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She probably will get more exercise on her own when she gets in the bigger pasture you plan to move her to.

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Hope your test come out with some answers, and some cures for you.
Kenzie looks like a horse ! great job, she will start filling out and muscling up some more now . She has a butt finally ! Her poll is probably due to the shape of her neck.
Did I read you are moving her to a family members? or did I misread something? Is your mini going with her ?
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Yeah i am trying to move her but Not to a family members. Im even having Some trouble with that too! Once She is there though She will have a nice pasture with 2 horses. Sour isnt going with her though. I Dont want her in a pasture with three full sized horses and grass to worry About.
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ugh, sorry about the horrid punctuation xD I hate my phone and its autocorrect sometimes.

Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
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I don't see any ribs today!
ofcourse that could change at any moment and if she bends or stretches out you can see them a bit, but YAY!

....excuse that weirdish patch on her leg. Its sand. I had just rinsed her legs down in the picture and apparently she decided not to stay clean.

different halter today, I forgot my halter so I borrowed a farm halter. Its a bit big.

Someone is alert...and rather hot today. Must be feeling good ;)

Don't worry about all of the junk and horrid fencing in this pen...its actually the picnic area but I've been standing in there to feed her the past week or so because its shady and the panel feeding pen has been relocated to hold some calves xD

someone is actually looking rather cute and not-so-scraggly today!

no ribs here either! See the bump where her shoulder injury is though? Unfortunately the vet is possibly going to have to re-open that to cut away the extra flap that healed all bumpy there. Should be small, but right now it isn't smoothing itself down at all and I'm afraid it might impede her movement or something.

Excuse my horrifically exhausted look. I have a hard time getting over anesthesia and I honestly feel like total crud still xD having two tubes shoved down your throat and biopsies in your esophagus kind of hurts xD I didn't even make it out to the farm Thursday or Friday. My mom came and fed Kenzie.

unfortunately though I have a HELLLLLP GUYS question for you guys though. A certain little yearling has decided that she's feeling so good that she can be picky about what she eats, and she has thus started going on strike about being fed beet pulp. She'll eat her grain (she's only getting 2 lbs now) with gusto (as you can see by the breakfast on her lips in the photo) and she'll usually eat the alfalfa pellets, but she is absolutely refusing to eat more than a few bites of beet pulp. If its on top, she'll very deliberately use her muzzle to shove it out of the bucket and bury it in the dirt with her hooves, if its on the bottom, she'll just leave it in the bucket. If I mix them, she won't eat any of the feed unless it hasn't gotten mixed well; and then she'll pick through it and leave half! URGGHHH KENZIE.

So she's probably only eating a few cups of BP at most per feeding and wasting like half of her food. I'm sorry, but neither she nor I can afford for her to be doing this. She's just now looking good, and I'm literally scraping pennies to feed her as well as I am. And here she is dumping it on the ground! Any ideas? Should I just take the BP out? If so, what do I replace it with? She has to have something with fat and extra calories in it, because otherwise she drops weight. Is there a way to make the BP more palatable?

Here is how much she's leaving. I absolutely can't get her to eat it. At first I thought she was sick, but she's been doing this for the last week or so. No temperature, acting as happy go lucky as ever, very friendly, still happy to eat the grain...but not the beet pulp. She wont eat pellets either.

Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.
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I don't know how to get her to eat the beet pulp. But I will comment on the bump on her shoulder. I used to work with a horse who had something extremely similar on his shoulder. It might have even been cause by the same this Kenzie did to herself. I'll see if I can find any pictures of him with his bump. It never affected his movement and eventually the vet lanced it off for cosmetic reasons.

Ok. I wasn't able to find a picture of him before he had it lanced off. Either that, or I can't see it underneath his winter coat. So I'll just circle on him in a picture where it was located. I'm sorry he's ribby and needed his feet done in this picture. He was a really hard keeper and took his own sweet time with putting weight on. Sorry to highjack your thread.

She should look just like new after the vet gets done with the bump.

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She's at a much better weight and about to go somewhere where, IIRC, she'll have free-choice grass or hay. Go ahead and reduce the beet pulp or cut it out entirely. Maybe if you halve the amount and then mix she'll be more inclined to eat what there is? If a horse won't eat what you want them to, it is exhausting to try to fight them on it, so why bother when it's not life or death? Maybe just feed little bits until it's gone and then try rice bran instead (maybe someone you know has a sample so you can see if she likes it first though).

