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lmao reading these brings back painful memories literally lol

First Fall: I have 9 yr old OTTB, we are just walking around slowly per usual and then.... THE TRACTOR BECOMES SCARY BECAUSE THERE IS A RAKE ATTACHED SCRAPING THE GROUND... And my boy catches me off guard and trots nervously around a corner and side jumps and I just remember looking at him in mid-air looking back at me like in slow motion lol, landed right on my neck/shoulder and my helmet bounced off the ground making my neck twist awkwardly, I remember getting up and going to back to the mounting block with my knees trembling lol.

Worst Fall: July 4th 2013 during a lesson during the evening (bright idea) and we were cantering around the arena and it was my first time in an english saddle and my trainer is like faster faster and then BOOM! *huge firework M80 went off* he busted into full gallop and turned yet another corner so sharp I flew right off the back of him straight onto my back and hip, it knocked the wind out of me.
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First fall: I was doing my first ever pole bending run. I was on a mare that was in heat, and my instructor told me to trot through it. Well she had other ideas, she went into a lope and threw in a tiny buck. Which completely threw my over her head.

Worst fall: I was riding a horse who was a little fresh right after a long break. I was the one who was supposed to bring him back into work. He had not loped in probably three months, and the main focus of that lesson was to practice drills. They were mostly at a lope. He had been bucking consistently whenever we loped, but I had been sitting them all out. We were turning beside the wall when he did one massive buck, I was thrown off the back of him, smashed headfirst into the wall, and I was out for 30 minutes. I now have a lisp, and my leg will sometimes drag behind me and I also sometimes will get extreme fatigue. The doctor thinks it is neurological damage.
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First fall: I was a three year old being led around on the back of my mother's gelding in the backyard. Friend walked up behind him with a lunge whip, he spooked and I landed in a pile of railroad ties. I bounced well and wasn't hurt, but it's definitely not a situation I would ever put my nieces in when teaching them to ride.

Worst fall: sorting cattle on my MFT in my endurance saddle. We were chasing down a steer to the rest of the group, then he decided to go a different way after a different cow, while I kept flying after the one we were originally chasing. Over my horse's shoulder and straight through the herd, sliding through cow pies the whole way. I landed with the ranch's corgi licking my face, covered in cow crap and had my knee cap slip out of place and then slingshot back into position. Ended up having to strip down and ride home in the truck wearing just my chonies and my BFF's boyfriend's wife beater, with my leg on the dash, icing it. Weeks in a leg brace and whiplash. My soon-to-be husband (#1, the starter marriage, LOL) was there and videoed me chasing the steer, and then all you see is my horse running back into frame, riderless. Classic.
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First fall: I was riding a 14.2 hand school pony named Cowgirl Annie, she was a typical mare with a testy attitude. We were jumping our first "real" course together, I was 10 years old and I was so excited to finally start jumping the "big" jumps. We made it over the first vertical. I was prepping for the second when she stopped short right in front of the jump. I stayed on until she decided she WOULD jump the vertical from a standstill! I landed ON the vertical, Annie trotted a few steps, turned around, and walked back like "Oh… whoops!" haha.

Worst Fall: I was riding my 11 year old OTTB, Sonnet who loves to please, he's always trying to figure out what you want from him! My friend Madison were goofing off on the track after I had been on for a while. We were just casually trotting around the track, doing some cantering… until Sonnet recognized that we were on a track and started galloping. It was okay until he DIDNT GO AROUND THE BEND OF THE TRACK AND DECIDED HE WAS GOING TO RUN BACK TO THE BARN! I tried to do an emergency dismount so I wouldn't get decapitated by galloping through the barn, but he was galloping so fast that I stuck to the saddle like I was glued on! (I'm probably way too small for him). Eventually I slipped on to the ground where I slid 6 feet on the asphalt (walkway to the barn). Thank goodness I didn't break anything, but I DID end up with really nasty gaping holes and road rash all over my chest (i was wearing a tank top…. and it dragged down when i slid), my arms, my neck, and my legs. When Sonnet realized I wasn't on his back about 30 seconds later (when he ran in to a pasture fence.. what a rufus!) he trotted right back to me with the saddest look on his face. He didn't want to let me down!! haha!
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First Fall: Got scraped off my pony when he went through a gate that was only wide enough for him. I landed on my feet so I didn't really "fall" but I did come off!

