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Green Broke
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What Would You Pay?

So, I am considering a new mare. Here is what I know:

Coming 9
Bay Roan

I looked at her in January, and decided to have her brought to the barn for a test run. She got here on WED (Feb 11th), along with a couple of other mares. We rode her out, and aside from being collectively handicapped, she seemed to do alright. My trainer got on her, her friend, my husband, and then myself. If you don't know it by now, I am a timid rider, so having myself on her is a big feat in its self.

She has never been worked in an indoor arena, and when she is in the barn she is very 'alert', almost to the point of being annoying. I'm not sure if she's just spooky, or if she just needs time to settle in some more. I'm sure she just needs more time.

She seems to be very submissive to humans (licks and chews a lot), but tends to bully other horses. I also think that she is one that gets bored; I was watching her in her round pen yesterday. I watched as she picked up her bucket of water, and dumped it, then started to chew on her halter. She isn't one to really stand and graze like other horses I've seen. So I don't know if her bullying is out of dominance, or boredom? Is that even possible?

The mare passed her vet check, she does need her teeth floated, and her feet done, but I am not surprised one bit by this. The vet even commented on how well she is put together. She will need work on collecting herself under saddle, and will also need work on desensitizing, bending/flexing and giving to the bit.

I guess I am just at a loss right now. How much would you pay for a horse like this? Everyone says "Oh, she's so beautiful". Well thats great and all, but I'm not really sure of her riding capabilities, and that is something I need to be sure of before I drop the asking amount for her.

She doesn't have the issues like Rogue has, we are able to groom her, pick up her feet, saddle and bridle her with no problem (other than her being so tall). She doesn't seem to have any trust issues like Rogue had.

I have been working with her on the lunge line, and for a beginner (at both ends) she seems to do alright. We always end our sessions with her licking and chewing, and always on a positive note.

Oye, I just don't know. My trainer thinks that I should buy her, and why would I even consider not buying her. Right now I really don't have any qualms about buying her, and even if I did, I still have 30 days to give her back if something were to come up.

What would you do??

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Green Broke
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Here are some pics, I'll have some vid of her tomorrow.







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So I guess I can't say ... Oh she's soooo beautiful eh?? (She really is) but anyway ... this is really tough. You are probably feeling a bit iffy though because of the incident with Rogue. You probably don't want to go through another "mess" and have to give the horse back or whatnot. From the sounds of it you want a forever horse, or pretty close to it. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

Her "alertness" could very well be her settling in. But what kind of riding do you want to do? On trails or in an arena? Could you send her to a trainer for a little while before buying her or sometime soon after? She sounds really great and looks like a sweetheart, but like you said, this can't be the deciding factor. Hmm... the fact though that you said, "she seems to do alright" makes me think you aren't completely convinced. I think you need a horse that you can say, "wow!! I feel SO comfortable and SO confident!" Again, correct me if that's not you... but I would have liked to hear a little more convincingly that she was good to ride. LOL. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

She really does sound like she has potential, but maybe more for an intermediate rider? I know you've just gotten into horses recently and being a timid rider, you're gonna want a bombproof horse that you can blaze around on confidently. If you get on her back and think "Oh boy" and are taking deep breaths and being afraid she's gonna spook.. she may not be the one for you. Again, I'm not you, so I don't know.

*MAJOR HUGS* I know this is really tough. Sometimes you have to take risks but sometimes you have to make calculated decisions. I think this time it may be #2. Good luck Mox, we hope things work out for ya!

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord. 'Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future'" ~ Jeremiah 29:11

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Bobbie, I was at a monthly auction last night and there were a couple of horses there that I would consider owning. True - they weren't the type that you may buy because our experience and goals are different but there was one or two that may have worked for you.

The best horse there was a beautiful 8 year old 15.2 AQHA gelding that was broke to death and the highlight of the sale. He only brought $1,500!! Everything else was a LOT less. If I saw the horse you are considering, I would be in the $750 range and not a penny more then $900 - at auction she may only bring ~$450 to $500.

As for her alertness, I would attribute that to newness and perhaps some to your tentative handling of her. I give a new horse nearly a week at my place before mounting them. I'll spend the week just working and bonding. A few days into her stay with me, I'll saddle her and walk her around with me, much like you would do with a dog. I don't pay attention to anything they do and go about my business like they were not even there.

How much are they asking?

I'm not arguing with you, I'm just explaining why I'm right.

Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.

