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        07-10-2010, 02:40 PM

    Bit of background :) I am a teenager with Chez a 13.3hh Welsh cross 7 yr old. I have been riding since I was 5 or 6 and can walk trot canter gallop and jump pretty decently. I have no proper experience in getting horses into an outline, or more lateral type work. I go to a small pony club, I would say I have group lessons on my pony there about once a month.
    Chez is very young for her age, and when I got her she could only do the basics. Now, probably due to my faults she has developed a few, rather major problems.
    I got her 18 months ago (December time), and was very wary of pushing her, and I was then a nervous rider. We had a little bit of rearing and napping, but I got her going fairly sensibly and started jumping nicely. Her canter has always been quite fast, especially when jumping, but I think I was mistaken to believe it would slow down as she settled!
    By the summer I was competing in 2'3"/2'6" jumping classes at local shows, and often placing.
    Due to moving house she had most of the winter off, and I started seriously working her about 2 months ago. She has gone back to worse than when I first had her! She literally rodeos if she doesn't like something, everyone says they are amazed I stay on! I have mostly worked past this, by pure patience and letting it ride out. She is still a bit iffy sometimes going into canter though. She naps. A lot! I took her to a show last month and we got 4 refusals, the first 3 on seperate jumps all going away from the gate. The last refusal shouldn't really have been allowed but I tried the jump again (it was the last jump) and got her over it.
    I am kind of at a dead end with what to do. I can't afford to go and have proper lessons, or get someone else to train her. I just wondered if anyone had any advice or had been in a similar situation.
    Thanks, and sorry if its a bit long!
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        07-10-2010, 02:50 PM
    Go back to basics is always good advice. Perhaps hold off jumping for awhile and just review the things she should know solidly, like transitions between gaits, changes of direction and lead, etc.
    Sorry I don't have better or more specific advice, but I'm sure that going back to the basics for awhile can never hurt! Good luck!
        07-10-2010, 03:11 PM
    I agree wiht what Payette said.

    Also the cantering problem may not be a settling down issue. It sounds to me like she is out of balance and not fit enough to be cantering. To build up her muscles and get her balanced start doing REALLY big circles. Big enough to the point that she isn't leaning in but bending. Do about 1 circle each way for a week and then 2 for a week and once she looks comfortable and is slowing down you can start on smaller circles but really take your time. If you work out you know that our muscles don't build up very fast and it takes time and the same goes for horses. Once she builds up these muscles she will be more balanced to jump and therefore won't refuse as much because she has a balanced takeoff.

    Remember to take your time and goodluck!
        07-11-2010, 08:58 AM
    Thanks :) I will definetly try working over the transitions etc again, its makes sense how that would help!
    I can understand how building up her muscle would improve her cantering, but her problems with refusing is more to do with napping I think, it seems like the same issue we had last year, but has come back bigger, I guess the lack of fitness could be what is making it worse? Hopefully building up those muscle will at least get her back to how she was last year and then I should be in a better posistion to get rid of the napping!
        07-11-2010, 09:31 AM
    When she goes "rodeo" on you pull her into a tight cirlce towards your knee. With her head there she can't run, buck, or also gives her a chance to re collect herself. Continue circling until her feet come to a complete stop.
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        07-14-2010, 01:18 PM
    Well have been trying transitions for the last few days, and making effort to spend time with her, and it seems to be paying off! We practised the Novice Event Dressage Test that I need to learn for camp, and got no hissy fits! Certainly not perfect, the canter was very choppy and cut a few corners, but overall a lot better than before!
    Thanks, I will keep trying with the flatwork and hopefully be able to get this behavior consitently. :)

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