Clinton Anderson Fundamentals vs. Foal Training kit... which to buy?

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Clinton Anderson Fundamentals vs. Foal Training kit... which to buy?

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    06-23-2013, 11:34 PM
Clinton Anderson Fundamentals vs. Foal Training kit... which to buy?

I am trying to decide whether to purchase Clinton Anderson's Fundamentals kit or his Foal Training kit. I'm wondering if there is anyone who has maybe seen both or either one who could offer me some insight?

Some background: I work at a rescue, so the fundamentals could be applied to many horses that come through, which would be nice. However, the trainer I have been working with does a LOT of things similar to Clinton. In fact, at the recent CA clinic I went to, most of the things he said were verbatim to what my trainer had told me in some of my lessons. So, I have him as a live reference for any questions I have about that. Though the dvds may cover things that I may not even think to ask him.

I have a 7 month old weanling filly who is broke to lead, kind of, and that's about it. I have help from a few people who are very experienced in working with babies, but they aren't always around when I have time to work with her, so I'm wondering if the foal training dvds would be helpful in getting me through the questions I have when they aren't around.
But... she won't be little forever. Maybe the fundamentals would be beneficial for her as well, and I could use the people I have helping me to figure out a way to present them in a way that works for her?

Any ideas if the foal training is just the 'fundamentals' at a level that foals can digest?

And before anyone goes off about 'trainer-in-a-box' and 'if you don't know what you're doing, a dvd won't help you, sell the horse'. I know, and you're right. That's what I have surrounded myself with people who are able to help me. I'm just trying to supplement their help and get as much knowledge as I can. I've been working with horses and taking groundwork and riding lessons for about 3 years now (which I know is no time at all), and I know that I only know enough to know that I don't even know what I don't know. (if that made any sense at all). I also know that no trainer has a totally foolproof method, and that I can't watch a dvd and magically know how to train horses. I take everything I hear with a grain of salt and I wouldn't do anything I wasn't sure of without help or supervision.

That being said, any input is appreciated!!
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    06-24-2013, 10:14 AM
Haven't seen them, but to save your bank account you can rent them from Giddyup Flix, Horse DVD Rentals | Horse Training Dvd | Horse Dvds | Rent Horse Videos . Then maybe if you want to still purchase them after watching them you'll know better which is better for your needs.
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    06-24-2013, 10:22 AM
Green Broke
Also do you get the RFD channel? They have some training programs on their line-up. The library may have some horse training books, maybe some DVD's even. Have you asked other horse people near you if they have any? Might find some on ebay, also. Do you trail ride at all? If so, taking the youngster out w/a group is great experience for a young horse. Wear gloves!
    06-24-2013, 12:25 PM
Thanks guys! I do have giddyupflix. The only problem is they don't have the foal training kit (though they do have other clinton anderson foal training dvds, which I'm sure would be helpful) and the fundamentals dvds have a huuuuuge long wait before you can get them.

I don't have cable, and my library's horse section is very... lacking. I have requested that they order some different books and dvd sets, but we'll see how far that goes! I've been asking different people if they have any of the dvds or know anyone who does, and so far I haven't been able to find anyone (just a lot of "if you do get it, can I borrow it?"s) But those are all very good suggestions, thank you!

I would love to take her out with a group, but I want to get her a little more 'sane' before putting her in a situation like that. It isn't her fault, she just hasn't been worked with. So that's why I'm in such a hurry to get some help and get the process started to I can begin enjoying things like that with her soon!

Thank you both for your help!!
    06-25-2013, 08:19 PM
We have both and while the "early in the foal's life" imprinting stuff is cool the basics of it is really just a dressed down version of Fundamentals at a level appropriate for the shorter attention span of the foal. At 7 months old I would just start him on Fundamentals and keep the lessons short and sweet and watch for signs of him losing attention.

As far as a "Trainer in a Box" mentality, I get (and have gotten) alot out of Clinton's DVDs as well as others such as Chris Cox and Craig Cameron. However, I think you need a strong basic ability to handle horses and read their body language and watching a DVD does not a horseman make. However, if you have the basics (I have been riding and around horses for over 35 years) you can glean alot of information and learn to apply it well. I really think Clinton is by far the best "people trainer" out there and I usually get the most out of his DVDs.

I too have Giddyup Flix and love it but the Clonton DVDs can be hard to get as they are in high demand so we usually just end up buying them. Personally I would get the Fundamentals unless you are starting a foal from birth.

    06-25-2013, 08:45 PM
I would begin with the fundamentals. You can apply the fundamentals to foals too, it's all basically the same thing with small specialization pieces in each dvd. However, if you can do the fundamentals, you will have a great start and it won't be hard to adapt to the foal.
    06-25-2013, 09:14 PM
Thank you!! That's exactly what I needed to know! Fundamentals it is!

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