Alternatively, and some people might light me up for this, try mixing in a little molasses to the beet pulp. Not a lot, but just enough to make it more appetizing for her. I wouldn't do it if she was a fat Cushinoid or Insulin Resistant horse, but for most youngsters and healthy horses, a little molasses in moderation isn't going to hurt anything.
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Also, other ideas: raspberry leaf "tea" ["Mare Magic"+boiling water...I just get generic raspberry leaves because it's the same but SO much cheaper!!] - Lacey can't resist it when I add that to things she hates...like probiotics! haha Or Apple Cider Vinegar - I add about 1/4C and Lacey eats it right up.

Rice Bran might be a good thing to try too. Lacey will do anyyyyything for a bit of rice bran. Apparently it's the tastiest ever.

ETA: have you tried soaking the BP less? Lacey is not a fan of "mush", unless it's hot mush, but will happily eat half-soaked pellets. I pretty much soak until the very center of the pellet is still somewhat solid but the outside is soft.

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No help on the feeding front, but I loved seeing the pics with her injured ear standing almost straight up !! :)
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Tempest it probably is just cosmetic, but at this point she needs all the cosmetic help she can get. LOL. Glad to hear that your gelding was able to have his taken off with no trace of it ever being there; that's what I'm hoping for!

On another note, have you guys noticed that all of her bumps, scabs, scratches, and punctures have usually been on her left side? Makes me wonder if she has any eye trouble in that left eye that makes her depth perception weird...or if her depth perception is just off in general. I've never seen a filly that thought it could fit through spaces as small as she thinks she can. I've just attributed it to being because she was so skinny/tiny before and she doesn't realize she's any bigger now, but maybe it actually is an issue with her. I have NO idea how you check a horse's DP though. "Kenzie, please tell me approximately how far away you believe that this bucket it from your body in inches...." LOL. She also appears to think that jumping through small spaces is a good idea too. No wonder she's always banging herself up ._. Yesterday I made the mistake of leaving her in that pen untied and eating while I went to grab her bottle of probios. The gate was open about a foot and a half but I didn't think that would be a problem since she was busy eating. I guess she decided she needed to come help me instead of eat breakfast though, because about 30 seconds later one of my friends on the porch yells over to me "Uhh....Allyson, is Kenzie supposed to be out?" I look back, and she's like a foot behind me, following quietly like she was still attached to me by a lead rope O_O According to them she had decided to run/squeeze/jump through the gate opening that should NOT have been wide enough for her, cantered up behind me without me noticing (Geez....good thing she wasn't an armed robber!) and started following like "yep, we're going to go get some stuff right now, nothin' to see here..."

Moral of the story, don't underestimate Kenzie, and don't leave her thinking she'll be too absorbed by her food to get herself into trouble. She is seriously the most ADD horse ever when it comes to eating.

ANYWAYS, back on topic xD I guess I will just have to nix the BP. I've already tried soaking it less (she'll eat a tiny more but not enough to make a difference), putting applesauce in it, mixing it in really well, putting her DuMor (which she loves) on it...but she knows what I'm trying to do I think! lol. I still have a bag and a half of it so I guess I'll just put a few cups in her feed at a time in order to get rid of it since no one else at the farm feeds BP, then I'll move on to something else. I can't say I will mind not having to soak it every day, twice a day!

I might just try the rice bran, though its a more expensive option. She'd eat less of it though so I doubt it will be too big of a difference. How much do you think I should give her? Her pasture mate, who is a whopping 1300 lbs when at ideal weight, eats a pound...so maybe half a pound? Another option (which I'd never heard of before) is Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. Family P suggested it to me because they feed it to their hard keeping gelding, and they said it helps a lot with weight and coat health. Have you guys ever heard of that? They said it was at TSC but the only one I saw was labled "black oil sunflower BIRD FOOD"...eeesh. Scott Pet Black Oil Sunflower Bird Feed, 6 lb. - Tractor Supply Online Store How do I know if its just pure seeds or not, versus having some weird chemical or something in it?

Egrogan- isn't it fantastic? I can't believe how well it bounced back. Its definitely a little quirky looking, but it kind of fits her personality xD

Weird, but I kind of wonder what it looks like when she's 'pinning' her ears. Not that I'm going to try making her mad to find out. I have actually never seen her pin her ears that I know of, which is crazy! Sour pins her ears at me if I even make a funny face at her, but I can shove a thermometer up Kenzie's butt, scare her (accidentally), push her away, wash her, deny her food....and she has never pinned her ears. The most she does is do this weird floppy dejected look and flap her lips at me, which is a little odd in itself. I don't think she even knows how to be mean or intimidating xD
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Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.

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