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Long Distance travel?

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        03-17-2014, 11:48 AM
    Green Broke
    I think this was said by someone above (is my memory that bad already? O.O) but I would very carefully set your route, and where you'll be staying overnight with your horsie. (: I'm sure you've already taken this into account, just a friendly reminder. ^^
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        03-18-2014, 09:43 AM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by Mingiz    
    I moved my horses from MD to MO last year. Yes need current coggins and a health Cert. I only stopped when I needed fuel or to eat. I usually drove a 10hr day. I stopped the first night in Kingston TN off of I40. Then drove on in to Mo the next day. Never took horses off trailer until I stopped for the night. Of course I have a slant load. You can offer water when you stop for fuel. Mine never would drink. I did offer them hay. I did a 10hr haul with my stock and tied the horse loose enough so that she turned around facing the back. No issues at all. Good Luck in your move...
    For people with slants. They make water proof canvas corner feeders to hang in there. You can put both water and feed in them at the same time if your horse is the type who refuses to drink on long hauls. This way they at least get some water. Just be careful and dump the lot before it starts to sour.
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        03-18-2014, 10:40 AM
    Green Broke
    I had a 10-hour trip to go pick up a new horse-we didn't know each other at all-I checked for their comfort when I stopped for fuel-I drank water & ate snack food-did not want to waste time at a restaurant, Yes, I did get in L. V rush hour traffic & there was an accident, but most folks were nice, to this senior citizen, since I would hang out the window & practically beg for room to move over a lane. If you make eye contact, & then smile & wave NICELY, people will usually respond in kind. Bathroom stops?- My trailer (slant-load) has solid 4' sides, so my new mare got to know me really well by the time we got home 10 hours later. I was very careful to only pull into fuel stations that I could again pull out of w/out any backing! Even if that meant I did a little back-tracking.
        03-24-2014, 10:48 AM
    Originally Posted by Darrin    
    For people with slants. They make water proof canvas corner feeders to hang in there. You can put both water and feed in them at the same time if your horse is the type who refuses to drink on long hauls. This way they at least get some water. Just be careful and dump the lot before it starts to sour.
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    Thanks Darrin. I did buy the corners feeders but the one horse I have will destroy them. As soon as he finishes what ever is in it. He can't keep his feet out of them. Even tried hay nets. Same out come. So I haul without them now..
        03-29-2014, 02:38 PM
    Green Broke
    Horse Motels International. Horse motel & overnight stabling directory for the traveling equestrian. We find horse motels, horse hotels, overnight stabling, overnight boarding, horse vacations, ranches, bed and breakfasts, and hurricane shelter.

    Horsetrip.com-An Online Overnight Stabling Directory for Horse Stabling and Horse Motels

    I found overnight stabling using these two sites. Was most impressed.

    I trailered from lower Al to NW MO, stayed overnight near Memphis, just off of I-55...and again near Mexico MO, close to HS best friend.

    Cost me 20 dollars a night, had 2 horses. First place was a full out barn, very nice set up, but unused mostly, appeared to have been training barn, was able to drop trailer, and go to motel without it. Locked fence, owners on premises.

    2nd place was a small MO Foxtrotter trainer, stalls adequate, but not huge, single run of stalls. Horses were satisfied though.

    I would not attempt to get horses out, they are perfectly capable of watering if they will drink while standing in a trailer. And in years of hauling I had very few that would drink much, if any during the travel.

    I have seen people at rest areas leading their horses around and really felt they were doing it more to show off, than anything else. Considering the chemicals that are used on the grasses there, would not be letting horse graze, and considering the probable outcome should a horse balk, or get loose? Nope. No way would I be doing that.

    Also, good way to get yourself mugged, or worse, standing around trying to load a horse. Those rest areas can have some rough characters in them. Not a place to loiter in my opinion.

    Call some of these people on here. Find out how close they are to road you will be traveling on, and also how easy it is to get to them, a few of them are B&B's, so you could stay there too. Others are more than willing to direct you to a good motel, and food.

    Ask how much room they have to maneuver trailer, as if you are tired? You do not want to be trying to back around 40 acres and mule in the dark. Ask about stall sizes, paddocks? Turn out runs?

    But all in all, not a bad trip at all.
        06-28-2014, 10:24 AM

    Thanks to everybody for your advice! Especially everyone that let me know I don't need to get him out of the trailer except at end of day - that one did have me worried! The trailer is open slatted at the top, so it gets lots of air, and came with nice, thick mats.

    The idea of fairgrounds is a good one, is there a guide to fairgrounds that accept 'guests' or will they just be in any other "travel with horses" guide I can find?

    When we head west, we usually take Rt 20 through Nebraska, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea with a trailer - it's a pretty empty road. Anybody gone through that way with a horse?

    Alternately, I could take 80, then take 26 up. I've never been up that way (goes through Scotts Bluff, NE and Torrington, WY), but is a shorter stint on a rural road.

    Please, keep the advice coming - only about 4 or 5 months until this happens!

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