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Green Broke
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Your first...

I'm sure there is something like this kicking around here a few times over. But I want to do a new thread for it.

Who was the first horse you ever sat on?
First lesson horse?
First horse you did a show with?
First horse you took off property?
First horse you leased?
First horse you owned?
First strong horse memory you have?
First Instructor/Coach?(don't have to give last names)
The first show you ever went to?
First clinic?

Share your first memories. I think this could be a great trip down memory lane
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I'll chime in on this one

1. First lesson horse-her name was Angel Can't for the life of me remember what breed she was, but she was a comfy one.
2. First horse at a show. Well I did an over night camp when I was a kid. At the end of the week we had a show, the horse's name was TJ. First real show was FairPlay
3. First horse took off property-Not 100% sure anymore. It was either Jack or FairPlay
4. First horse leased-Jack (QH)
5. First horse owned-FairPlay (OTTB) not sure what the parents were thinking on that one, but it worked out in the end.
6. First memory-I was maybe 4 or 5 and my parents took the family to a park that had guided trail rides. I already loved horses at this point and begged them to let me go. I was on cloud 9
7. First Instructor - Karen
8. First show - I'll go with the real show. It was my first and last hunter show. My trainer just wanted me to so something low key for my first time out (I was doing jumpers at that point in my life)
9. I can no longer remember the name of my first clinician

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Backbreaker (Bull Horn)
Lazer and Gadget
Gent (Painted Dynamite)
Never leased
Gent (Painted Dynamite)
Being kicked in the head by Vail
Hidden Lakes (unrated) jumper show
Never been to a clinic because I find them pointless

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Who was the first horse you ever sat on? a big brown QH name Paul

First lesson horse? That same QH Paul

First horse you did a show with? Pedro... he was a stubborn pony but he took care of me

First horse you took off property? Barney... this was the first horse that i took to shows other than the local stable shows

First horse you leased? Barney... he was a royal Pain in the BUTT... you had to do some serious persuasion for him to jump anything yellow but he taught me a lot

First horse you owned? All My Bicks aka Bucky. He was an 18 year old 15.2 hand buckskin gelding, ex polo pony. He got his name because i paid for him out of my pocket and had $5 left after i paid for him.

First strong horse memory you have? the day that i swapped from Western riding to English. I had just finished my lesson on Paul and was cooling him out in the arena when this guy led in the most beautiful white Arabian stallion, all decked out in his English gear, that was boarded at the barn. my jaw about dropped, the owner asked me if i would like to get on and warm him up a bit, of course i jumped at the chance. That was the day that i told my mom i wanted to ride in this saddle from now on, i was 5 years old!!

First Instructor/Coach?(don't have to give last names) the one that i remember was Karen - she taught me on Barney

The first show you ever went to? local show at the Wood Bridge Stables Farm in Florida

First clinic? don't remember to be honest
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Who was the first horse you ever sat on? Nellie, my grandmother's hot hot HOT barrel racer/team penner. Age about...6 months?
First lesson horse? Pippi, when I started taking english lessons around age ten ish?
First horse you did a show with? Sugar, bay arab/tb/appaloosa that did slow and steady barrels for me in one class, and ran her heart out for a leaser a few classes later.
First horse you took off property? Freckles, grey arab gelding.
First horse you leased? Never leased.
First horse you owned? Magic, shetland pony. Nanny bought her when I was six, daddy bought her for me for my 9th birthday. Still have her, it's been 17 years almost.
First strong horse memory you have? A scary one, Magic is 3/4 and I'm 6/7. First few rides after Nanny moved to a new property, had a stud colt at the time. Riding down and around the loop in the driveway, Magic decides she wants to be with the stud(she's in heat, apparently). Pony takes off like a shot, jumps a ditch and comes to a stop by the colt. I don't remember his name, may have been Rocky? Nanny said I didn't ride for a few weeks after that.
First Instructor/Coach?(don't have to give last names) My grandmother, then a woman named Nancy when I rode english.
The first show you ever went to? Barrel Show, age six.
First clinic? Never done a clinic.
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Green Broke
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First horse I sat on was a big ol chestnut named Trebeca, it was in Vermont. Around the same time was this old as dirt blind pony named Bitsy.

