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My riding instructor's daughter's horse. He's a 7 year old OTTB. 17.2 hands.
He's pushy and dominant. We've been working on that somewhat.
He can't trot without bucking, farting, snapping, jumping all four feet off the ground, trying to run and what not. At the canter. No such thing as canter, just buck and run. hahah Fun to ride though(: I like a challenge.

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My craziest horse moment was a horrific experience!
I climbed up in the saddle of that beautiful paint, and we set off on what i thought was going to be a relaxing afternoon ride.
We rounded the first bend, and all of a sudden, the horse spooked! He was bucking and jumping and kicking like a crazy horse!
It was just my good fortune that the Walmart employee came walking by and unplugged it for me.
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My dad's horse Duke, is a Percheronx Belgian. Big ol boy very pretty, for whatever reason, my dad kept him as a stud until he was about 4 or 5. When he was a stud I could ride him just fine, then we gelded him and don't know what happened.
Cell phone would ring, he would be fine, but the click of hanging it up and he would full out bronc buck. Ducks flying up underneath him, fine and dandy, but the squirell in the tree, he lost it. Move the rein an inch he lost it. This boy could buck! We have NO idea what happened to him, as we raised him from a foal, dad did all the training, and was not abusive or anything twards him. Dad is a good horseman, has had horses for 30 some years, and so knows what he's doing.

We sold him to a newly retired couple (they knew what they were in for) because dad can now not ride anything other then kid broke, not because of Duke.

But looking back, I wonder if he wasn't going blind.

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Hmmm...I think it is a tie between a big black QH mare, and an Arab mare.

The Big black mare was sent to me because she would randomly explode into bucking fits. Horse didn't load in a trailer, and also didn't tie. A couple weeks of retraining like as if she knew nothing, and she was pretty good. But her owner was still terrified of her, so when she came to try her out (even though I cautioned her against riding, since she was so nervous), the horse wound up bucking her off. They wound up selling her, and the horse was an absolute angel for them, and they still have her, although she is ancient now!

The Arab mare was an older mare, owned by friends of ours, and they asked if we could come and retrain her and her half brother. The gelding was a breeze (he actually was my show mount that summer, since my QH was still too young to ride). The mare on the other hand, had only limited training, and when they had gotten on her, had never made her move, so when you asked for forward movement, she either got real pissy, and wanted to buck and rear, or just laid down on you. So again, I had to start all over with ground work, like she knew nothing, but even once she understood what I wanted of her, she would still everyonce in a while stop and want to give you her random fits...she was a tough cookie for sure!

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as much as i love free horses sometimes its best to pass them i got a gorgeous 4 yr old gelding in Aug. he and his mom were free. that should have been a tell tell sign. but they were free. the mom was so called "broke". she was an absolute nut. she ended up going to the auction. i just sold the gelding yesterday. :( he is the first horse i've had since 2004 when i had to put my gelding down. but anyways he was doing ok. i didn't get to work with him much. so i moved him to a closer barn. he would do ok. the people i got him from said he lounges. he lounged prefect on a line. but when you let him go in a round pen. it was horrible. he thought he was a goat and headbutted the gate. then he flung himself at the panels and broke right through. he ended up going under a short lean-too with my saddle on. he broke the horn off when he went under to get away from me. need less to say he doesn't get worked in a round pen without a line of some sort on. i took him to a trainer for a weekend. he got so mad at the trainer, kicked him, and broke his hand. he has bit me, tried to kick, tried to kick the owner of the barn where is at. he is rideable to an extent. he didn't know whoa. so he had no brakes. he now has some brakes. he would trot going to the right but wouldn't trot going to the left. so i made him trot to the left. he spazed out on. thankfully. i stayed on for the ride. ooo did i mention this is a 4 year old that when i got him had never been weaned from his mom until i sold her being moving him the second time. so he has some buddy sour issues. when i went to get him he had never seen a trailer in his life. it took us 2 hours to load him. now that my trainer and i have worked with him he loads like a champ. he does nice ground work. but riding him is challenge. he also didn't know how to stall. he broke 5 stalls before i gave up on stalling him. he now stalls...kinda. he didn't tie. he sure didn't cross tie. this horse was used for nothing but being a pet for 4 years. im glad i sold him. i was afraid and sure didn't trust him.


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I'm loving reading all these stories, some of them are straight up crazy!

