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Behavior problem

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        11-24-2009, 04:05 PM
    Behavior problem

    I have a 15 yr old QH gelding that we got about 3 months ago. He has been well behaved no problems or vices except this one funny behavior. He will come up to you in the field willingly accept treats and be groomed or caught, but all of a sudden he will put his ears back and turn his rear towards you(when not on a lead rope). He has not kicked as of yet, but I'm afraid that he will. I have worked with catching him leading him around and then turning him loose and walking away from him and pushing him out of my space. He is fine when being lead and in his stall not pushy or aggressive. Any ideas what could be the cause of his behavior and how do I correct it? I don't think he's sour because he readily comes to you and is only being used for light trail riding 2-3 times a week. Any help would be appreciated.
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        11-24-2009, 04:09 PM
    Whomp his butt when he does that.
        11-24-2009, 04:38 PM
    Is he your first horse?

    Almost every horse will go through a phase a few months after you buy it, were they try to assert their dominance in their "new herd". Don't let him push you around, and eventually he'll get the message that you are herd leader.
        11-24-2009, 06:07 PM
    One of my favorite instructors I've taken a couple clinics from has a saying: "See a butt, stamp it out." LOL! When he turns his butt to you stamp it out! You don't need to yell, and you shouldn't be aggressive, but you NEED to be ASSERTIVE. You need to "bite" him on his butt to let him know that's not a good idea.

    You really do need to get to the root of WHY he's doing there a certain thing you are doing when he does it? Could it possibly be a physical thing he's trying to tell you about?
        11-24-2009, 09:16 PM
    Thanks- I think it may be a testing phase I will assert myself and correct him
        11-25-2009, 12:04 AM
    He is definitely telling you "okay, you're in my space, it's time you get out of it"...This needs to be dealt with, before he does offer a kick, or starts backing in toward you.

    You DO need to use your body language to tell him, that HE is actually in your space when he does that, and it is a priviledge, not his right to be near you.

    Push him away, using your lead rope, and step toward his flank, so he can see you with his eyes; don't step directly at his rear! Flip the lead at him, and "shoosh" at him. Don't let him back in your space until you are ready, even if you are still treating and grooming the other horses. Face up to him as he walks back up, and ask him to back off while he is still facing you. When you are ready to treat and groom him, then face him and invite him back to you. Groom him, give him his treats, and turn around and leave before he can 'tell' you to leave. Never ***** foot around him, but be confident, and if he starts pinning his ears, and indicating he's going to swing his butt, push him away immediately. Wait a bit, and invite him back into your space, and try again. He needs to learn to respect your space.
        11-25-2009, 12:16 AM
    I had a mare that tried this to me. I solved the problem by going out with a dressage whip when I put her away. The SECOND she turned her butt toward me, it got smacked HARD. It only took two times for her to never show me her butt again.
        11-25-2009, 04:38 AM
    I would not be hitting him from behind, unless you want him to ass up and kick your face off. Go out with a whip, let him see that you have it, and use it as a wand to keep his rump out and away from you.. .the minute he starts to turn his rump you tap from the side, where you are standing. You could also use a soft rope, but a whip is a definition of YOUR space and you can use it like a wand to keep his rear away from you. You shouldnt have to hit at all. Also use your voice like a growl to warn him off, at the same time, and eventually you will be able to work with just your voice.
        11-26-2009, 04:20 PM
    Thank you to all for the advice
        12-11-2009, 01:18 PM
    He is talkin horse to you. Turning his rear to you says "get out of my space". The next level of talkin is to kick if he is not satisfied with your response. Notice that he doesn't do that to the lead mare out in the pasture or she would "kick his butt". Remember that he is trying to establish rank--is he the boss or are you. So far he is.

    Lots of ways to establish yourself as the boss. Pick one and stick with it.

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