First lesson horse was named Doc, don't remember much about him, I think he was a QH cross or something like that.

First show was a pony named Willie

First off property was a pinto pony named Patch

First lease would have been a paint named Blue who I did english and western with

First owned was a ornery morgan pony who was boarderline obese named Suzy

First real strong memory that will forever stick in my mind was when I went trail riding with my friend Twinkie(her nick name, don't ask lol). It was March and cold as all can be and we had to pass through a stream that was fairly deep and the ice was just breaking up. The current ripped my horses splint boots off and I jumped in the water and went swimming after them. Needless to say I was one sick kid a few days later lol. When I got out of the water my clothes, hair, everything had started to freeze instantly. Went to the barn, got changed and took off out on the trails again lol.

First Instructor was a woman named Pam, first coach was Ally and I still ride with her to this day(almost 20 years later). I have moved away but when I came home to visit I would take lessons with her. She also got me a job at a huge facility while I was away and it was a great experience.

First show was South Stream and I fell off my pony in the bareback class, someone had cut us off and he bucked and I went flying over his head. This woman came running out of nowhere screaming that she was a doctor. She ripped my jacket and blouse open right in the middle of the show ring exposing my breasts to the world Had me hauled away in an ambulance, got to the hospital, said nothing was wrong(which we all knew lol) and I went back to the show and finished my classes lol.

First clinic I think was Jen Hamilton when I was showing pony hunters.

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Who was the first horse you ever sat on? I was a few months old, my mom was leasing a horse named Speeder.

First lesson horse? Daisy, a one eyed wonder POA! Loved her!

First horse you did a show with? "Steel Town Ruffian" AKA Ruffy, one grumpy mare!

First horse you took off property? This old old Welsh mare named Jesse, I charished her. Her owner had her for 30 + years, I took special care of Jesse, all the other kids at the barn didn't care for her. But I would spend every weekend out there walking her around, hand grazing her, brushing her. I was so happy when her owner said I could take her of the property up the trail for a little ride!

First horse you leased? Daisy again.

First horse you owned? Turly, and he is still mine!

First strong horse memory you have? My brother & I were having a riding lesson (I was about 7, he was 5). There was a storm coming in and lightening hit right next to the riding ring, I was riding Daisy she bolted around the ring but I never fell. My brother was riding a paint pony, Jigs, who through him into a fence... I was so frightened after that I didn't ride for 8 months. My brother continued riding and showing, I would still go to the barn every day and help kids tack up, watch everyone ride, take care of Jesse.... Then one day I decided I was going to get on again!! So I tacked up Jigs, walked her down to the ring (I still remember how happy I was to be back up there), walked, trotted, cantered and jumped! I don't know what I was so scared of but ever since that I've been none stop riding, I fall off, so what? Get back on!

First Instructor/Coach?(don't have to give last names) Cheryl Keith, she taught me so much! So grateful to have had her as my first coach.

The first show you ever went to? My first show was held at the stable I was riding at, but the first show we went off the property for was QMS

First clinic? Libby Naylor, fantastic dressage coach!

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Who was the first horse you ever sat on? - My Dad's old Arab mare, Sonja. I think I was around 3 years old if I remember the picture right.

First lesson horse? Didn't have a lesson horse. Well in that I mean I didn't have lessons on a horse that wasn't mine or my Dad's.

First horse you did a show with? My welsh pony named Amigo.

First horse you took off property? Uhm gosh, it was either Amigo or my Dad's other Arab gelding, Shah.

First horse you leased? Never leased a horse.

