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        08-21-2007, 06:23 PM
    Game yo-yo. By means of this game you learn a horse to approach and depart, moving forward-back as the crow flies. Firstly the line, certainly, a straight line will not be, but to aspire it is necessary to it. Many horses willingly approach, but back to move want only having developed. Others easily depart back, but you should tighten literally force them to yourself. Consider movement back as the first "yo" and the approach to you as the second "Йо". Game "yo "counterbalances them. That in it to play, start up after a cord to force a horse to recede from you. Begin quietly, then increase a wave, yet will not start to dance Halter, the horse will not feel discomfort which will force its legs to move. If the horse at once has started to recede back, immediately stop waves after a cord, let to it know, that it has acted correctly. Again begin on the sly. Start up after a cord a small wave while the horse will not recede again. Work above this game until there will be enough an easy wave cords to send a horse back and smiles and the lowered hands, to beckon it back
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        08-22-2007, 02:16 PM
    Ok, this might be long! Lol

    Friendly Game: Basically this is showing the horse that you will act like a partner and not a predator. You can throw the stick and string over your horse's back, touch them all over to see if they have any "Yea-But" spots, and use other "scary things" to get them used to it, using approach and retreat. When a mare swishes her tail over her foal, that is a friendly game.

    Porcupine Game: This is teaching the horse to move away from steady pressure. You can get them to back up from the chest, the nose, the halter, and even from their tail, but that is more advanced. You use the 4 Phases. Press the hair, press the skin, press the muscle, press the bone. You increase your Phases slowly and politely.

    Driving Game: This is teaching the horse to move away from rhythmic pressure. You can drive his front end around and his hind end around, either by using the stick or using the end of your lead rope. Drive them back while you are in front of them as well.

    Yo-Yo Game: This is getting the horse to move out of your space. Again, use the 4 Phases. Wiggle ONLY your finger, then your wrist, then your elbow, then your whole arm. Again, up each phase slowly and politely. If the horse moves, say at Phase 2, then you stop and let him think about it. Reward the slightest try. To bring him back, comb the rope through your hands with a soft feel, smile and lean back slightly to draw the horse to you.

    Circling Game: There are 3 parts. The Send, the Allow, and the Bring Back. Back your horse away from you and point your hand in the direction you want the horse to go, with a soft feel "guiding" the horse to the "open door." That's Phase 1. Next, if the horse doesn't move, lift your stick. Then wiggle the stick, then tag him on the neck/shoulder with the stick. When he leaves, drop your hand and Allow him to circle. Pass the rope behind your back. Do not continually face him. To bring him back, shorten your rope and "stab" your belly button and look at his hind quarters, using the stick to DRIVE the HQ's away.

    Sideways Game: Your Driving Game HAS to be good before this Game. Start with a fence in front of the horse so he doesn't go forward. Drive his front end, then the hind end, then the front, then the back, in a rhythmic fasion with your other hand out straight (the one holding the rope). Go slow and easy when teaching this.

    Squeeze Game: This can come in the form of loading your horse on a trailer, for example. The purpose is to get your horse used to being in a claustrophobic situation and remaining calm. Ask the horse to go between you and the fence, then disengage the HQ's and ask him to stand and wait for further direction.

    I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you call the Parelli office, get the level 1 pack, or e-mail an Instructor for further info. On the Games. You need to be able to SEE what it looks like, not just go off of my details. You can also buy a DVD that is just on the Seven Games and how to play each one. It's on the parelli website,
        08-24-2007, 09:47 PM
    Thats exacty what I said, if you can't remember tha games, how can you possibly remember how to do them correctly? It is very important that you understand this before trying it.

    I also would recomend you find a parelli instructor in your area to help you get started.

    Videos would also help tremendously however watch them SEVERAL times before actually trying it.

    And remember that yes the tools are expensive but they a nessity to doing the program correctly.

    Good luck :) and remember their are plenty of people on here willing to help you w/ this! My e-mail is

    You can e-mail me at any time if you have questions!

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