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Horse killed at CA's in TX?

This is a discussion on Horse killed at CA's in TX? within the Horse Trainers forums, part of the Training Horses category

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        03-29-2013, 06:48 PM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by horsecrazygirl    
    Oh drama, I thought I escaped when I decided to start homeschooling in high school.
    I guess not.

    We don't know what happened. At all. I am sure none of us were there, therefore we can't really say who is right or wrong. Though, with all the posts on FB and CA website, I still feel like this is all for drama or publicity. I mean she is a breeder. If she didn't want the horse for herself personally she could have sold it. Second, the thing about her not wanting a QH, If you look on her website of "their horses" she has a QH, TWH, draft and a friesian. So I really don't even know what to believe anymore. I just really wish I could have some straight facts.
    She said she did need a pony.
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        03-29-2013, 06:52 PM
    Originally Posted by churumbeque    
    She said she did need a pony.
    If she did need a pony I don't see what the problem is. I think you mean she didn't?
    He wasn't going to give her Mindy. He was using her as a hight comparison.
    If he did offer her a pony, she could have still taken it and SOLD it. That is a lot of money. I would never pay that much for a horse but some would.
        03-29-2013, 06:53 PM
    I havent read much of this thread but what I can say is, Things happen, people die in training too! Crossfit, Basic training, boot camp, hell when I was in high school Drum Corps was a big thing and I remember a kid nearly dying in practice there. Everyone is diffrent we all have medical conditions and different limits for physical activities. Animals are no diffrent and while I do believe that CA and the DUH methods can be physically straining on horses but SO CAN BOOT CAMP! What do we do when we have a problem child? We send his ass to boot camp. So why so much drama and turmoil when a horse dies and not for a human?
        03-29-2013, 07:01 PM
    Quiet honestly between the two of them, owner and trainer I just see them playing 'WHO CAN YELL THE LOUDEST'

    Leave them to it..........
        03-29-2013, 07:08 PM
    Originally Posted by Allison Finch    
    I can't offer an opinion about the death of the horse....because I don't know what caused it.

    I can't offer an opinion of the training center or its reputation....because I know nothing about it.

    I can't offer an opinion of the owner.....because I refuse to let facebook make me think I now completely know someone.

    I know very little about CA and his methods.

    BUT, what I can offer an opinion of (and have) is what is right before me, written in his own hand, evidently. His answer to the whole thing. THAT I see. It absolutely reminds me of similar rude rants posted by another "trainer" whose very mention is forbidden here. Very similar......
    Am I right in assuming it is a certain YT "non-public figure"?
    That was exactly who I was picturing during the rant! Because that was a rant, not a professional public statement. CA is going to regret his word choice in the future.
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        03-29-2013, 11:11 PM
    Green Broke
    ^^ I think it starts with an R, lol.
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        03-29-2013, 11:24 PM
    Hmmm....R you say.... I must have missed something big before I joined here.
        03-29-2013, 11:44 PM
    Green Broke
    What I'm still not getting is why the owner is being bad mouthed..?

    She said nothing bad on her facebook except her spiritual/religious beliefs and her despair for her horse. Not one post I read mentioned him in a bad light.

    Owner did not literally start any of the drama, people on her facebook (and from threads like such) took her sorrows, twisted it, and took it out on CA.

    Soo..why are we still complaining and gossiping about the Owner of said dead horse?
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        03-30-2013, 01:53 AM
    Originally Posted by greentree    
    Methinks he doth protest too loudly... To cover himself, the necropsy should have been done by him, then he could have called the owner, told her her horse died of X... no nasty rumors.
    You can't just get a necropsy on someone else's horse. If she refused, what is he supposed to do? That alone would be a basis for a law suit.
        03-30-2013, 05:00 AM
    Green Broke
    What I find interesting about this, is how many are forgetting the horse that has died.

    The fact that no one can go to his place in TX, that only 3 phone calls are made during the 6 weeks, that you can take no one to go with you when you pick up your horse since they may have "concerns" about what they see? And that you can't visit your horse at all?

    Academy Horses

    4714 dollars, for 6 weeks?

    The horse is dead. But apparently because owner is out there, that is perfectly acceptable.

    Guess those of you who think CA is all that and a slice of white bread, would be fine if it was your horse that was killed? Maybe a badge of honor?

    And the owner has not done one thing wrong, she did not attack him, she was grieving for her horse. He is the one that is in the wrong. Not her.
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