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Worth Fighting For ..: The HAPPY thread ;)

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        10-25-2013, 05:42 PM
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        10-25-2013, 07:21 PM
    That sounds like a great opportunity for Sour! Fingers and toes crossed for you :)
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        10-27-2013, 06:10 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    It has been raining ALL day today so we had to reschedule meeting the lady and her trainer. Its a swamp outside right now and conditions are not good enough for her to want to drive the hour and a half here in the rain. Both of our schedules are so crazy that it looks like it might be next weekend before they come now, the day after Kenzie gets floated. Hopefully she isn't too ouchy the next day and doesn't act grumpy. The academy people are still coming to see Sour tomorrow though as long as it isn't still raining.

    The rest of this post is just me being ultra-moody and grumpy.

    I hate the idea of giving up my girls. I hate the idea of losing my only access to horses. I hate how fast this is all moving. I've been in a terrible mood for the past few days and I feel bad about it...I know its annoying my family. I'm trying to just keep to/brood to myself so I don't end up being grouchy with them, and I keep telling myself this is in the horse's best interest, but it doesn't make things any easier. I almost hope the lady wanting to buy Kenzie DOESN'T want her but then I'm angry at myself for even thinking that. She seems very kind and like she knows what she is doing, so why would I wish that? A life of beach riding, trails, and daily belly and ear scratches is perfect for Kenzie. It is SO selfish of me to not want her to go somewhere like that.

    But I'm going to miss her. I know I've worked with her a lot less time than with Sour...and I feel bad about that too. I'll miss Sour, but not to the extent of missing Kenzie. I love Sour, don't get me wrong. Its been an amazing journey with her and she's the one who taught me a lot of what I know. But she just isn't the 'lets be friends, I trust you completely' type that Kenzie is.

    Kenzie though...ugh. I wish so much that I had bought and rehomed her a while back, or that the original HF home had worked out with Kenzie's old BO...because then I wouldn't be so attached to her. I know in my mind that Kenzie will not know the difference when she moves on, and that she'll love her new home even more than she loves it with me because she'll have pasture and someone to dote on her, but I will know the difference. She has become such a huge part of my life. The idea of not seeing her every day, even just to feed her hurts. And it hurts even more to know that with her and Sour I'm losing all of my horse world. Not for good...someday I will own again. But for a while. That hurts a lot too. Horses saved me in more ways that you guys could ever imagine. I know that sappy, but its true. I felt like an oddball, like no one accepted me, until I discovered them. I guess I'm scared I'll loose part of me with them.
        10-27-2013, 07:18 PM
    You've accomplished so much I feel so..... inadequate to be giving you advice. But, if its not to....idk....here goes

    I had similar feelings when I had to give up my jumper pony when I was 17. He was my world, and so was riding, but a hurricane had just wiped out one of my parents companies, and things were rough. He went to a couple young girls id known for years, shown with and liked a lot, they're horse had just died from a bad colic, and smugly was perfect for them. But I felt lost. And then I got lost.
    I got into all sorts of bad things. With all the wrong people.

    I still trained here and there. Oh my horse needs breaking, oh my pony bucks....can you ride my mare while im on vacation....

    But I didnt bond with any of them and I just sort of..floated.

    A boyfriend of mine came up to me one day with print outs of three horses ads. And he said we're going to look. So I went. And ended up with annie.

    That part of you that feels like its going to whither and die never really does, it never goes away, or stops being you. If your smart (which everybody on this forum knows you are Super duper intelligent, wise beyond your years) you never let it hide either. That's what I did. I regret it, even though I learned from it.

    Losing your girls will hurt, but I believe, with as strong as you've shown us you are, that you can find a way to stay around horses. Leasing, or trading barn work, or volunteering like you did, anything.... I think you'll find a way. Even with college and school, and finding a new job, I think you can do it.

    You've done amazing things with both your girls, and provided them with all the tools they'll need to move on, pat yourself on the back for that. Hell, throw yourself a party. You deserve it.
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        10-27-2013, 10:58 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Thank you, AnalisaParalyzer...you are absolutely not inadequate to give me advice, please don't think that. I'm just an insane kid taking on the world...sometimes well, sometimes not so well. Haha.

    I guess I AM just an emotional wreck (I might be 'mature' for my age but apparently I still have the whole "happy one minute, eeyore the donkey the next" days) because I almost cried when I read your post. It must have been so terrible for you to have to let go of your boy...but I am so very glad that you met Annie who seems to be the perfect match for you. It gives me hope.

    Your post was very encouraging to me. Thank you.
        10-28-2013, 06:12 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Sour's "interview" seemed to go really well! Its really wet outside but we made it work. She let them catch her, lunged w-t-c in both directions flawlessly for them (thank goodness! Sometimes she's a little sticky on her right lead at the canter), tacked up and hitched to the cart without moving a muscle, and drove quietly. They only did walk and a tiny bit of trot since its so darned muddy, but they seemed quite impressed with her. They want to see her one more time on a drier day when they can see her in action a little better under cart, and they're going to bring one of their school minis out to ground drive double with her (I'd been training her to hitch tandem but we moved barns and her old driving buddy is still at the other barn) and if she does well, they'll take her. We're thinking a 6 month lease at first, and if she likes working with them (its a bit redundant and I wasn't sure how she would do with doing the same thing almost all the time) and takes to the low level show atmosphere for the more advanced students, they'll buy her as a full-time member of their crew.
        10-28-2013, 06:20 PM
    Green Broke
    What a wonderful positive, Endiku! They do sound like good owners that would make Sour very happy and well cared for :)
        10-28-2013, 06:53 PM
    Glad she did well. Not sure if I missed this, but would they not consider something like a long-term lease so you can retain ownership, or do they only want her if they can eventually buy her outright?
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        10-28-2013, 09:53 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    They didn't seem particularly fond of the idea because they'd be putting more hours (and show time) into her that would boost her value a lot, but maybe we can strike some sort of deal since they really seem to like her.
        10-29-2013, 08:16 AM
    I can understand that perspective. I'm just rooting for you here and want a solution where you can take her back when you're ready ;)

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