Why is it whenever you think you've found something great....

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Why is it whenever you think you've found something great....

This is a discussion on Why is it whenever you think you've found something great.... within the Horse Talk forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Horses category

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    05-10-2010, 01:36 AM
Why is it whenever you think you've found something great....

....you end up losing out on it?

I'm going to attempt to shorten this as much as possible.

So through youtube I found my new horse with an old old old owner. They bought her off the track. These were the vids I found of her:

^ Pause it at 0:59, and voila, the markings are the same as my new horse. And she has the same name.

^ Her cantering. When I first found out that she actually knew a canter existed between the gaits trot and gallop!!

If you read through all of the emails in the next 2 posts, it should explain a lot. We trailered Molly down there today; paying $150 a month for full board and none for training! We're both thinking 2 months of training would be great.

I'm disapointed I can't jump her. She had surgery from her fracture so even a practiced vet couldn't tell she had anything wrong with her knee....but Jenni says her knees wouldn't lock and she fell the first time she tried to jump her. So she'll be my trail and fair show horse instead of my eventer like I had hoped. Oh well.....So that's pretty much my novel

I'll post the emails in the next post(s)
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    05-10-2010, 01:37 AM
The emails we exchanged:

I looked up the name of my new Thoroughbred, Molly's Cat, and found your video of a horse that looks exactly like mine. Her markings are the same--the stripe and connected star, the front left white spotted coronet. Are you the dressage trainer that bought her off the track and later sold her to a girl named Lindsay?? She sold Molly to me a week ago. The horse is out of Tomorrow's Cat, right? 6 years old now. Will be 7 like May 10th. Won one race. Please message me back; I'd love to know more about her history! Here's the urls of some pictures of her:




I'm sorry if it's not really my horse; I just saw this horse who looked identical to my Molly's Cat and I had to ask
Hi I got your message about molly, she sure looks like the same horse, the lady I sold her to was called alicia though not lindsay see if you can take a full body shot of her from both sides
Alicia....that's the name on the proof of purchase papers, the girl who sold her to Lindsay Underwood. Alicia Daugherty? She sold Molly to Lindsay on November 22nd of 2009, according to the proof of purchase papers I was given with her registration papers. Her registration number is 0327564, if you still have a copy of her papers and can check that. I'll send you the pictures I have; she seems to have matured with a darker coat because now she's a very dark bay. I'll send a picture of her front left hoof marking, but I don't have any side views of her other than the under saddle pictures I sent you. I'll try to take some this weekend. I'll send a few other pictures in this email as well.

The reason I'm so interested in Molly's history is because Lindsay told me she was raced, then sold to a dressage trainer who sold her to Lindsay last November. Lindsay rode her before me when I went to look at her, and she only rode her at a walk and trot, claiming she (Lindsay, not the horse) just didn't like cantering. So I got on and walked and trotted her, she worked very well at those gaits with very nice turns. However, when I asked for the canter, she took off like a bullet, galloping around the arena until I slowed her back down to a walk. I didn't get how a horse that had been with a dressage trainer did not know how to canter. She had cantered okay on the lunge line, but not under saddle. I bought her a few weeks go, thinking I could teach her to slow canter. I've made some progress in the one time I've ridden her since she's been at my place. I'd like to know why she doesn't slow canter under saddle, though. It just seems odd that she would have been trained by a dressage trainer that didn't teach her to slow canter.

Hi Sage

Yes now I have seen the pics of her leg markings its definatley the same molly that I purchased as I broodmare off the track, I am a trainer but not so much a dressage trainer, when I sold her to Alicia she was sold as a broodmare only as she had a knee injury when she came off the track and alicia told me she was planning to breed from her! Just so as you know she really cannot be jumped! I will have to go back over her paperwork and see what the injury was but a slab fracture does spring to mind, she was always sound enough to do light work with but would get sore if pushed to hard,

Through the winter molly gets really dark but her coat will bleach in the summer sun, I will have to fins the pictures I have of her here, and as for her canter work when she was with me and we did some retraining she was always great and cantered like a sweet heart, im kind of thinking that something happened to her while she was in Alicias care as she isnt the best of riders to be honest, can you tell me where are you located? If I remember rightly Alicia told me when she had sold molly on that she went to PA. What were your plans with molly?