I think my "craziest horse" story has more to do with humans and our silly emotions than the horse actually being insane. The story goes that he was originally owned and started by a member of a family I work for's ex-husband, the man was green as grass when it came to horses but they gave him this colt as a "project" ... I believe the colt had, had 30 days but the guy spent about a year and a half chasing the horse around a round pen, and I honestly think it warped his mind. The man was not a nice man, and eventually after some horrible stuff happened, left this woman, and their kids, high and dry.

Then I walk into this situation, (lucky me) which was clearly more emotionally heated than I was willing to deal with, and was asked to ride the horse. Our first round-pen style ride went well, he hadn't been ridden in a year, and seemed sweet and pretty well-natured. The second ride we planned to do a sort "outside roundpen" ride, really calm, nothing spectacular. It also was going well until we were walking up a nice, gradual slope type hill when he completely blew. I definitely did not see it coming, he went up, span in the air, I came off and he proceeded to run straight down a bank, into a barbed wire fence. (He literally ran straight into it, his nose had barbed wire cuts... I have never in my life seen cuts on a horses muzzle like that), he took down an entire fence line as he went, ran all the way home and we found him down by the river, shaking, and pretty cut up. No really bad injuries, but he had bloody cuts and scrapes all over. So we cleaned him up, calmed him down, went back to the arena with him, so that he didn't end on the worst note ever, and he was fine. It was the strangest thing. It was almost like he needed the walls to protect him, but his destiny was suppose to be mountain horse..

I never wanted to get back on him after that, not because of his actions but because I felt the situation with this poor horse just too strained and awkward. I felt that some members of the family almost wanted him to be a nut job, whereas others wanted him to be a good, calm horse... both to prove points. They were definitely putting their own feelings about his original owner onto him, and it wasn't fair. There was no way I was risking my neck, and I had other horses to ride anyway that were doing much better, so he slipped out of my string and they eventually hauled him to a sale I believe.

That story taught me a lot about how people's emotions and personal feelings can really effect the mental state of a horse... and how it is treated by others. It was very sad.

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Victor. He's still the worst horse I've ever ridden. He's just an idiot.

His spooks are the worst. First of all, he spooks at nothing, even when he's gone past the same area a million times. And he doesn't just freeze up or flinch. He bolts down and sideways like a jackrabbit on cocaine. Throws you halfway out of the saddle every time, whether you anticipate it or not.

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Originally Posted by Jessabel View Post
... like a jackrabbit on cocaine.

Good thing I was not drinking anything while reading this! Would be all over the computer! Love it, may have to steal it from you sometime ;)
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I was asked to hold a horse for a friend, an American saddlebred gelding. He was "supposed" to be kid safe but wouldn't get in the trailer (a scary 2h straight load) so I got on and began the 10 mile ride in the middle of winter with snow due in that night. We got about 3 miles away and tried passing a llama farm, well horsey no like llama LOL. He flipped out reared and so I tried discounting to calm him (we had TONS of cars stopped on a back country road watching so it was way embarrassing!) well as I tried that he turned around so I tried re-seating myself which also didn't work, I came off and my foot got hung up in the stirrup because the angle I fell at my leg twisted (ouchy) and off he went at a gallop. He drug me a little under a mile kicking me in he head and stomping on my arms and free leg before I could kick my way free. I tried running after him and collapsed. Once caught my dad started leading him until the other trailer got there (we had my friends filly in ours) and my dad told me to take his truck and get the filly to his house, he didn't know how bad I was really hurt. I stopped at my house (lived with my mom) and mom wrapped me up and I took the filly to dads. When they got there with the gelding I looked him over and he was fine so I climb back on like an idiot, he started bucking (on him bareback this time) I managed to stay on and prove to him he wasn't boss so I thought. From then on anyone who messed with him got bitten kicked or thrown, I had kids there all the time for lessons so I told my friend to come get him before I was told by police to put him down as I had already been warned even though nobody had access to him AT ALL. I didn't want him there anyways when I saw what he was doing. Anyways, I made it out of that wreck with my stuck knee dislocated, my free leg had multiple fractures and a broken ankle, 5 bones in my right hand broken, 3 fingers shattered on the left hand, multiple skull fractures (and a migraine!) and she finally got a trailer he'd load in comes to pick him up and he kicked out at me knocking me back and fractured 3 lower vertebrae in my spine. I think he had it out for me but I won't ever take on an American saddlebred EVER again. I still have trouble after that horse, only 23 but at times need a walker worse days I'm in a wheelchair... Not too fun but I still love horses and still ride on my good days.
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LOVE this thread, so nice to know everyone has their days just like me! We all have our days and glad so many people are sharing. Will have to share some in the morning it's late here. Subscribed as well.

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