why hello doormat *rant*

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why hello doormat *rant*

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    07-01-2011, 11:35 AM
why hello doormat *rant*

So I found out that some people seem to think all I can ride are broke horses, that my horses rot in there stalls, and I never ride them, I accomplish nothing when I ride, I haven't trained anything, and i'll, give up on my 2 year old. ........I've owned my broke mare since she was an unbroken 2 year old, my mom did break her, and start her on barrels, I was 10 years old. I was still riding her, a green horses, I showed her at her first show where she spooked at everything, and I did it well. I started her on poles, she's a nice pole horse whose won me money almost everytime I've showed her in them, which is very few times. And why yes I never ride my horse at all, that's why your horse is drenched in sweat and mine has barely broken one. And no. My horse is trained, im not going to do much with her but keep her legged up, except when I find a training issue, then I will fix it and I normally wait till I have the arena to myself to train, just because I like having the whole arena. I've had many horses I've worked with, 1 I completely started myself. Oh and i'm being paid to break a 2 year old right now, just started a 3 year old in barrels, whose coming back after im finished with the 2 year old. I've had 2 year old for 2 weeks, I've taught him to lunge, trailer load and back out, carry a bit, saddle, and ride at a walk, he steers great, stops and backs up. My 2 year old does everything as well. Also the barrel horses I've started, I've been given many complements by good trainers around here on how well there doing. I've sold most horses I've had, because well they didn't have what I wanted to get me to where I want to go, which is to the top. Oh and since then, I've lent them, my bits, my saddle once, loaned money, and have helped them find horses, got one a ride to a show, helped the one who decided to barrel race again, free lessons, since she's on a horse I started and sold to her to for $1,500 less than what I was asking. This was all a month ago, now their being nice again. Im going to not say a thing, but I wanted to tell someone. Im killing with kindness, and proving them wrong every step of the way.
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    07-01-2011, 11:43 AM
Hi, Doormat! *Waves* Just kidding! I'm right along side you here, and I have to say you're doing the right thing. Kill em with kindness. YOU know what you know how to do and how good you are so what everyone else thinks is immaterial.

I know that doesn't stop it from irking you, there are days that I leave the barn and I am just fuming! And the barn is my safe place, huh.

Keep up the kindness and good luck!
    07-01-2011, 12:11 PM
So... you're mad because they think a certain way about you? Ah, horse people. The drama never ends. Let them think what they want to think. YOU know what's true and what isn't. Nothing else is important. Don't let it ruin your barn time.
    07-01-2011, 12:23 PM
I live at the barn, literally lol. My moms the manager. I can ride at midnight, and have before. Nobody knows when I ride, just because I don't ride for the 2 hours somebody's here people think I don't ride. Nope I just look at what's going on in the arena then decide
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    07-01-2011, 12:37 PM
Green Broke
I agree with Jessabel..Let them think whatever they want. You know your horses and how YOU work. Keep killing them with kindness..it's almost worse than being a B**** to them..Good luck Doormat! Don't let them wipe their feet all over you..you can be only of those slick sneaky door mats that when you step on it on slick floors it slips out from under you! That's what kind of doormat I would be.

AND..by the way..I'll be back in north GA next week. We drove right through Blairesville on our way to Wahsega last week and I thought about you. By the second day of camp I was planning a get away and sneak to your house to save me! Next week we will have 160 14-18 year olds.. They try everything to sneak out and prank eachother so we each have night duty..fun stuff..
    07-01-2011, 12:54 PM
Heh, I just don't like helping so much, then get it smack me in the face. This all started because she started riding my old horse english again, which I started english, I showed her english, I even helped her get her into the right frame because she didn't know how too. Instructor taught me how to train her. Then soon as she's doing barrels again. There nice and asking for help. Their really going to have a fit when I get to get an old jumping horse back into jumping, and english, Monday yay.
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