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Advice for Lunging a Young Horse

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        12-17-2010, 03:30 AM
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    How do you know that he is trying? You said that he is trying. What tells you that?

    IF this is his first time round penning, you must decide what your goal is. Is it have him go around x number of times? Or go a certain speed or way of going? OR is it "move away from pressure". That would be my goal.
    If the horse doesn't know this, then that would be where you would want to break things down.
    You want to have him move one foot away from you when you apply first body, then whip or flag or twirling a rope. When he does, you stop the pressure and turn your body away at a slight angle.
    If he is eating the grass and you want his attention then you will need to have as your goal 'interupt his eating and his attention to the grass" . Do what is needed and then reward with no pressure.
    It is a matter of stringing these mini goals together and making them larger little by little. But you must be focussed on what you are asking for, really askf for it with your body, your mental intention and your aids AND be very precise about releasing the pressure when you get that goal, however small.

    You can also do a lot of work with the horse moving off of pressure on a long lead line, just having him back up, move one foot to the side, come toward you, stop, go over a ground pole, and on and on.

    Don't let him eat the grass until he is released from working with you. But make your sessions short and purposeful.
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        12-17-2010, 12:43 PM
    My mare is half draft, talk about an eating machine! I took a natural horsemanship approach with her, doing join up, etc. and it took a while, I was starting to give up. She would try to walk up to me on the lunge line, she wouldnt want to stay on a circle, and she wouldnt want to go faster than a trot. I was also a person hesitant to use the whip, but you have the whip there for a reason. I know its hard to get used to, but they have to learn to respect the whip, and if that means you have to hit them a couple of times with it, so be it. That doesnt mean whale on them with it, but give them enough of a smack that they respond and understand that the whip is something they must respect, not ignore.

    In the round pen she would do like you say, stop and eat grass as soon as I stopped and tried to get her to come in to me. If she started eating grass I would push her out and work her again. I thought it was never going to work, I was starting to give up, but one day she finally came in and stood in front of me, not even putting her head down once to try and eat grass. We had finally "joined up" and I will tell you, it was such an amazing feeling. Now, I can simply stand in the middle of the round pen and hold the whip and she goes by voice command mostly, with a little whip encouragement at the canter (by encouragement I mean holding the whip up, maybe cracking it, but never having to touch her with it)

    She only eats grass when I tell her she can put her head down, and she follows me everywhere without a lead line because I am her "leader"

    Hope this helps!
        12-18-2010, 12:28 PM
    Thank you Tinyliny and Wheeler4x4 I've been a softie to him and I need to be his leader.

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