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4 yr. old OTTB mare with sensitive back...beaten???

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        05-12-2014, 12:27 PM
    Green Broke
    Yup again quite babying her. You are making the problem worse by doing that. We do not know this horse so none of the answers were "weird" it's very often we get the " poor teddy was beat so I just tip toe around him!! I dot know what to do!" And it turns outlet to be a health issue
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        05-12-2014, 03:45 PM
    Super Moderator
    I'm confused as well - if you know the horse was beaten then that's what you need to be dealing with - however a horses that's been beaten and becomes defensive so attacks people 'just in case' is NOT the same as a horse that's sensitive to being brushed and way to deal with those things is very different
    If you can otherwise deal with the horse OK and it doesn't come at you ears pinned and aggressive every time you go near it then its not become defensive and despite its abuse still has trust in people.
    If the horse is just plain ticklish because like many TB's it's thin skinned and lacks self control then it has to learn to deal with it and you can only make her do that by insisting on good behavior and not tolerating bad attitude
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        05-12-2014, 05:35 PM
    Some TBs have really sensitive skin, too. Mine is not a fan of hard brushing with a stiff brush and will pin his ears and stomp his back feet over it. I understand that that is pretty normal for the breed. Use a softer brush or ignore it. If she kicks AT you, discipline her.
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        05-13-2014, 08:54 AM
    Originally Posted by Troutpilot    
    Thank you all for your input. As I am new to this forum, I am quite shocked at the responses, especially those that are so very, very far off the mark!!! The OTTB I have leased is a real sweetie. She was checked by 2 vets, one at tghe track when she was given to the new owner and the new owner is a vet tech at an equine hospital here in the state, so she had a VERY thorough going over. No sores, no ulcers, no chiropractics .....OMG. The saddle I use is a Schleese fitted by a trained Schleese fitter/dealer. No issues there. So back to the beating....
    WOW!!! Stunned at how people her want to avoid that issue. YES SHE WAS BEATEN. She had 12 grooms in 12 weeks, as per her previous track ownwer informing the new owner. She would not cooperate so she was hit. Kicked in the belley when girth tightening. He stated so himself. She refused to race or run. Her personality was' TOO NICE" for a Thoroughbred. Really. No vices at all, tender eyes and soft behavior all around. Gentle as a quarter horse. So once again, back to a very simple direct question...
    How do you desensitize her now? No weird answers please.
    Hi Trout:
    If you are going too hang around here you better get use to the horse experts sailing of into the blue.
    In response too your quastion:
    Patience &
    Lots Of TLC!
    Ground Work.....fill your pockets with apples, cookies and a sandwich and just take her for walks, stop and let her graze then go on to the next place.
    Don´t worry about the riding, just buddy up with her. Let her know she´s not going to get hit.
    It can take time, but it will pay off.
        05-13-2014, 10:37 AM
    Super Moderator
    Originally Posted by Troutpilot    
    I have just leased a 4 year old OTTB mare, fresh off the track from light racing. She refused to run so the owner basically gave her away. Every time I brush her back, between withers and hip, she will kick out on that side. Her tail swishes violently and she is kicking basically out of annoyance. Has this horse been beaten by the jockeys/stable grooms and what is the best way to desensitize her? I patiently brush her all over gently for 20 minutes before I put on her pad and saddle, and was told to swat her rump with a small bat crop whenever she does kick out. I don't want to resort to beating a horse that has been beaten, so thoughts? Suggestions? I have returned to riding after a 30 year hiatus and feel she senses my greenness. I want to be gentile but feel she is not really being trained.
    Would any members posting new advice note that the OP has updated facts about the horse since making her first post
    First of all - in the first post she asks if we think the horse was beaten - now we're told emphatically that she knows it was beaten on a regular basis so any new posts should reflect this updated information
    We are now also being told that the horse was checked by a chiro and for any sores or ulcers and the saddle fitting also checked - also not mentioned in the first post so again - please use this new info if you post any more suggestions
    OP - If you want to get expert advice here then please try to supply all the relevant details in the first post because people will always do the intelligent thing and look at all possible causes. It's unfair of you to accuse people of giving unsound advice when you don't give enough information to start with.
        05-14-2014, 12:38 PM
    I worked for a large racehorse adoption association and we had a few that acted similarly while being brushed. It is a common practice at the track to brush vigorously to stimulate blood flow before a race or workout. I would imagine many grooms getting too vigorous with their brushing to the point where it was painful. I would keep that in mind but would also look into a chiropractor. Eliminate all physical/health issues before you jump to behavioral ones.

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