It's not always what you say but what they hear.

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Green Broke
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Yes, she is very beautiful, but to me that is just icing on the top, ya know? I love her thick mane, and once her tail grows out, that’ll be lovely too.

I will admit that some of my hesitance does stem from the whole thing with Rogue. I don’t want to get burned like that again, and I don’t want to bond with something I will just have to bring back. So, perhaps that’s where my ‘eh, she’s okay’ attitude is coming from.

I am sure her alertness is just her settling in, and learning the new sounds of the barn. I almost feel like that and my aloofness toward the situation are contributing to my lack of bonding with her. Right now I don’t feel like we’ve bonded much. Sure, she comes to me when she sees me, but I’ve also heard others say that she has come to them too, so, she’s just a friendly mare. lol

She’ll mainly be used for trails, so perhaps her alertness will be problem on the trail, also if she is herd dominant, I don’t know how well that would work. Perhaps down the road I’d use her for Western Pleasure, but that isn’t for a couple years yet.

I do have the option of putting her through some training. There is a trainer at our barn, and because she’s at our barn, I’d be charged less because I am already paying board. Also, Maria, the barn manager/friend said that she would help me with her, and she already has, some.

Working with Rogue has given me more confidence, I’ll say. She wasn’t the most difficult horse in the world, but the most difficult that I have ever been around. I am nervous with this mare, I’m nervous when she comes into the barn and starts to spazz out. I know that, that energy can contribute to her energy, which feeds mine, so it's like we're feeding each other's energy.. As far as confidence in the saddle, it’s too early to say. I rode her for a bit when she arrived, and I did good. Yes, I am a timid rider, and for me to be up on her the first day she was at the barn says a lot for me, that I have come a ways. I do feel like I can get up on her and ride her and not be tense about it. I feel like I CAN be relaxed on her and I CAN put her through her paces once she gets settled in.

She was really smooth at a walk, like butter. But once she started to do a faster walk she started to get a little bumpy. When Maria cued her to trot, it was horribly bumpy. Also, she does have more whoa than go. You do have to cue her up a few times before she gets the idea.

This mare will be finding a forever home with me, I will not sell her, she is an investment; something I can build my confidence and self esteem on; she is an outlet for me. She’ll be with me forever. I agree that she does have potential, I think she has a LOT of potential. I think the only thing that would hold her back would be my inexperience, and well that’ll only come in time.


He is asking 1000 for her, that is what he bought her for, and that is what he wants to get out of her. As of right now, I don’t see the problem with paying that, she’s sound, she’s broke. I told him what I wanted, and he showed me this mare, and two other horses. My barn does a lot of dealing with this person, and I trust him, and my barn. So, I’d like to say that I don’t think they would ever steer me wrong, but I have been wrong in the past. I feel that if Maria thinks she’s a good fit for me, then she would be, as she knows how I ride, and how I do spazz out from time to time. Also, when she gets some time on her, and some training, she can be used as a lesson horse and an additional trail horse, so it wouldn’t be just me putting hours on her. I would be willing to let others ride her, as I see that as ‘seasoning’.

I have spent the last few days just trying to develop a bond with her, but as I stated above, I think that the past situation with Rogue has jaded me a bit. My goal is to ride her without any help, be it by myself, or have someone out there, but not help me at all. That will be my deciding factor. Right now I feel like once I get her desensitized to the mounting block, I could get on her and walk her out for a bit, but that’s the extent of it.

She will have to go to a trainer for a bit, and I do plan on taking her through a natural horsemanship clinic as soon as one starts up at the barn.

I just really feel torn here.

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Being the dominant horse is not a bad thing, one of them has to be. At my barn it's Charlie. I just deal with it and at feeding time, he's learned that I'm the alfa horse - not him. When mounted, there is no dominance issue - he, like Bobo, know their job and do it without interfering with other horses.

The extra $100 you need to pay is really a non-issue in the long run if she is the right horse. Remember that all horses will have off days and even the most courageous ones will shy at something. You need to be a rider that just ignores those things instead of making a thing about it. It is quite amazing that one rider can have a horse do unthinkably great things and the next rider has trouble getting her to walk a straight line. So much potential of a horse has to do with the skill and confidence of it's rider.

If this mare is safe by the opinion of a trainer you trust then it's you who has to gain confidence in her. It will come with Time and Patience. You just need a confidence builder in a horse to begin with. You have a 30 day trial so you will know by then. She certainly seems like the right horse!

