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Cantering getting on my nerves

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        11-13-2012, 07:13 PM
    Personally, I would do circles, but then, I have a reiner. Lol. However, I have learned, thru watching a trainer I used to work with, that it sometimes helps, since you do not want to pull on their mouth, that when they start to speed up, do a circle, then go back on the rail.....repeat as necessary. I sometimes felt all I did was circle. Eventually, you will get around the arena. Same thing if they are dropping a shoulder in the a circle. He will eventually learn his pace.

    I also use my seat to slow my guy. He is trained that if I inhale deeply and raise my hand slightly, he will lope. Sit deep and hum, and he slows. It helped me to work on the "speed control" bareback at the walk, so that he learned the feel of my shifting weight. When I was cooling him out I used to play with this, and now he does it well.

    Absolutely serpentines, etc help immensely at walk and trot. We used to put out cones and do cloverleaf patterns, do serpentine lines, whatever to break the monotony.

    Good luck-remember, it takes MUCH longer to retrain a horse than to train it right in the first place. You are retraining. That takes tons of time and consistency. My guy was in full time training (ridden 5 days a week by a trainer) for 6 month to finally "get it".
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        11-13-2012, 07:29 PM
    I agree that it sounds like Sammy is trying to find his balance, but in addition to said he's an ex barrel racer. I have known many people to "train" their barrel horses to expect to run hard and turn fast every time someone I'd on their back. That's what I though of immediately when you said he only tries to turn hard at the canter. I wonder......I just wonder if you set the pattern up if Sammy would give you the canter you're looking for. I might try that once (in a secure pen, as opposed to a wide open field) just to see how Sammy reacts. If he won't canter at all, well that just points another arrow to balance. If he runs hose barrels, I would say that his previous trainer maybe burnt Sammy out by making him think it's always about work....and if that's the case, you and Sammy will need to find a way to retrain him in a fun way.
        11-13-2012, 09:58 PM
    Green Broke
    I have been trying to ride him in circles though I find it quite difficult to stop him from dropping his shoulder or making him move out into a larger circle. I think I might take a couple of whips with me next time because my leg just doesn't seem to be enough. I have also got him working off my seat a lot in walk and trot, most times I'm riding on the buckle and not really using the reins. It just went to poo when I had a go at cantering.

    I have contemplated setting up some barrels because we have some, to see what he would do. I chicken out though when I think about how he might go because I'm no barrel racer, I'm not sure I could stay for a barrel pattern.
        11-13-2012, 10:40 PM
    Super Moderator
    I agree with Elana (I often do) that he needs more work at trot and walk.

    When you do feel like asking for a canter, do it not at the beginning of the long side, where he is used to racing out. Do it in a corner heading into a short side, get the canter, just two or three full strides, and back to a trot. When he slows, give a lot of rein and some neck rubs and good boys. Trot, ease into canter, short distance and back down again. So, what you are working on is the transitions, not the canter itself. Fi you get a good transition, that's what earns him a reward.

    Don't get stuck on the rail of your "arena". Do other shapes and things .

    Take walk breaks where you ride him on the buckle for a bit.

    Use the exhale of your breath to help him transition downward. And really visualize, during both the up and the down transitions, that you are literally riding his hind legs only, as if he were an emu or an ostrige.
        11-13-2012, 10:47 PM
    Green Broke
    Thanks I do try not stick to the rail when I walk and trot. When I have cantered though it is just about impossible to get him to do anything other then run straight down the fenceline or do tight little turns.

    I also do often do a lot of walking on the buckle.

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