Advice on Getting better control?

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Advice on Getting better control?

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        07-07-2012, 06:52 PM
    Advice on Getting better control?

    My mare is a really good ride ...besides she's a little hard to stop and turn left. She dos what you ask just refuses for a second are trows her head then listens. Im just wanting any advice on how to make her more responsive and get better control. Thanks(:
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        07-07-2012, 07:42 PM
    Practice makes perfect; loosen her up with some gentle flexion exercises

    And make sure when you ask her to do something, you support that cue with your body (seat, legs, looking forward) and a crop if necessary. Release all pressure as soon as she listens.
        07-07-2012, 08:13 PM
    Super Moderator
    First of all, have her teeth checked. A bad tooth that makes it uncomfortable when you take hold of the left rein could be your problem.

    If that checks out OK (or you get her teeth worked on). Then start asking for her face. Ask her to bend her entire body. Shorten your left rein and use your left leg to create 'bend' from nose to tail. When she bends with little or no resistance, change legs. Ask for bend with your left leg, then take that leg off and apply a light right leg just behind where it usually is positioned. She should just follow her nose around and make a tiny circle. As soon as she complies by following her nose, release all pressure and ride on straight ahead.

    When I ask for bend, I do not pull steady or use a steady leg. I shorten the rein and hold it at that point so she can give herself relief when she bends an inch or two farther.

    The same is true of my leg. I do not kick and I do not squeeze steady. I give little bumps until the horse moves off of it and then I take the leg off.

    When you learn to use your reins to 'ask' for a stop or for bend or ask a horse to follow its nose and DON'T try to 'pull' the horse around or into a stop, your horse will get lighter.

    Think of your reins as a telephone line to send a message through, not a log chain to drag your horse where you want it to go or to stop. Your horse will 'reward' you with listening to the message you are sending it.
        07-07-2012, 08:17 PM
    My horse Duke, is very responsive. But for the longest time I could not get connected with him and I didn't understand how to properly communicate. My trainer put up four cones in a rectangular pattern. She had me walk it first and at each cone I did a circle. At first the circles were awful, but after repeating them so many times they started to get round and more supple. Plus I learned to use me seat and legs not just my reins. She would also have me ask for a stop in the middle of the longer part of the rectangle. After Duke and I could go to the right and left well and our circles were nice and we stopped nicely we started with the trot. Eventually because he was asked to do something new, or move some part, or listen.. he decided to pay attention all the time! This exercise is how I have established a nice relaxed trot. If he really does not want to pay attention at all, I make him stop, back up and flex his neck to both sides until his expression softens and he is in-tune to me. I make sure that I am patient and slow to get irritated with him, it tends to back fire if I get mad!

    Any way, hope that helps!

        07-08-2012, 09:57 PM
    Thanks guys(: yeah I need to learn to use more leg cues!(thats a definite).
    Your advice is really helpful.
    That's why I love the forum .

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