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The differences between towing with a gooseneck and a BP.

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    10-14-2012, 04:22 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by peppersgirl    
I don't think it was a rude post about your truck. You just took it that way. I ALMOST made the mistake of buying a 6.0 powerstroke before we talked to a ford mechanic...he told us it was a bad idea. These trucks have more thanj ust a bad wrap lol.
there will always be truck biased so you should just get over it:)

It actually was because I didn't ask for opinions on my truck I asked about my trailer. Maybe you shouldn't post if you feel te need to say stupid things. If I wanted someone to comment on the truck that's fine but nowhere did I ask. Your opinions should just be kept to yourself because they are rude:)
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    10-14-2012, 04:27 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by tim62988    
If you're going to stick with a 3/4 ton truck either trailer will do. The big trailer names are not going to put a 3 horse slant w/ tack room into a bumper pull if they can't sell them.

The trailer sway was probably not enough tounge weight or tounge being too low.

I personally find that I can sneak a bumper pull trailer in a lot of places most people can't get other trailers in becuase they are generally a bit shorter and that means they are more responsive to turning.

So I would vote to keep your options open, but remember that a GN is going to cost another 5-700 (guessing) just because of the GN install.

The old trailer we had that swayed was towed by a 05 cummins and it was unloaded. It was all over the highway. Ever since then my boyfriend has it in his head that any BP we get will sway -.-

We installed out old gooseneck ourself but we would have to buy another which I know is pretty pricey which is why I kept my options opened to a BP as well. Also hooking our GN up got to be a PIA sometimes as well.

It's just so hard finding something reasonably priced and in good condition.
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    10-14-2012, 04:48 PM
Been here much?? Its an open forum,, discussions never stay dead nuts on topic. I don't think darrin is the rude one here.
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    10-14-2012, 04:56 PM
Green Broke
Over the years I have towed with various different truck trailer combinations, but I will say I do like a goose neck trailer the best by far. And I actually find them easier to hook up than a bumper pull. It takes getting used to if you have been hitching up a bumper pull, but you will find it just easy or easier with a gooseneck as well.
I also feel much more confident pulling a gooseneck when I am really pushing the line with how much weight I have got loaded. It is easier to pull a an overloaded gooseneck than it is an overloaded bumper pull in my experience.
Like someone else mentioned, a gooseneck is so handy for turning around. I can turn a gooseneck a round in half the space of a bumper bull. If I am mindful of tires and axles(and cab/back window) I can get up under it and push the nose any where I want.

As a side note, last month I bought a dually pickup. Even though I love my 1 ton single rear wheel pickups for the mud and snow as ranch trucks I am loving the dually for towing down the pavement. But my trailer is a little bigger than what I think you are looking at so that may not be an issue. And I towed the same trailer with a single rear wheel with no problems, but I can tell the difference. So if you decide to rethink your truck choice, the terrian and load you are towing should obviously be considered.

I think the main thing is to get what you want, don't get in a big hurry to buy and sacrifice what you need in a truck or trailer. You'll find what you need.
    10-20-2012, 02:57 PM
If you have ever pull a bumper pull you will go back to a gooseneck imo. Much easier to tow! Congrats on the new trick. I have a 7.2 250 diesel. Custom at the factory so much that it out tows my best friends 1 ton of the same year :)
    10-20-2012, 03:45 PM
Personal preference wicked... I now own a GN, but only because at the time I was looking for a 3 horse slant with tack was all I could find within a reasonable distance. I found a NICE featherlite 3 horse slant steely well under what I paid for my Gn....I was tempted to resell the GN (not that I don't like it because I do), but the fact that I put an almost $700 hitch in my truck to get the thing home, made me think again..

I like my GN it pulls great, and I like the fact that I can park in an 'L' shape without damaging my vehicle...but I wouldnt hesitate to go back to a good pulling bumper pull. Actually I have found ( after busting a tail light lol) that after driving the GN.. I get some bad habits when I go back to the BP..
    10-20-2012, 04:31 PM
Green Broke
Our GN was great and we still have it but we sold the truck with the hitch in it so currently it sits. Today we put a down payment on an 04 Trail Et 2 horse BP with tack room. Aluminum skin, steel frame, and fiberglass roof. All for a total of...*drum roll* $4750!

Now the price literally seems too good to be true but ecerythig works, no rust ..frames clean. It was hardly used. I was researching the going price for them and I've seen alot around $7500. She's also the original owner with all original paperwork which she's giving me. I had the BF come to check out everything I wouldn't know to check and he even said its mint...
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    10-21-2012, 02:08 PM
I have a 4H BP and a 3H SL LQ. Even though my BP pulls nicely, I would rather pull a GN any day..More stability, easier to hook up, pulls and rides better,no sway.

And my F250 6.0 pulls them well....
    10-21-2012, 10:24 PM
Green Broke
My personal preferene is a gooseneck. I feel like they are safer and tow better. IMO

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