Canít get my mare to setup

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Canít get my mare to setup

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    04-08-2008, 03:34 PM
Canít get my mare to setup

I have an 11 year old mare that has never been shown on the ground. I can get her to trot in hand but she will not setup. Any suggestions?
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    04-08-2008, 06:50 PM
Pick up her feet and place them where you want them, once all four are where you want them, tell her "stand" or "whoa" and you have to do it very consistently and eventually she will pick up that "stand" or "whoa" means to set up.
    04-08-2008, 08:25 PM
What breed are you working with? I show baby saddlebreds in hand, so I know how important it is for them to set up right.

When I teach my babies to park out(can be used to square them up I'm sure. Just don't ask for her to step out as far), I work them at a trot in the way you would show them. When I stop, I tell them to Whoa, and if the back feet are square(if not move her up a step), I position the front feet by pulling slightly to the side. As you face your horse, pull to YOUR right for HER right, and to your left for her left. Or pull on her left side for her right foot and her right side for her. If she moves her back feet, say "no", back her up, and ask for her to move only her front feet again.

Reward the sligtest move in the way you want, and she will get better every time.

EVERY Time you stop her, you need to ask her to set up how you want. When you lead her to the crossties, stop several times and ask her to set up. Before you work her, walk around stopping every so often and ask her to set up. If you do nothing else to her, walk her around and ask her. Practice your pattern, and always always always ask her to set up when you stop.

Soon it will take barely a touch on the lead rope and she will do it.
    04-12-2008, 12:21 AM
If you want to train for halter, touch your horses legs.
If you're training for showmanship, do NOT. You CANNOT touch your horse in showmanship, so having a 'fall back plan' is necessary. If you're not training for either... then I have no idea why you're training your mare to do something like this. XD I hate training them to set up. It's so boring and repetitive. Here is how top showmanship horses are trained:
Pick a 'set' back leg. Most pick the left, because that is the leg the horse pivots on. That's the leg that NEVER moves... move the right hind up or back to match the left. Pull low on the lead rope, forward or back, to get her to move the right hind, and reward as quickly as possible when that leg moves. Ignore the front, for now. Once your horse sets her back legs, say 'whoa' to reinforce, and move to the front.
Set from left to right or right to left, but keep it consistent so your mare learns faster. To set the left, pick the lead rope up and towards the left (if you're facing your horse, which you should be to set up), and then pull up or back. To set the right, pull the lead rope to the right, and do the same. If she moves her back, you can ignore it for a bit whilst she understand to move her front feet... if she continues, you could back her into a stall (or an arena corner) so keep her back feet from coming forwards. It's something that usually goes away with time.
But like LadyDreamer said, set your horse up EVERYwhere, and eventually, she'll do it as soon as you ask.

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