If you can give me a while I will see what I did with all the pics I have of her here to

Kind regards Jenni
Thanks Jenni,

I wish I'd known about her knee injury because Lindsay said she's never had any medical problems that she knew of and that she loves jumping, so I have been jumping her! She loves going over the jumps, I didn't think anything was wrong as she doesn't favor any of her legs. We both live in NE Ohio. I was planning on using her as my show horse for some lower-level dressage and jumping at the fair (I'm 13 and in 4-H), I was actually thinking of cross country for her until you mentioned her knee injury. She currently has bursitis in her hock from kicking a stall wall at her old owner's house; she claims it should heal very soon so I'm counting on that....What kind of riding did Alicia do that would have messed up her training? Now whenever I ask for a turn by pressure on the inside rein, shifting my weight, and squeezing with my outside leg, Molly thinks it's the cue to go forward and takes off. I'll be interested in seeing some pictures; I'll wait while you try to find some

Thanks again,

By the way, here's a video of me lunging her if you'd like to see her today
Thanks for the video clip!!! Hopefully I have attached a few pics of her out in the field with some of our other broodmares and my old eventer I also have some video somewhere to from when we first started bringing her back into work but they will have to be cut and edited as they will be too long to send, if you ever need any help with her ridden training please feel free to ask, I always thought a lot about molly as she was such a sweet mare, but I really wouldnt use her for jumping as her legs really wouldnt hold up to it for long, where in NE Ohio are you I am down in sugarcreek and if you are looking for a horse to do some eventing on I would have one here you would be more than welcome to ride.

Yep, that's her! She is such a sweetheart. When you itch that one spot on her neck she goes crazy!! Anyway, I'll steer clear of jumping with her. I'm in Medina, so it's about an hour and a half away from you....thank you for the offer to ride your eventer, though. I really wish I could be riding Molly right now, but I broke my collarbone at a track meet on tuesday and am in a sling for 10 weeks....I'm trying to convince my mom to keep Molly in shape while I'm not allowed to ride. Do you have any suggestions on how to teach her to slow canter again? I think I have to use a curb chain on her bridle which I've never done before on an English bridle.

Hey Sage

Sorry to hear about your collar bone though I bust mine while I was still working in racing on more than one ocasion and its not fun!

Molly used to have a fantastic canter before I sold her to Alicia and was so easy to work with, she (Alicia) is no dressage trainer though and as I said before I wouldnt really class her as much of a rider either and when she bought Molly from me she wanted her for breeding not for riding, im really quite annoyed with her right now as she obviously didnt look after and ride her very well and lied to me about the whole sale of Molly but I am so glad to see she has a great home and someone that will take good care of her!!!

As for the training side of things with her I have ridden her in a curb bit (rubber pelham) and she wasnt too bad but as you have probably already found out she is or can be quite sensitive and you would need to be very careful if you have never used one before, if you would be interested you could always send her to me here while you are unable to ride and as I know the horse I would charge you a reduced board and nothing for training and help you out with her as much as possible once your back in the saddle, now I have reduced my breeding herd and only have a few at the farm I have enough time to get back into training people again and enough space to take in one for training, its just an idea but let me know if you would be interested, would also be happy to give you training on some of the other horses I have here to once your fit and well again, anyway I found the disk with the ridden vids of molly so I shorten them down enough to send to you so you can see just what she was like when she was still with me.
Hope to hear from you soon and all the best with your collar bone!!

    05-10-2010, 01:38 AM
Hey Jenni,

I'm been riding her in just an eggbutt; I don't have much experience with Pelham bridles and Lindsay said she's been ridden in the snaffle by Alicia and then by Lindsay, so I've been riding her in just a snaffle. I would definitely be interested in sending her down to you for some re-training, thank you so much for the offer. I'll have to talk it over with my mom and see what she thinks. I'm looking forward to see some videos of her before Alicia messed with her!

I broke my collarbone hurdling at our last track meet of the season....I gotta say, I didn't expect to spend my summer in a sling! How did you break yours?

Hey Sage

I busted both mine quite a few times!! Thankfully not at the same time though!! I used to be a jump jockey when I still lived in England although I rode in more point to point races than I did national hunt (steeplechase you guys call it over here) but oddly it wasnt an accident from doing that why I gave it up, I had a car crash and seriously injured my back and couldnt ride for nearly 2 yrs! Then when I could finally ride again I got back into flat racing instead of jump racing as well as a bit of show jumping and eventing but now I just love to train them and let someone else do the showing side of things I have aa warmblood here though that was given to me by my brother inlaw that I am seriously thinking about taking to a few shows this year, he is a real sweetie and built like a tank!!

As for riding in a pelham its not so bad once you get the hang of using it, the trouble with alicia is she rides with her hands in a very low position and that can have a real negative affect on some horses and with Mol being sensitive I get the feeling she really scared her, the trick with mol I always found was talk to her re-assure her even singing used to help to but I would only go that far if I was on my own as I can't sing to save my life lol, but you would be surprised how much it can soothe them and keep their mind occupied!! I have attached a short vid I found of mol cantering in a wide open field! This was done just as she came back into work after a few months rest from being at the track and as you can see she was a sweetie its not the greatest of videos but at least you can see how level headed she was, and the hill isnt quite as steep as it looks either lol the bit where the hubby was standing is what makes it look worse, that vid was taken in the same place that the youtube vid was also taken, anyway let me know if you want to bring her down your more than welcome or if you would like to come visit us first feel free im always here. I will also get these other vids sorted for you soon as I get a chance. Hopefully will chat soon

Hey Jenni,

I've always been interested in steeplechasing....it looks a lot more dangerous than flat racing with the way they pack that many horses into one race! It must have been really hard not riding for 2 years....I don't know what I'd do!

