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Would this upset you? Or would you just ignore it?

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        05-26-2008, 07:15 PM
    Originally Posted by horsestar8100
    Lock up your stuff or take it with you. I'd be really POD is someone moved their horse into the feild mine was in and the horse ended up getting hurt. I don't mind when people borrow my things as long as they ask, however if they didn't ask , we'll see how long that lasted. The BO sounds waaayyyyy to laid back. She needs to take the reins and inforce the rules, if not, someone will probably get hurt, or another horse, and it'll be on her head. Because she is the BO and she is supposed to control what goes on. Talk to her and tell her what is going on. She should 'fine' those little brats! For every hour they are there before she 'opens' or after she 'closes', I'm talkin more than $40 an hour. If they want to be there so bad, they can pay for it. Does she lock up the property? If not, she should. Including locking the pasture gates so they can't get their horses (I'm assuming they either board or lease). That is what I would do. I may be nice, but there are reason why there are rules, and they need to be followed. If not society would be worse off than it is......... She needs to inforce (not be mean or anything), but needs to know what goes on. And if she can't than she should have several pairs of eyes to look for rule breakers and report to her. It's helpful when the BO can rely on and trust people to keep their eyes and ears out. Also another thing, does she have a pasture sheet? Who can be turned out with who? This might also clear up confusion, and have the 4 brats sign off on it. Because if they put a horse in with a horse that doesn't get along with that horse, and that said horse is hurt, it'll be on their heads, no one elses.
    well the BO has tried to enforce the rules...but the BO teaches piano lessons during the week and isn't there from 10 am - 9 pm...and usually isn't out to feed the horses until 9:30 am so she doesn't know how long the kids there there.

    No she doesn't lock the gates...her husband is paranoid about everything and he even yells at me for putting a chain (not locked) around Sonny's pasture door...he says that if there was an emergency there the horses have to be let out immediately (for a fire I guess) it would take too much time. So I doubt the BO will lock the gates...also she wouldn't be there to lock the gates.

    No, the 4 girls aren't boarding or leasing....the BO says the kids can come up as long as they pay $25 per each 4 hours. Which I'm okay with..they know not to ride Sonny and they know that if I ever caught one of them riding Sonny without my permission there would be heck to pay. Also I don't think Sonny would allow them to catch him in the field hehe

    No she doesn't have a pasture sheet because she is the one that is controlling who goes in with who...but evidently the girls also think they are "in charge" of that.

    I'm fine with Sonny being alone..but would perfer him to be with another horse
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