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What a horse can put up with

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    03-28-2013, 05:01 AM
What a horse can put up with

What Slip has put up with without ever bucking me of, pigrooting or rolling with the saddle on:

Hi every one ! I haven't been on the Horse forum because of school commitments, but as its school holidays yay!... although I recently went through a massive drama and since I think its very interesting I will share.

The horse I used to lease a couple of weeks ago (Slip) and I rode him 3 or more times a week I found out that the owner lied to me (or was not truthful) about the saddle fitting.

I have ridden Slip in a saddle that did not fit him for over a year, this is very bad because it explains why we could not get a good extended trot (or any extension some times), why he would refuse jumps soooo much and why he just could not look fantastic or develop muscles properly. Another problem for me is that my back would hurt nearly every single time when riding Slip, except for riding him bareback. My back, neck and jaw is out of align and I will need an osteopath. Slip needs a Vet check after having a very bad blood nose after he had normal work out, in 20 degrees weather. I told the owner this and she made not attempt to call the vet. She than tried to lie to other agistees and say I never told her about Slip having a nose bleed, but I did because I told her that over the phone.

I rode with the owner usually 3 times a week and in the end I had to end the lease it was based on all to much, farrier visits were extended up to 7,8 or even 9 weeks which did not suit a TB with shoes on that jumps, he would get a little to thin in Winter and I was feeling a bit used, but I thought I wasn't paying enough. I payed 50$ a week and I always thought I was not paying enough, but after being told that I was paying enough from many other people I now realise what I have done wrong by me and Slip.

I should have not got her horse (the owners) tacked up, I should have not fed it for her on days I went down to ride the horse I was leasing. I should have not caught her horse just to apply hoof oil because he was lame because of not seeing the farrier enough.Im very dissapointed that I was used because she never told me that I was paying enough, but I was stupid for not asking around untill now and finding out the truth.

I thought it was ok because Slip was being fed by me and was not a bad weight but in the end all his owner really cared about was competitions and getting her hair and nails done. She did not think of horses like I did or at least treat them like they should be treated.

I tried to work something out, I said I wanted to free lease him with an agreement but she told me I wouldn't be able to afford it. I am really angry at Slips owner for saying "i know that saddle didn't fit" but not telling me.

So my lesson I have learnt is to always find out if a saddle fits a horse, don't believe what comes out of peoples mouths and don't suck up to horse people just to ride. Slips owner doesn't want to get him checked by a vet, she says he does not need a saddle fitted and wont need his back checked because he is not sore. There is much more to the drama story. My family went very crazy at me because of my decision, but lots of horsey people have helped me.

I should have listened to Slip when he moved around when I put the saddle on but I thought he was just being naughty.

I put all my tackless videos up on public (to be like stuff you b****) and I know why he loved to be ridden bareback and tackless. He also could never get into a frame in the canter with out force. I am now doing the right thing and I ride some ones big good tempered clydesdale bareback because he needs a custom fitted saddle. I will be having lessons with my instructor who told me Slips saddle does not fit him. So my Instructor is letting me ride her young horse who is fed enough, has a good regular farrier and has a lovely saddle which fits him.

I now know to Never suck up to some one to ride their horse, don't let yourselves be used and o god I know some basic stuff about if a saddle fits or not now.. even know I was taught a bit about saddle fitting in Equine industry from a professional saddle fitter, I am just very annoyed that I didn't pick up about the saddle.

Slip is now in the back paddock with many horses not being rugged and has nearly all his ribs popping up from his sides, his hips stick out slightly and his sacroiliac on the top of the croup has gotten much larger. He has lost allot of muscle.

Im never going to ever ride with people who treat their horses health like **** and know it. I should have listened to my gut instinct, I should have listened to Slip and spoke to my family about these issues with how Slip was being looked after.

Slip is up for sale for 5,000 $ I hope he doesn't get sold to some one who knows nothing about horses as he needs a vet check, osteopath/chiro and a good diet with more food.

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