Worst Fall: Had a horse rear and flip over on me. Luckily I was bareback and so there was no saddle to get hung up in. By some miracle, neither of us were seriously hurt. The horse never did it again and actually turned out to be a really awesome mount.
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My first fall was off a 14.3hh chestnut paint mare named Tonka that I used to ride for my grandma's neighbor. She was a former barrel horse, but was turning into a fat, lazy pasture puff, so Mrs Cooper asked me to exercise her. We'd just dink around her field or Mrs Cooper's 20 acres (didn't know the dangers of riding with loose horses back then, as she had three Belgian geldings and a QH gelding). Anyway, we were in the pasture and she was being lazy, as usual, and kept trying to go back to the gate. I had a bat with me (like a more solid crop with a clapper at one end) and about the third time she went back to the gate on her own, I walloped her one on the butt. She was used to me just tapping her rather timidly, so I think that whack startled her and she bucked (either that or she was just throwing a temper tantrum lol). I did a complete flip over her head and landed on my backside right in front of her with the reins still in my hand. I was dazed, she was startled, and we both just sat there for a sec before she yanked the reins out of my hand and trotted away.

My worst fall was in July of 2011. I was being nice to a new boarder who had asked my friend and I to help her with her new (rescue) mare. My friend wasn't comfortable getting on horses she didn't know, so I volunteered to hop up on her to see what she could do. The girl said that the mare was broke and had tons of rides on her, but hadn't been ridden in a while. So, we saddled her up and took her in the round pen. I put my foot in the stirrup and swung up on her, but couldn't catch my right stirrup (weird synthetic saddle), so I reached down to grab it. The mare threw a little buck that threw me up against the saddle horn, but I stayed on, so I figured all was good. Sat back down, reached back down to get my stirrup again and all I remember seeing was the mare's head whip to the right and her right eye staring at me all wild. Then she rodeo bucked so hard that her butt went straight up in the air. I came off over her right shoulder, my left foot tangled in the stirrup, and I blacked out when I hit the ground. Luckily my friend was in the round pen with us. She said that the mare went up so far that she over-balanced and came down on her side, rolled over the saddle, then got up and came after me on the ground with murder in her eye. If my friend hadn't been there, the mare would have trampled me. I came to within a few seconds to my friend screaming my name and standing between me and the mare trying to keep her away from me. I hopped up and immediately knew something was wrong, as I felt bones grinding in my ankle. Still, I grabbed the mare's reins and led her back up to the hitching rails to unsaddle her. I walked (and drove a stick shift truck) on my ankle for four hours before my friend insisted on taking me to the hospital. X-rays revealed that I had fractured my ankle. Worse than the fractured ankle were the panic attacks I started having whenever I'd go to get on my horse (the horse that threw me was a black and white pinto and so is my gelding).
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First fall: was attempting to ride a green while still a very green rider. I had done ground work with her for a couple of months. She had been ridden several times before by other people and I overestimated both of us.

My butt didn't even hit the saddle when she took off bucking and threw me into the round pen fence. Nothing broken except my pride. I did end up with the most impressive bruise of my life where my right arm hit the metal of the fence. It covered my entire arm.

Worst fall: i had a free horse on a trial basis. I was riding him the 3rd time and out of nowhere he threw a gigantic buck. I was totally unprepared and flew over his right shoulder. I landed on my right side and knew immediately i was hurt badly. Went straight to the ER where i was diagnosed with broken ribs. When the pain didn't improve in a coulle of months, i went to a specialist and they suspected I had a bruised liver as well but by that time there was not much they could do and since I was not jaundiced and my bloodwork came back ok, I was just told to take it easy. That was on New Year's Eve 2011 and my ribs still hurt now and then.

