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        08-16-2008, 11:06 AM
    Originally Posted by Ruby Tuesday
    LOL!! With Ruby---discouragment is unatainable anymore! I've learned to bear through whatever she can dish out.

    After 2 month of trying to get her to lunge, you wouldn't belive how FLAT the toes are on my right foot! I have finally convinced, tricked her into thinking I am bigger than she is! (Her idea of lunging was 1)Find the handler at the end of the rope. 2) Run him over. 3) Eat grass while he howls - step three lasts longer if you stay standing on his foot.......
    How funny! She sounds so much like my little Matty (a horse I sold a few years ago) She was a great trail horse, very sure footed and calm. It was a fight to keep her going if we got too close to home or the horse trailer though. I never tried to lunge her, I'm sure she would have been the same way I just learned her pre-cue to turning for home and constantly corrected with a short rein before she could get her head turned. Good luck with your Ruby and maybe consider some steel toed boots
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        08-16-2008, 12:33 PM
    Sorry, don't hav time to read comments above, as i' in ahurry so this might have already been mentioned, but, Wen horses are barn sour, it is because they think that barn = rest, so when you get back to the barn and get off, there are two things you can do.
    1. Get back to barn, get off, take to just outsde barn (biggest area availae would be good, like the car park or somethink) And then lunge her, do groundwork, or ride her, for a while, so she realises, barn doesn't neciserily mean rest.
    2. Take her beack to the barn, tie her up, let her rest for say, 5 mins, and then get on and ride her again EITHER AROUND THE BARN OR ON THE TRAILS!
        08-16-2008, 12:44 PM
    Arrow, Yes, Ruby is 6. I guess the whole lunging concept kind of came into play with her circumstances. I got Ruby from a rancher who had stricktly Mustangs (she's a qh). I won't glorify it at all - he had no interest in her. She hadn't been ridden (for a long time or at all) and she is very insistent on getting her way. The previous owner was having her hauled off for slaughter when I got the call about her. No questions asked - out with the trailer we went.

    When I started with Ruby, I started from scratch. As a second motive, Ruby doesn't always get let out to pasture, so its also an excercize thing. In short, I have been super happy with the results, and some of the things I've taught have carried over into rinding (aka - backup), so that kinda helped too. I just have a belife (if it guys gotta correct me! ) that ground work is the foundation for trust / respect between a horse and it's trainer.

    Don't get me wrong, I am glad for the advice. I never thought of it that way as the simily you mentioned (thats a good one too!)
        08-16-2008, 01:18 PM
    I feel a little differently about it--I think the best way to get a horse's respect initially is by always controlling a horse's head, either with a lead rope for leading, tying, and grooming, or with reins when you ride. They don't get the chance to really misbehave like they do at the end of a lunge line.

    I think that lunging could work for respect, but I'm horribly uncoordinated--handling horse, lunge line, and whip along with controlling my own feet, never mind the horses just doesn't work. So I always think of leaving lunging to folks who really know what they are doing and are really good at it--that's just not me!

    If you are super comfortable with it, and you're good at it, go for it. If you haven't done a lot of it--maybe you could practice with a horse that is a great lunger all ready to get everything in sync.

    So I guess I'm saying, I know that my advice won't work for everyone--if some of it works for you, great, but lunging works, too, if you're good at it.

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