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    11-27-2012, 12:40 AM
Originally Posted by tiffanyodonnell    
Now I want to lean on their neck and have them lift me up a little.
*Maybe* not too bad if you're very small & they're big, strong & quite fit, but I'd still want to run it by a chiro or such first. Why I say that is yes, when I was young(& small) I saw a woman mount a horse like that & thought it would be a neat trick to make getting on bareback easy. Taught my horse to lower his head, I leaned across it & told him to raise his head, so I could then slide down to his back & into place. Great huh? Until my horse started having trouble turning to one side, started reaching around to nip me when I leaned forward to dismount.... turns out I'd put his neck out & needed a chiro! Years later when I got a chiro for something else, happened to mention this trick & he said he was getting a bit of business from it, as Linda Parelli had been popularising the practice!
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    11-27-2012, 05:49 PM
I agree- better to teach your horse to step up to a stump, fence, mounting block, bucket, etc. :)

As for going straight bridleless I have found it very helpful to start rewarding something active in the walk, rather than "go straight". With my horse I started clicking for any increased impulsion in the hind end. We built on this until we got a headset frame as well as a nice steady walk foreword. If your horse is really turny put 4 large traffic cones in a square and teach your horse to walk to each cone and target it (click and treat only one time per cone to keep from getting stuck at one). When your horse is walking the square then get on and try it from the saddle. In between each cone start implementing a "go foreword" cue (like verbal "walk on"). When he's got this down you can make your cone square larger and larger and even add in trot and canter. Your horse should begin associating the walk on cue with moving straight towards the next object so start removing cones and rewarding your horse for moving foreword without the cones. Remember to start small and work your way up! Sometimes you have to start with rewarding a single step of foreword movement but 10 minutes later you're walking down the longside of the arena.
    11-27-2012, 11:13 PM
Yes, I guess it was too much to hope for a little help for my extreme shortness. . April & Ella are both 15'3" and in great condition because at our house, if you go anywhere, you have to climb a long steep hill. But April has a cold back and needs stretching before every ride. Fortunately, she is great about standing next to something, then standing still while I fly toward her and sometimes do my mermaid tail flap to get on.

Wildcat, I can't wait to try your technique with April. I hope it will translate to the trail too. She meanders. We practice reining and leg cues and she is light and responsive in the arena then distracted on reluctant on the trail.

My favorite results from CT have been improving our KMSH Ella's expressions. I worked on her standing in frame and ears forward, eyes soft and body relaxed. When we got her, she was great in the saddle but tense and angry on the ground. Now, she is soft eyed, sweet and calm. Both the vet and the farrier say she is a completely different and pleasant horse!
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    11-28-2012, 01:54 PM
On the trail sometimes it's helpful to come up with a targeting game! I have a friend who trail rides through her neighborhood on trash day and they target people's trash cans that have been wheeled out to the road :) It keeps her horse engaged and on a mission :)
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    12-01-2012, 10:12 PM
I'd really like to get the targeting game down for the trail - it could be useful in so many ways!

I tried a combination of the suggestions working with my boy. Focusing my energy on a specific point did help and we're getting some foreword movement. It's clear he needs some consistent work on this, like any skill. He's getting either excited or frustrated (I think it's both), because he had a few little hops in there for me and was trying different things. We're moving and he'll likely move a couple of weeks before I do, so now isn't the best time to try and start something too new. I'm going to wait until after the move so I can be out there every day working with him. To finish off, we went back to liberty leading, something he knows well, and he was still taking off every now and then with a few bucks and coming back to me. Silly horse!

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