On another note: my worst injury didn't even involve completely coming off the horse. I fractured my spine in two places by being thrown back hard in the saddle. The horse I was loping on fell to his knees, when he got back up, he threw a small rear and it threw me back into the saddle. Walked around for a month in severe pain thinking I pulled a muscle. Nope...fractured T-6 and T-8.

And still we ride.
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First fall: Riding a friend's Arab by myself on the trails. There was a tree that had fallen across the path and the only way was over. It was forked, so you had to step over two sections -easy in theory- but this horse decided it was destined for the Olympics and launched herself over that tree like her life depended on it. I ride Western and I remember coming about six inches out of the saddle, wishing I had shorter stirrups, and then coming down crooked and sliding off. I had burns on three fingers from holding the reins (I had no intention of walking back to the barn) and bruises on my arm, leg, and wrist, but was pretty much unharmed.

Worst fall: Never really had one bad fall, but I had a series of three in one week that kind of compounded on each other... My green broke mare has a 0-30 MPH spook and, needless to say, I was in the roundpen riding bareback and she took off. I slid right off the second she took the turn. I don't even remember how I landed because I was up so fast. Two days later she bolts and my cinch breaks. I feel my saddle going over one side and thought it was the horse falling on top of me. Hid the ground and lay there going... No way that just happened, rolled over, got up, and chased down my horse. THEN, that weekend, my cousin was over and we were feeling particularly bold, so we decided to get her used to being rode bareback. I get on first, and my cousin goes to get on second. Gets her foot in the stirrup, grabs ahold of the saddle and tries to swing her other leg over... and gets stuck. Oops... Horse goes sideways, she holds on, horse goes forwards, she goes back, I go sideways. Pick ourselves up laughing, me a little slower than I would have earlier in the week. Fast forward a week, chiropractor is giving me the "you've lost your mind look" as he tells me I have at least five displaced ribs, but I need x-rays, to which I told him I was not getting x-rays because I have no intention of knowing how bad things really are. Now, two months later, I've managed to get down to 3 displaced ribs, and I can finally bend over sideways... sorta :P
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Corgi: I had a very similar experience with my back! My horse was trotting and her back feet slipped in the mud. She whipped them around and slammed them underneath her. My back went crunch, and I had to quit riding shortly after. I couldn't move at all. Went to the chiro for x-rays and I had completely compressed four vertebrae. I was 9 at the time, and for years I couldn't sit for long periods of time. Even now if I have a rough ride I still walk around stiffly for a few days. I'm not even 20 and I have an old lady's back -_-
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Well I know it was over 50 years ago and the worst so far but the worst may be fore coming in a couple of years from now. Me my brother and a friend were playing cowboys and Indians. I was riding Spot, a big paint QH. Brother and friend were in the chicken house shooting arrows made from an old stick weed with a knot on the end of it (thousands in the field) and a bow made from a chinaberry limb. Me and Spot would ride by and shoot back. (I was the Indian) Riding bareback with just a rope halter and a rope bridle. They got the best of me and captured me and Spot. Took us way down in the back pasture and tied my hands behind my back with grass rope and a rag around my head and eyes. Then the devils whipped the crap outa Spot and he took off like the road runner. I could not see anything and was bouncing around and all I could do was lock my legs against him as hard as I could (probally made him go faster). I was screaming bloody murder. Old Spot by instint I guess, ran for at least a quarter of a mile to the barn. When he ran in the barn my head slammed into the the low barn door and he and I separated right there. Knocked me slap out and off. Came too with a bloody head and ran around like a chicken with his head cut off. Old woman feeding pigs caught me untied me and cleaned my head up.
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