Can any one help please

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Can any one help please

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        12-01-2007, 06:04 PM
    Can any one help please

    Hi, I have a dales x newforest and is 3 years old. He is my first horse. And although he is young when I went to see him he was a little angel. I have had him for around 3-4 months and as he was my first horse the woman allowed us to keep him at the yard so we got used to each other. I have got him at home and when he had settled im I rode him. He was fantastic. My brother who is 9 rode him and his friend his mom and he was even safe enough for my friends little sister who is 3 to have a ride round the field with me leading him. The next day I went to ride him.his back leg kept cow kicking and that made me loose my confidence. We sorted that out but just couldnt understand why he had all or a sudden just started doing that. We now have worse problems. I lunge him in a field. He is a strong horse but I usually cope he has started cantering very nearly into a gallop on lunge as soon as I let him go. He is so scary that I don't want to bring him in so that he walks and he just pulls really bad. The field is around 2 acres and I start at the top and end up at the bottom if I havnt already let go. I try to calm him down and he stops looks at me and just starts galloping towards me and I have to jump out of the way to avoid him. He is not at all a violent horse and we have had him checked over by the vet when we bought him.

    Please if any one has any tips please could you relpy as I love him to bits and just want to get him sorted out.
    He also freaks at a whip and makes him go mad weve tried getting him used to it showing him it will not hurt him but he seems to be scared of it still
    Thankyou laura
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        12-02-2007, 05:36 AM
    Are you nervous when you are around him? Horses easily pick up on the nervousness of humans, and will usually try to use that to their advantage and try to become the alpha horse over you - I know - my horse did it to me! Is it possible to erect a round yard - even a temporary one, to help you with your lunging? I find it a lot harder to lunge in my paddock than I did in the round yard. If he stops and then suddenly gallops straight for you, it does sound like he is trying to scare you and become the boss over you.

    With the whip problem, try lying it on the ground, lead him up to it, let him sniff it if he likes. Walk him over it and around it. Move the whip to a different location and do it again. Keep moving the whip to different areas in the paddock. By letting him walk all over it, around it and letting him get used to it while it is not moving, he should clam down a little around it. Once he is calm doing all that, pick up the whip, slowly show it to him, and try to rub him gently all over with it. If he puts his head up or looks afraid, stop.
        12-02-2007, 10:42 AM
    I would suggest looking into Parelli. It will help you with the issues you are describing :)
        12-02-2007, 05:12 PM
    You need to get a trainer; no offence but you sound young, and being your first horse it sounds like you don't know a whole lot.
    Get someone who is small enough to ride him, and can show you how to handle him.
    He is just trying to take advantage of you; and its working. Being a young horse; he is going to be testy and will see what he can get away with.
    Again, get a good trainer.
        12-05-2007, 06:36 PM
    He's young. Please don't take offense, but from your post you sound inexperienced. I'd highly recommend you consult with a trainer. I'd also suggest you not let 9 or 3 year olds ride him until he's had some of his training improved. Having a 9 yr old ride him once doesn't prove he's "kid safe", and he may try one of his tricks with a small child on his back.

    You sound a bit scared of him. Part of it also may be he knows you're scared/nervous around him. He could be getting more emotional because he sees how worried you are. Or he could be a clever one who see's you're scared of him and he's taking the upper hand.

    You'll get a lot out of working with a good professional trainer. The sessions should teach both you and him, and you'll come away with knowledge you can use on future horses.

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