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What do you think, is she worth $2,000?

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    07-20-2011, 12:48 PM
I just bought a bomb-proof very well broke 11 year old with no health problems for about the same price. 2k seems a bit high for a 24 yr old with arthritis to me. What really matters though is that you are happy with her and she suits you, no matter what the price tag :)
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    07-20-2011, 01:08 PM
Alwaysbehind, no, the horse was never advertised. Flash's former owner, a friend of my neighbor's (who owns the barn where she's boarded) needed to make room in her barn for another boarder, so she needed to find another place for Flash. My neighbor and her friend thought that Flash would be a good fit for me, thus the leasing agreement. I wasn't told about the arthritis and in fact when my neighbor's vet saw her, he never said anything about it either. (I was told she had everything she needed, but in reality, I had to have the vet give her vaccinations, the coggins test, have her teeth floated, and have the farrier come in to trim her hooves.) *sigh* Live and learn.

At the time of the lease, the former owner and I talked about buying her. She told me that if she sold her for what she was really worth, I couldn't afford her. Per the lease agreement, if anything happened to Flash while I was leasing her, I would have to pay the owner $2,000. That was a FIRM $2,000 which is why the purchase price is that much. Even to my green, not-so-lightning-fast-mind, $2,000 seemed high for a horse that old. Then I fell in love...and she with me. And, Zimpatico's sentiments are my own.

I have to chuckle to myselft everytime I think..."they saw me coming"... lol. That's why I asked you all what you thought. You have concurred that my gut was right...but fortunately for Flash, my heart doesn't care. :) And to think about it, I am blessed as well with a husband who sees the big picture: Flash needs me as much as I need her, so $2,000 was a small price to pay. He's never had a qualm about how much upkeep is involved. That is all added to my already-spoiled 7 yo Germand Shepherd....well, actually, the spoiling of my dog and my horse and my granddaughter is still a work in progress. LOL

Thank you all for your input.
    07-20-2011, 01:18 PM
She's lucky she found you! Enjoy her!
    07-20-2011, 01:25 PM
Green Broke
I think that if she suits your purpose, and the two of you click then don't second guess what you paid for her, just enjoy her.

Asking if she would be worth that to others just brings in too many variables. Would my crazy OTTB be worth the same dollar amount to you that I paid for her? Highly unlikely but she is more than worth it to me!

I think it is a shame that the arthritis was not discosed to you at the time of purchase (if it was even known about) but it is something that can be managed and in the broad scheme of things is less devastating a condition than many others out there. It is hard enough buying horses when you have experience to count on so being green to horses and trying to make a purchase decision is really a shot in the dark to some extent. If you ever end up looking to buy another horse, taking someone experienced or a qualified trainer (not one that is doing the selling ha) with you is always a great idea.

All the best to you both, she sounds like a sweetheart.
    07-20-2011, 01:28 PM
Having her feet done and doing shots are something that happens. Not sure it qualifies as her not being up to date on things.

So, if the mare dies of some old age related issue you have to pay the owners $2000?

That is scary.
    07-20-2011, 01:30 PM
Thank you, yes she is a lovely lady. And, yes, the arthritis was known, it was "just something you expect to see in older horses." Next time around, my farrier is coming with me. She's very good and very honest. :)
    07-20-2011, 02:07 PM
Originally Posted by JLynn    
Thank you, yes she is a lovely lady. And, yes, the arthritis was known, it was "just something you expect to see in older horses." Next time around, my farrier is coming with me. She's very good and very honest. :)
I would suggest a vet to do a PPE exam over taking your farrier with you.
    07-20-2011, 11:05 PM
Good advice, Always. Sooo, what's a PPE? So much to learn and absorb. Thankfully my girl is very forgiving. I'll bet she's rolling her eyes when I'm not looking. :)
    07-21-2011, 07:33 AM
PPE = Pre purchase exam.

Something your vet can do for you.

How much they do depends on what you want to do with the horse, how much you want to spend, what you find that sends up red flags while they are doing the basic stuff, etc.

Basic includes (with my vet) the things a basic physical exam includes. Eyes, heart, lungs, hands on all over looking for stuff, flexion tests, watching the horse move.

Then you can add X-rays and blood work to get a better idea what is going on inside.

I think a PPE is worth it even on a free horse. A free horse costs you as much to keep as a not free horse.
If the horse ends up being healthy you have not wasted your money on the PPE, it gives you and your vet a good baseline so when something happens in the future they have something to judge it against.
    07-21-2011, 08:25 AM
I am also in your part of the world, and concur with what has already been said. My BO helped a friend find 2 BTDT horses just last summer, one a bit younger than what you are dealing with, and we got both for $1K.

Yes, a ppe is a great thing. Just make sure it is done by an impartial vet, hopefully one you have already established a relationship with and trust. Here in the Finger lakes we are also fortunate to have an excellent Chiro, who, unless I wanted xrays and bloodwork (which I personally do not normally do), I would probably take with me next time. She has a great eye. Then, can always do the vetting subsequently if you want. But starting with the chiro is probably a bit less expensive.

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