much just decided to do the pattern and try not to die.

Didn't entirely think that through since I did eventually have to slide STOP. Greeattt.

I go into my run down by pretty much just shortening one rein as much as I could with my one hand and yanking her into it. She crowhopped and bucked the ENTIRE way. So much so, she didn't even notice the fence until she came screeching to a halt right in front of it (Some stop, huh?) and we did a rollback. It was supposed to be on a straight line but Selena thought that a diagonal line would be more fun. So she ran and stopped on a diagonal line. Great. Just...Great.

We made it through one more stop and tried to spin. She reared up so high I thought she was going to go over backwards and kill me. But she didn't....Thank god.

When I walked out, I looked at the judge to see the damage. And she was laughing! She tracked me down afterwards and told me "I saw you earlier in the warmup pen and thought 'I'd love to see that girl rein for me'. But my heart sank when I saw you standing out there watching all those riders go before you.... Your horse was getting more bound up the longer you stayed still."

As you can imagine I felt like an idiot. I knew better than to let a horse get cold after warming it up but I spaced out and screwed up.

But lesson learned, keep Selena moving before a run!

Pssh.I didn't pick up the wrong lead
It's called a counter canter...
...A very advanced maneuver.
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I don't even know where or which one to start with...lol

Back in the 90's I used to ride a lot of sale barn horses...I have pretty much seen it all..lol. I have accidently rode a saddle bronc horse, the hair grew over the brand, couldn't see it all that well, made about three jumps. Had horses flip over backwards, try to kill you on the ground.. I watched a little paint horse buck my ex-boyfriend off with his saddle. he sucked back and the saddle came off over his head...made for a good laugh.

I worked for a guy in OK, we got a big yellow Hancock mare that hated everything even herself, I never seen a horse flat out injure it self to spite you. We had to tie a hind leg up on her and tie her to the trailer, she would fight it and throw herself on the ground and hang herself. Put a "running W" on her to get her broke, I rode her for 10 rides and said no more. She had already been to 5 trainers before we got her.

This last horse I bought is a pain, I knew he was when I got him. He tried to jump out of the arena a couple of weeks ago. We had a little "coming to Jesus" meeting. We flopped him on his head and sat on him. It helped. He would run you into the rail and wedge himself in a corner and sull up, run off sideways. He still has the desire every once in a while but I am getting it whooped.

Had ranch horses with weird "querks"...they all do when a ton of cowboys ride them. Any horse would be if they get handed off to someone else a couple times a year. My husband rode a horse "Coyote", kick you out of the trailer if you didn't walk up to him just right to unload him, or try to pin you in a tie stall against the wall and kick the sh*t out you. He never wore shoes, couldnt touch his feet. Every once in a while he would peel out when you got something necked. jake would just take a few wraps and sit on his coils, wait till it came tight. Then he would be good for a while.

I rode a little short fat paint, he would take the first jerk if you necked something, but if you kicked up to get short and he took another one. he would buck you off. One chance. Branding you had to hold your rope off of his butt or he would buck you off. And you never leaned forward to go, you had to sit back and cluck or he would buck you off.

Big paint mare, goofy, but fun to ride. She always spooked and bucked first thing in the morning when the shadows from the sage brush were on the ground...never a cloudy day when there was no shadows...

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I've ridden too many nutters over the years to have just one. Growing up I was the girl that people would ask to climb on anything they couldn't handle. I was dumb enough to agree. Made me a "stick like a tick" rider though

Some that are memorable-

Friend of my gpa's asked me to take his new mare out for the first time at a speed show. Turns out she had NO steering, whatsoever. She gladly turned the end pole and was a runaway. I did all I could to pull that stupid mare up. We ended up going through the wooden exit gate, straight busted through it. 30 something me would tell teenage me I should've bailed

Colt in for training that was just jumpy in general. Spooked in the indoor (over a stupid bird) and went sideways into the wall and dragged my thigh across a tie ring, the bolts/plate gave me a darn good gash, destroyed a pair of favorite jeans and bloodied up my saddle.

Had one flip on me not too long ago. Was supposed to be a "one-off" ride for a family friend to see just how bad their new colt was. Colt was a known bucker, but there was no buck, he launched himself up and over as soon as I hit the saddle. Didn't quite get out of the way and ended up with a leg pinned. He's probably on someone's dinner plate by now.

Then there was A.J. (Air Jordan), a pony my mom picked up at an auction when I was little. He was a little bugger, 44" and he just couldn't keep his front feet on the ground. My sister & I thought it great fun. We'd take him out and one would get on bareback, the other'd smack him on the butt and the winner was whoever got him to walk the farthest on his hind legs. Neither of us ever truly won because we both ended up with sore backsides.
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Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, Take another shot.
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