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Baby horse

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        03-14-2008, 05:02 AM
    Baby horse

    I'v trained tons of horses and been arounf lots of foals but I'v never had one of my own.My new colt knows how to lead and is easy to catch.but he's never been taught how to tie andhe freaks out whenever he's without my 17 mo old how do I teach them to tie(the 17 mo old doesn't know ethier)but I don't want them to see the other one freak out or anything and if I leave the baby in the pasture when I take the other one out he jumps the fence.I don't know what I should do Im afraid to separate them since the colt jumps the fence but it's impossable to train them like this.please help
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        03-14-2008, 09:50 AM
    I recommend the blocker ties for training to stand tied. If you don't want to buy one I did used to use an innertube looped around a tree then a long lead or lunge line run through the tube. Either way you can let the line run out if they freak, and you get the release. Don'tgo off and leave them alone. I will throw the rope over and around them and if they try to pull back just let them do it, praising them when the stand quietly. Don't hard tie them till they can stand for long periods without freaking. I work my way up to having them stand tied while I drive past them in the truck or 4 wheeler, but that takes awhile
    As far as the other youngin, do you have someplace you can rig up that he can't get out of? You will have to separate them sometime so best to do it sooner than later. Maybe start taking one out on a lead out of site for a few min. Then taking him back. They need to learn that even though their buddy is gone they will come back.
        03-14-2008, 10:30 PM
    In addition to what Vida suggested, I would work on teaching them to respond properly to a pulling pressure. You don't want them to pull against you when you directly away with the lead rope, but instead to follow the pressure. Just do it in baby steps and reward every little correct response. :) Pull a little from straight ahead (like a tie might be) and hold steady, when he takes even one little step, release all pull and give lots of love and praise.

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