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what should i do

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        07-27-2008, 03:03 AM
    what should i do

    Ok i'm really not sure what to do about a matter we have.....last week we were apporched about taking in 2 horses for a few weeks....my husband and I talked about it and said it would be ok for a few weeks to take one of the horses!!! ......after talking with the owner of these 2 horses I have changed my mind all togeather.....she kept refuring her horses as a paint and a appy and sticks buy it because that's what the papers say they were...hhhhmmmmm......the gelding is a appy and the mare is a palameno, I refuesed to take the gelding because of the condition that he is in.....he is all ribs and jugding by the spacing in his ribs
    He's some where in his early 20's, the sheriff dept has been after her about the appy...she first stated to me that both horses were seen by a vet (so called enforce by the sheriff dept) but later stated that she had never vetted them....but here's the kicker........i haven't had a boarder on my property for about a year now,( didn't have time for other people horses while trying to raise 3 kids) my rule with my old boarder who repected every thing was that the vet was called when needed and that all shot's and coggin test had to be up to date, well when I told her what my requirements where for her horses to stay with us, she stated that they were all you. T . D on that......hhhmm ok if her horses have not been seen by a vet!! Then how can they be you. T. D on there shots???? Or even coggins.....she thought that was a coughing disorder...hhhmmm....i have recamended my vet to her...but in the end I have desided to refuese her......in fact our friends have offerd to take abby and star to there farm to hang out in a 1000 acre pasture for the month of augest to give us a little bit of a brake on hay and his grandmother really love's sweet little abby ( lol only if she really knew how she is) and our vet is right around the corner from there so he can keep a closer eye on star who is still on the mend..
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        07-27-2008, 11:10 AM
    Green Broke
    That has "avoid at all costs" written all over it...it seems like she's trying to ditch them for a few weeks until the sheriff comes to her place to make sure she's rid of them, then she'll pick them back up. Its a sad situation indeed, but you don't want to get caught up in that!
        07-27-2008, 03:16 PM
    Yeah that's what I thought at first but my husband said that she was served with a notice to leave her rental property, drove pas there today ..horses still there but lot's of junk cars missing from the yard...i hope that she wasn't thinking I wass going to move them.....once again nothing that has not been coggins or you td on shot goes in to my trailer.
        07-27-2008, 03:35 PM
    Green Broke
    after talking with the owner of these 2 horses I have changed my mind all togeather.....she kept refuring her horses as a paint and a appy and sticks buy it because that's what the papers say they were...hhhhmmmmm......the gelding is a appy and the mare is a palameno
    Paint is a breed, not a color, so if she has papers saying the mare is a paint, than she most likely is. There are solid paints and they can come in any color.

    As to the shots - it depends on your state. Many states allow you to give your own shots, including rabies. You can get them at a local feed store or online. Coggins is a different matter and can easily be taken care of by requiring a negative coggins paper from a vet. If she doesn't have it, her horses aren't allowed on your property.

    Now as to the shape of the horses and the whole situation - this is where I would be torn. Part of me would want to take them in to make sure they are getting proper care, but the other part of me would want to stay clear of the whole mess. If you do decide to allow her onto your property, I would suggest a contract stating the level of care the horses must be maintained at (if she is caring for her own - if you are caring for them, outline how much she will owe you), clearly stating the time frame the horses are allowed and when they must be removed, and what should happen if they are not removed after a certain time frame (i.e. Horse ownership goes to you and you can do what you want with them, including selling them). Check local abandonment laws to make sure you are staying within those when writing the terms of the contract. But please make sure everything is in writing - it will help protect you.
        07-28-2008, 10:40 AM
    I really really really really hate getting caught up in the BS.......We have a friend that wanted us to help rotate his horses out of his pasture for a while...The whole thing was "off". Thankfully he has never called back to see if we would be willing to do it. (we gave him some feeble excuses and went on our way leaving it as we'll talk later. :roll: ) I think you have dodged a bullet by not getting involved.
        07-28-2008, 12:14 PM
    Well, even anybody knows her colors/genetics 'n stuff it's Cat. I assure you of that!

    Yeah, this gal has Big Fat Liar written all over her. She's clueless.

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