First horse you owned? My very first that didn't already belong to Dad or bought "for" me and I picked out by myself was my QH mare, Ky. I was 12 years old and looked silly on my pony, Dad's other horses were all facing old age by this time. I saved ALL my money from birthdays, Christmas and money I got from doing extra chores. She had just turned 4 years old, was bay with a star and 2 white socks and new exactly, nothing. Dad, of course, asked me if I was sure and supervised it all, etc. She ended up being my push button show horse. Darn if that wasn't a LOT of work, phew!

First strong horse memory you have? Errrr that would be the shetland pony we had for a brief moment in time. His name was Bill and he decided to run me right down the side of the barn and scrape me off his back. I want to say I was around 5 years old at the time. Maybe 6. I can remember my Dad being REAL mad because anything that was that short and close to the ground was useless to him LOL. I cried when he left despite the fact he dumped me on a continual basis. What a pleasant surprise my Welsh pony was LOL.

First Instructor/Coach?(don't have to give last names). Uhm gosh, I think his name was Glen. He raised Arabs and use to yell a LOT.

The first show you ever went to? Was a local 4-H show, think I was 8 years old.

First clinic? Errrrr no idea. Not really sure I've been to anything you'd classify as a "clinic".

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Who was the first horse you ever sat on?
The first photo documeneted evidence is on Pete the Pony ~ I was about 1 1/2 years old. Although I know my mom rode around with me on her trusty old horse, Sham.

First lesson horse?
Well I didn't take an official lesson until I was 25, which was just last year! I can't even remember the name of the horse, as I only went about 4 times. But they were reining lessons.

First horse you did a show with?
That would be my trusty Appaloosa gelding, Cheyenne. I was 4 years old.

First horse you took off property?
Same would be Cheyenne.

First horse you leased?
I have only leased one horse named Teeka and it was a "free" lease. I leased her for a couple months while I was in grad school (to get my horse fix!) and I did some training on her for her owner in exchange for getting to ride her.

First horse you owned?
Well I have had horses all throughout the years, but the first one where her papers were actually in my name and I bought her with my own money would have been RMK Cherokee (AKA Cherry). I think I was 19 years old. I bought her as a 2-yr-old with the intention to train her and sell her. I eventually sold her at the end of her 3-yr-old year to a very nice lady, just getting back into horses again. Cherry was one of those bright younsters you'd let anyone ride from the start. She was just a sweetheart. I've seen a full sister of hers for sale and if I had the space for another horse, she would already be on my property.

First strong horse memory you have?
Hmmmm. I very distinctly remember being about 4 or 5 years old, riding my pony Cheyenne. We had just walked through some water while out in the pasture checking cattle wiht my mom and brother, and Cheyenne decided to shake. I fell off and rolled under him!! But he didn't move a step. I got back on and we continued on with checking the cows.

First Instructor/Coach?(don't have to give last names)
Couldn't give you her name if I tried! (Horrible at remembering names). If I Needed to, I could sleuth down the ranch name in Arizona.

The first show you ever went to?
Our local horse show, about 10 minutes away from my parents farm. I was 4 years old. I did halter, western pleasure, and gaming events. I do recall I go rather tired and my dad took him home in the afternoon so I could take a nap!

First clinic?
I must have been about 20 years old. I took my horse Ravishing Beau (AKA Beau) to a barrel racing clinic by Lynn McKenzie.

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Who was the first horse you ever sat on?

Friends of the family had a dude ranch so they stuck me on one of the horses who didn't feel like cooperating. Halfway down the trail it wheeled and trotted the whole way to the barn. I was probably 4 or 5.

First lesson horse?

Never had a formal lesson.

First horse you did a show with?

Sunspot, local kids rodeos were every few months and he was a blast to barrel race. Bravest horse alive.

First horse you took off property?

Romeo, also my first owned horse. 16.1 thoroughbred, and I had friends that lived a few miles down the road, so I rode him there and back. Ah, country living as a kid.

First horse you leased?

Never leased.

First horse you owned? Romeo.

First strong horse memory you have? I guess it would be the same as my first answer.

First Instructor/Coach?

Never had a coach or been to a clinic, and my first show was those junior rodeos.
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