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    01-27-2010, 01:56 PM

I have a 15y/o mare. I have had several discussions with many of you and believe that our issue is that she knows she can take advantage of me (im a beginner). My question is this, could bringing another horse over so she's not alone help her or make her worse? I have avoided bringing my husbands gelding over, because he has been known to bite his pasture mates and I don't want him to bite her. What do you think?
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    01-27-2010, 02:10 PM
I don't think it would make a difference either way. I think whats happening with your horse is that you are not giving her enough leadership so he is filling in for you. Try reading the book True Horsemanship through Feel. The author talks alot about keeping horses engaged and hooked on to you.
    01-27-2010, 02:14 PM
Okay, thanks. I've written down the title I will look for it.
    01-27-2010, 07:50 PM
I also don't think it will really make it a difference with her taking advantage of you, but it could make her buddy sour--maybe. If your husbands gelding bites her, it would most likely be because he is dominant over her, and she wants to challenge him. If she leaves him alone, and you have a big enough pasture, they won't eat the grass fast enough to find each other.
    01-27-2010, 09:11 PM
Green Broke
I personally wouldn't put them together unless at least one of them gets regular exercise without the other horse. Otherwise you very well might end up with a horse (or two) that won't leave it's buddy when you want to ride it or work with it.

I do keep my 3 horses together, but I am constantly taking them away from each other to ride.

Horses can become buddy sour very quickly and it can become dangerous- I bought two horses together one time (when I was much more trusting and ignorant) and they wouldn't leave each and became dangerous when you tried to seperate them. The mare took to rearing and the gelding running backwards. I ended up very afraid of both of them and sold them for next to nothing.

So I don't think I would put them together until you really have the mare's respect, or you could just have bigger problems on your hands.

As far as them biting each other, most horses will end up with a bite or two, then they work out the pecking order and you won't have much of a problem after that.
    01-27-2010, 09:14 PM
I don't think it'll make a difference with her relationship with you either. As Kevin said, she is probably not getting enough of a leader impression from you. I would just work on moving yourself up the the ladder. =]

And as a side note, horses nip and kick and bite and rear up at each other all the time, and it is perfectly normal. I would only be concerned if the gelding you mentioned was vicious, not just establishing a hierarchy. Most of the time, they just get some hair and a layer or two of skin and then establish a pecking order.

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