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    03-25-2012, 01:00 AM
Seriously, are you that naive? If your horse is bucking you off and then running off to the barn, then he is out of control. If your mom's horse is not out of control, then why do you insist that slapping him in a harsher bit will solve your mom's fear problems? Any pressure that isn't light contact is a death grip on a horse's head. If she's afraid of a horse that doesn't act up, then putting a harsh bit on said good natured horse is only punishing the horse for your mom's fear.

Your attitude of
he needs a harsher bit so what bit do you guys think? He hasnt been doing well with a snaffle
is exactly why barrel racers get a bad name. If you would take the time to train a horse properly, then he wouldn't need any more than a snaffle.

I had forgotten why I stopped responding to any of your posts. Now I remember and won't waste my time again on a snooty child who just wants to be told "yes, you're right, you're always right, you know everything, I'll just support and applaud everything you say" and then whenever she doesn't get the response she thinks she deserves, gets all huffy like a spoiled 6 year old who just dropped her sucker in the sand.

With that, I'm done. I'll say good luck to that poor horse, he's going to need it.
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    03-25-2012, 01:52 AM
The only thing that I hope for is that Harleywood is a troll, and not genuine, because if that is a real attitude it downright scares me.

The heavier the hand, the tighter the grip, the lighter the bit needed, not harsher.
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    03-25-2012, 03:14 AM
Green Broke
I agree with everyone saying don't go for the harsh bit. I have a horse who is the result of a young girl wanting to win barrels (not saying that's what you want) and in the process cut corners with his training. Luckly he has a beautiful nature but it has taken me over a year to get him out of the worst of his habits which included bolting. He was just about unstoppable without heavy hands and I wanted to resort to buying a harsher bit because I was having trouble holding him in the simple snaffle bits I have. Thankfully I didnt otherwise all it would have done was make things more difficult for him and myself. I can now ride him with just a halter and lead rope bareback and know he will behave. I feel much better knowing his has a better chance if he ever gets sold because he is becoming more and more reliable.
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    03-25-2012, 04:33 AM
Harleywood if I remember correctly you normally say fairly intelligent things. I would like to think you are trolling or were hacked, because for christ's sake I feel bad for your poor horses is you are serious.

You said this horse is a three year old. He is nervous. Your mom is scared of him. He has no business barrel racing.

Listen to smrobs and the previous posters. There are no shortcuts.

If you don't, what will end up happening is you will bit up this already nervous horse with someone who is heavy handed and scared on the reins, the horse will be scared of the bit....Then you have two scared beings trying to find out whats wrong with each other. The horse will get bound up, probably panic, and you will have a wild horse who is scared to death my the contraption on its face and its mouth will be ruined and so will his confidence. I hope that's what you are going for because that is what you will get.
    03-25-2012, 04:50 AM
This will work

And if you put one of these on it

It will work better.

I've never met a horse that couldn't be tamed to the point of riding totally relaxed with a loose rein (pretty easily, too) by this combination. And i've met lots of horses.
    03-25-2012, 05:30 AM
A properly trained 3 year old and a confident rider need no bit at all....

    03-25-2012, 06:11 AM
Originally Posted by Golden Horse    
The only thing that I hope for is that Harleywood is a troll, and not genuine, because if that is a real attitude it downright scares me.

Hi y'all. I am a very new poster here, but have been reading threads on this forum for my own education for a while now (please see my introduction submission if you like)...

Smrobs' OP started back in 2010 regarding proper bits, proper riding (soft hands!) and proper training was such a great post, and the hundreds of comments and questions subsequent to such were SO educational and thought thing was causing me tons of frustration as I read...

I am STRONGLY of the opinion (after spending time on one or two other forums having to do with my different interests, and understanding the way that they work in general) that most have varying degrees of "troll" infestations. Unfortunately, I think that this super forum seems to possibly have just such a problem.

It seemed to me after reading ALL 500+ posts on smrobs' thread TOGETHER in one night (it was a slow night-hehe) was that the "EmilyRose" person I believe materialized as about three additional people over the course of that thread!

So many of you tried, with the kindness and patience of SAINTS no less, to point out smrobs' position to the troubled young girl who was so obviously inexperienced in life AND horses, over and over again, despite her attacks and what I consider to be signs of possibly serious instability of personality!

I hate to see good and patient people who are taking their valuable time trying to inform and help others get run around like that by someone with obvious emotional problems, and though you all no doubt knew the score, so to speak, you were still so polite and professional. (You all could work at the psychiatric hospital where I work ANY DAY, with the sort of clients I have to care, for and do WONDERFULLY by the way...)

I definitely agree with Golden Horse and others that the OP here is likely another "EmilyRose"-type in disguise. I guess all I am saying is that I hope they don't suck up too much time from anyone!

I ALSO really hope I'm right for the same reason other folks here have already pointed out; if this person is TRULY going to use a more severe bit with her horse and feels that strongly about doing so (???), I feel absolutely terrible for that poor animal and fear for the outcome of all involved.

Thank you for letting me put in my two cents.
    03-25-2012, 01:21 PM
The horse is 3, he sounds like he is very green and needs more training - a stronger bit is not going to help this.

Your mother is tense and has a death grip - a stronger bit isn't going to help this either.

Both situations require more training.

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