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What's in your grooming box?

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  • What is the soft comb in the grooming box

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    06-12-2012, 09:50 AM
Soft Brush
Two hard brushes
Rubber Curry
Shedding Blade
Metal Curry
Hoof Pick with Brush
Small Face Brush
Mane and tail Brush
Mane&Tail shampoo and Conditioner
Fly Repellent
Cattle Tags
Neatsfoot oil
Hoof Polish
Small comb for Quarter Marks
A Variation of rags
Dawn Dish soap for the white marks
A box of disposable latex gloves for sheath cleaning time
A pair of gloves with little nubbies
Tons of vet wrap roles
A medicated spray for small cuts
Squirt Bottle for when I braid
Hair gel

And... I think that's it...
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    06-25-2012, 10:55 PM
Curry comb,
Dandy brush,
Body brush,
Hoof pick,
Shedding blade/sweat scraper,
Mane & tail brush,
Braiding elastics ;),
Soft face brush,
Some kind of special braiding brush xP
I have a few of each brush in my tack box.. its kinda over flowing. I really needa go through it.. And EVERY.SINGLE.BRUSH has white hair on it -_- .. thanks to Joker... ;)
    06-26-2012, 03:16 AM
I have a large plastic tote for all my products, but in my grooming bag I have a large flick brush
Soft body brush
2 hoof picks
Mane and tail brush
Hoof brush
Thrush buster
Baby wipes
Face brush
    06-26-2012, 08:10 AM
Green Broke
Contents of Groom Box #1

3 curries
3 hard brushes
2 soft brushes
4 hoof picks
4 mane and tail combs/brushes
Shedding rock thing
2 shed blades

Contents of Groom Box #2

Sole pack
Hoof oil
Cowboy magic
3 bags of braiding elastics

...and, of course, about a pony's worth of hair and a flake of hay in each!
    06-26-2012, 11:39 AM
Stiff bristled brush - for demudding
Medium bristled brush - for standard grooming
Soft bristled brush - for flicking off deep dust that brushes can't seem to get to
Face brush - for dusting faces and ears
Face cloth - for cleaning noses and eye boogies
Mane and tail brush
Shaving razor - they have those little razor blades in the plastic combs to shave off nose hairs without hooking up the trimmers
Hoof picks (2 because they always seem to disappear lol)
Rubber curry comb - for decrusting sweat and scrubbing during bathes
Dishwash soap - for stripping coats and cleaning brushes
Shampoo/conditioner - for mane, coat, and tail
Olive/coconut oil - additive after conditioners for detangling
Fly spray - homemade vinegar mix
Leg wraps
Rubber bands - because I'm a persistent tail braider, especially for lessons
Tweezers - for deticking or other uses
Carrrabiners - because someone is always breaking cross ties and buckets loose

I know there is other stuff I am missing, just stuff you collect over time for uses because horses are accident prone.

I really like the practice of using tool boxes, because they do lock, they're lightweight, and they don't cost a fortune for decent ones!
    06-26-2012, 01:04 PM
Every day riding:

*Dandy brush (I have two, one with longer bristles and one with shorter ones).
*Curry comb (I have a black, oval plastic one)
*Two hoof picks, one without a brush and one with
*Sweat scraper


*Two child scissors (the ones kids use in school)
*Cowboy Magic Bodyshine
*Mane comb
*Tail brush
*Face brush
*Soft brush
*Baby Oil
*Baby powder
*Sponge/s (more meant for cleaning tack than grooming)
*Rag/towel thing
*Bands for braiding

Depending on the time of year I'll have flyspray.

There's more but I forget what. Keep in mind that some of the showing stuff I mention only comes with me to shows (baby oil for example) while some of it stays with me all year (face brush, etc).
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    06-26-2012, 02:27 PM
Stiff brush
Soft brush
Curry comb
Mane comb
Sweat Scraper/Shedder
Hoof pick
Cowboy Magic
Show Sheen
Absorbine fly spray
Measuring tape
Vetrolin Shampoo
    06-26-2012, 05:22 PM
Wellp, just threw together a new grooming tote so here goes nothing.
-stiff brush
-soft brush
-mane brush
-pulling comb
-shedding flower (<< LOVE those things.)
-rubber curry
-metal curry
-rubber mitt/brush/bathing thing.
-hair brush (for myself. Lol.)
-hoof picks (several)
-hoof brush
-cordless clippers
-rubber bands (both horsey and human :P)
-thinning comb thing
And then there's some random stuff...
-paintbrush (for hoof polish)
-dish towels
-empty spray bottle
-a couple treats
-a granola bar
-a bottle of water
And all this fits in a medium tote!

brushes, grooming

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