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Worst Places You've Been Kicked

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        05-15-2012, 06:59 AM
    I think I have a tie..the first time EVER was getting nailed flat in the front of the knee. Was at a dude ranch (vacation type trail rides etc) with my Girl Scout troop and I was on the fast ride. The horse in front of mine stopped dead for whatever reason and even though I had a good distance I had no where to go due to heavy trees on either side of the trail and couldn't stop my horse in time. The horse that stopped took exception to my horse running into his tail end and let loose with a hard kick that caught me in the knee. Wouldn/t have been as bad but I rode another 4 miles at a canter and hand gallop without saying anything.

    The other time was when I was bringing a horse in from the paddock and the other horse didn't like the fact I was taking her friend away. I knew this mare and had never had any reason to think I couldn/t turn my back on her...she trampled me, literally knocked me down and went over top of me and she wasn/t trying to jump over. Caught me in the knee, arm and right temple...fortunately they were all glancing blows. Maybe what was funny, at least as I look back on it, I lost my glasses and I have vision where if I don/t have my glasses I nearly need a guide dog. I got up, took the leadline off the mare I had been leading and went after the horse that trampled me...of course, I couldn't actually SEE the mare, just this orangey colored big blur (chestnut )...still, I managed to nail her good a few times with the end of the lead line. Then I had to go back and try and locate my glasses :) found them, unbroken and not scratched but it took a good 35 mnutes.
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        05-15-2012, 07:35 AM
    OMG...I've been reading all these and scaring myself to death. I've been so lucky. Both of our horses have their hind feet glued to the ground and I've never been kicked by them, or any other horse. So far, I've got no problems with the rear end. The front??? That's another story. Big and I have had a few CTJ meetings about his biting. It's a thing of the past, now, but I'm still careful. That horse can be a serious grouch!
        05-15-2012, 04:02 PM
    I've only been kicked once by a yearling colt, I was feeding him and his sister grain and walk in between them to put more grain in the bucket and he nailed me in the knee cap and broke it in half, and he didn't even really kick out it was more of push, and I ended up in the panels which made alot of noise, and scared the crap out of him. It was the first and only time he kicked someone.
        05-15-2012, 05:02 PM
    Double barreled in my chest at full extension. Was trying to get a mare into the pasture but broke away from me before I could get her through the gate. And when she took off she kicked out and I got the full brunt of both hooves across my chest.

    But that hasn't been my worste horse accident.

    Nothing is as scary or hurts as bad as being slammed, bulldozed, and trampled over by a 2 year old colt running towards you at a full gallop. I tried to jump out of the way in time but wasn't fast enough.
        05-26-2012, 09:26 AM
    This was my last kick, nice conversation piece! Lol
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        05-26-2012, 09:45 AM
    I was kicked in the ribs... two years running! :( First time I was dosing a 9 month old with vitamins, something that we did every day... anyway he was well handled, used to farrier, leading, ect but I was stupid enough to stick my hand on his arse. He up and double barreled me in the ribs. Ambulance and A&E later they said that I hadn't broken anything but I was in agony. The next year I was bringin in a mare and foal, the foal refused to walk through the gate so I thought I'd be clever and use Momma to give him a push - the lil monster kicked under Momma's head and landed me in the exact same spot. To this day, one of my ribs is protruding, and I can't lay on my left side for a prolonged period of time. WHen I was pregnant with the kids... god I was in agony the entire time :(

    I was kicked in the head by a 3yo I was breaking, not quite sure HOW she managed it, I was reaching to get the leg straps and next thing I felt a thump and my face was on fire and I had a bleeding nose. Don't know WHY my nose was bleeding as she got me on my forehead and I was bleeding there as well.
        05-26-2012, 10:45 AM
    I hadnt had time to work my 2 yr old lately and we put our horses in our neighbors 60 with his lone mare. I had seen the signs, had been taking steps to keep myself safe during feeding but when I went out to cath them for fly spray I brain farted! Mystic, the 2 yr old, came up looking for feed. I didnt have any. She went in to nip at me, I swatted her on the chest and blocked at the same time, she spun I tried to dodge, she nailed me in the gut and rib cage. It was a half hearted kick thank heavens or I would have been in the hospital. I stayed on my feet, chunked the flyspray bottle and hit her squarely in the jaw! Then exicted the pasture and was on my hands and knees in my neighbors yars trying not to puke! 10 min later I had a handful of feed and she got respect lessons on approaching me with respect and leaving with respect. No treats for her! And I have put her back into work and will be putting her under saddle soon.

    That was last week....
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