Personally I don't like other people riding my horses unless they are a MUCH better rider then me. A poor rider can undo a lot of training and bonding that you put into a horse.

I'm not arguing with you, I'm just explaining why I'm right.

Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.

It's not always what you say but what they hear.

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$1,000 really isn't that bad. That's what I paid for Montana.

I personally like a horse that has more whoa than go. I feel that you can do more to get the horse to go (using a dressage whip or crop) than a horse that would prefer to run its heart out as you're trying everything in the book to slow it down.
And since she'll be a first horse/confidence builder the more whoa IMO is a good thing.

You seem to be at the right place to get her. You know and trust the people there and they have dealt with her owner before so you're not going into this blind, and your trainer has already OK'ed her as a good horse for you.

Don't let what happened to Rogue get in your way of potentially owning another horse. It is good that you are being cautious and really thinking this out and getting the opinions of others and not just diving into it with your heart.

You could always make a list (sounds corny I know) of the things you really like about her (that will make her a great first horse) and things you don't like about her. And out of the things you don't like about her, see how many of them can be fixed.

When I was looking for a new horse, I got these information sheets, that let me write down things about the horse so I could go back later and review it. I can PM or e-mail those to you if you want. I found it made choosing easier as I wasn't there looking at the horse (and going gah-gah over how pretty he was) and I was looking at words and my thoughts at the time I saw the horse.

It is also great that you have a 30 day trial with her. It's kind of like your "if something goes bad, i'm not stuck trying to sell her" clause.

I hope everything works out for you Bobbie, whether you get this mare or not.
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Green Broke
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I was out with her today, she followed me around in her round pen, she loved up on me a bit.

She is very sweet and very kind, but I just cant get over how spooky and jumpy she is!

I turned her out in the arena, after closing it off of course, and she got to investigate on her own a bit. When I took her into the 'tacking up area', where a lot of the windy sounds were coming from, I walked her around the outer edge of the place, she kept snorting and kinda side walking. So, I took her to the middle of the room, and just stood there with here. THEN a loud bang sounded outside and scared the both of us! lol We're both spazz's.

We worked on grooming, standing in place, and desensitizing to the mounting block. She did pretty good.

Of course we ended on a good note, and I am hoping tomorrow to saddle and bridle her tomorrow and walk her around the arena, of course not on her back, just walking.

I wanted to get vids up today, but there was a problem with the uploading, so possibly tomorrow.

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Just a few thoughts...

First off, I think she's lovely, and I have a huge weakness for STB's She sounds like a good fit for your riding level and seems like she would be a good mount to grow with.

As for the bonding/affection thing, try and be patient. Bonds don't happen overnight, and often don't happen in weeks and even months. True, there are some horses who are completely in your pocket and will glom on to the human they see the most and do so quickly. But, many horses aren't like that and it will take quite a bit of time to get a solid bond formed. Unfortunately, you may not be able to make your purchase decision based on how strong your bond feels in this first month. But, if you feel you can trust her and grow your relationship, than that's the important thing. I've had Blaze for almost 5 months now, and he doens't nicker when he seems me coming or follow me around everywhere. But, he'll wait for me at the gate, will follow me anywhere after a ride if I've just hopped off, and I TRUST him. Yea, he's super spooky too and sometimes I just don't understand what the heck is up his butt, but he's a KIND horse, and that's important to me.

You're doing all the right things in getting to know her. Go with your heart.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."-Mahatma Gandhi

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She is quite nicely put together. Have you taken her out of what she is currently used to, as in have you taken her out for a walk away from other horses and seen what she is like? I am actually surprised they are only asking that much for her even if she does need more work.

Because of the dental work and the her feet needing some correcting, I would use that counter balance what he is asking for her and take the price down. Make a list of all those things and say hey, "this is what she needs done, I have found another horse I really like that does not require any of that touch up work, she is worth my while if you're willing to take her price down to so and so, to make up for the difference I need to spend for the difference" then hand him an $700-800 cheque.

If you have feelings that she is the right horse for you, then do it. EVERY horse will need adjustment regardless of how well trained they are. Cobalt didn't start off the way he is now.

I personally like her by confo alone. I think for what you want to do her build is beautiful so if her temper and her temper fits what you are looking for, why miss out? I suggest finishing your trial just to make sure then see what the gent offers yea for deal.

Good Luck.

Promoting the beautiful Canadian Horse
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