Day 1.... The saddle. :D

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Day 1.... The saddle. :D

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        04-10-2010, 05:40 PM
    Day 1.... The saddle. :D

    Well, started with Kathryn's Arab gelding today. I just let him kinda calm down a bit yesterday and the wind was terrible (40+mph with almost 60mph gusts). It is more bearable today (20-30) so I started with him. He took the bridle well, a little high headed and backed up a bit when I tried to bit him but nothing terrible. The saddle was a little more difficult, he kept wanting to move forward, so I just kept the inside rein short and let him walk until he stood. I'm not a big fan of tying solid when I saddle unless I have to. He responded well to the cinch, a little sensitive but no offer to hump or buck. He is currently standing with his head tied to one side while I wait for him to supple a bit. I haven't decided yet whether I will ride him today or not, I am here by myself and I will just have to see how he acts when I go back out.

    Anyway, just thought I would share that bit of progress and a couple of pictures.

    Here, he is resisting the bit just a touch. I tie their head around to teach them to be supple and give to the bit. It is not a solid tie and they can get loose if something happens but it takes a fair amount of pulling. That way it frees up some of my time to work with other horses or do chores while he learns. You have to know exactly how long to leave the rein, too short and he will learn to brace, too long and he won't learn to give.

    Here, I knew it was time to tie to the other side cause he was just standing with his head to the side and the rein hanging. When he would move, he would turn in circles without pulling the rein tight.

    So, on to the other side. A bit of resistance due to confusion but he figured it out quickly.

    I am so glad that I bought that shorter cinch. It is way too small for Dobe but it is nearly too long for him.

    Anyway, back out to check on him and do some more work.
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        04-10-2010, 07:09 PM
    Awesome job!!!!!! High fives for you
        04-10-2010, 07:17 PM
    Okay, well. Just came back in from riding him and he is an absolute dream. He moved a bit when I mounted but that is to be expected at this point. Normally, I have a problem getting forward motion out of a young horse for the first few minutes but within about 30 seconds, he was trotting circles in the pen like he had done it his whole life. Got a few more pictures but none with me on him cause I am here by my lonesome. He took a little longer to desensitize to the movement of the stirrup leathers before I got on but he eventually stood like a champ. And goodness he moves nice. Nice smooth extended trot and he is already trying to do a running walk. He is super soft in his mouth and even has a respectable stop for the first ride. Getting off was a little tricky cause he doesn't like it when the saddle moves but that will get better with more days like today.

    Anyway, on to the pix. :)

    Here he is showing he is soft and relaxed with the bit.

    Moving him out a bit to warm him up before I get on.

    And here he is after our ride. He worked up a decent sweat but he did very well. He was a bit stiff to the right so we spent most of our time trotting circles to the right until I liked how he felt. He did pretty darn good.

        04-10-2010, 07:18 PM
    Sorry, had too many pix and didn't want to leave any out.

    I didn't work him quite as long as I probably needed to but we ended on a good note so all's well.

        04-10-2010, 07:29 PM
    He sure is gorgeous! How old is he?
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        04-10-2010, 07:39 PM
    Thanks you guys. Equiniphile, he is 3 years old.
        04-10-2010, 07:40 PM
    Nice pony! He looks so foalish! Suppose that's one of the attractions of Arabs.

    Sounds like you might do a lot of starting & know what you're on about. I'm guessing this may be your general or breaking saddle, not specifically for him, & it could also be the perception from the pics & not quite so bad.... but in case you don't see it, it looks huge on him & way over his shoulders.
        04-10-2010, 07:53 PM
    Yeah, he is really short backed and that is my GP saddle. I use it on everything. He is pretty small but didn't seem to have any problems with it. I plan to get a different saddle for training smaller horses one of these days.
        04-10-2010, 10:18 PM
    You stated that this is your first arab?? You might find that you really like working with the breed? They seem to learn quickly and are gentle by nature.
    Nice job Smrobs
    I imagine it won't be long before you 2 see some open trailers.

    One complaint.
    You got on him all by yourself, no one around? What if you got hurt?? Who would be there to pick up the pieces or call 911??
    Be safe Smrob
        04-10-2010, 10:39 PM
    Yep, RD. He is my first, I have never even really been around the breed at all. I already really like him, he picks up what I want him to learn really quick and seems pretty darn willing. I can't wait until I get to take him out on the trail, he has got a trot that I could ride all year . He is pretty spooky but not nearly as quick on his feet as some I have ridden, thankfully.

    I really do appreciate your concern but if I had even the slightest feeling that he would try something, I wouldn't have gotten on today. I normally have either my Dad or Step-mom around but they are out of town and won't be back until tomorrow and I just didn't feel like I could waste such a beautiful day being out of the saddle. I brought the horse in to ride and I just kinda felt that he was ready for it today.

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