I actually was talking to her the whole time I was test riding her, and she kept her ears swiveled back listening....it did seem to calm her down quite a bit. I haven't had much English training; I've ridden Western my entire life and bought Molly after riding my mom's boyfriend's polo horses English and loving it! So he (my mom's boyfriend) has been teaching me English on his Thoroughbreds. My Paso Fino gelding is 23 years old, and I needed a horse to take me further in English riding since he rode Western. So after giving Arthur (my Paso) to my younger sister to learn on I bought Molly, and I'm hoping she'll take me to some dressage shows next year. I also have gathered that Alicia probably never rode her outside, or else she had a bad experience on molly while riding outside, because in the indoor arena I went to first look at her in, she freaked out and tried to sidestep every time we passed the door open to the outside. After a few times around the ring I got her to understand that it wasn't about to release a dragon on her and she settled down some. Then again when I rode her in our pasture, she freaked out over a plastic bag, and then at the water trough, then at a tree with leaves blowing in the wind.....very strange.

Thanks for the video, now I can believe she actually once had a very nice canter! I'm going to ask my mom about bringing Molls down to your barn for some re-training when she gets home.

Hey Sage

See I alway rode her outside, when I bought her we didnt have an indoor arena but the place where alicia took her I don't think they had anywhere outside to ride her so I couldnt tell you what she would of been like to ride inside poor mol!! Mind you alicia always would tell me that she was doing great and molly was coming on so so well!! Now I know it was pretty much all lies! I feel so bad in one way I ever sold her to alicia now but at least she has a great home with you!

Your right about steeple chasing is probably more dangerous than flat racing but there are just as many nasty accidents in both to be honest, but its so much fun!! And I love polo to never played but used to ride/work for a lady back in England that played at a pretty high level.

I will say though Molly was always a bit spooky over things tree stumps especially...... also have you encountered any cows with her yet?? If not be careful!!! The first time she met cows which was that same field in the youtube vid OMG I thought she was going to die of a heart attack!! It took me forever and countless hours of lunging her near them to get her to calm down there was no way you could of ridden her near them at the start as she was seriously petrified and would tremble to the point of almost falling down!! But we got her over the worst part or at least to the point you could ride her even when she could still see them, but other than that we didnt have too many probs with her like you mentioned she would spook over silly things!

Anyway here is my cell number if you ever need any help/advice anytime please feel free to call/text, you might get me quicker by text though as I don't have a great signal if I am in the barn! And like I said just let me know if/when you would want to bring her over there will always be a spot for Mol here anytime hope to hear from you soon
Hey Jenni,

I don't have an indoor either; we have a bunch of trails in the woods and back up to 1000 acres of fields that I ride in, so I'm trying to get Molls accustomed to riding outside again. No, we don't live near any cows, but I do have a miniature horse. Lol do you think she'll be okay with the mini?

I asked my mom about bringing Molly down to you, and she said yes! She just wants to know about the cost....will we be having to pay for just feed and bedding, or for her stall as well? I'll have my mom call you

I'm Sage and she's Jenni, btw
    05-10-2010, 01:51 AM
Green Broke
Its a shame you won't be able to jump with her, but its fantastic you got to track down her previous owner and that she was so willing to help you out! Good luck with her
    05-10-2010, 01:55 AM
Thanks =)
I was so surprised I actually found her owner from 3 years ago....she sold her to Alicia who lied about a ton of stuff when she sold her to Lindsay, who sold her to me because she was scared of Molly. Lol.
    05-10-2010, 04:18 AM
Wow. It is such a great opportunity that Jenni offered to train her for you. Sorry to hear you are unable to jump. Good luck with her :)
    05-10-2010, 05:50 AM
Wow, I had a blast reading all of that! It's so awesome that you found her previous owner, before Alicia, and it's SO nice of Jenni to offer to train her! It's a reminder of some of the shadier horse owners out there, but luckily you and Jenni are sorting it out.

Good luck with Molly, she sounds like such a sweet mare.
    05-10-2010, 01:42 PM
Jenni is VERY nice. She even offered to let me ride her eventer, but I had to turn her down because she lives an hour and a half away. =(

I'm mad at that Alicia girl....Jenni hates her guts, and I think she's right on that. She lied to Jenni about Molly doing so well, she lied to Lindsay about her being able to jump....but I'm so glad it's all working out! We're going to have Jenni keep Molly for about 8 weeks; it'll be 7-9 more until I'm out of my sling and able to ride again.

Oh, and get this--she offered to stand our stallion at stud in her stable for no board, just half the stud fees!
    05-10-2010, 01:47 PM
WOW did you ever get lucky! I hope your horse turns into everything you want her to be and you have loads of success :)
    05-10-2010, 03:56 PM
Me too =)

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