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Doesn't like having her ears touched?

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  • 10 month old doesnt like ears being touched
  • My horse doesn't like her ears touched

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    04-27-2013, 11:01 PM
She may have been ear twitched. Or she may have fly eggs or something in her ears. Keep working on it and make sure you can look in her ears at some point and see if something's bothering her ears.
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    04-27-2013, 11:28 PM
My little 6 month old filly was head shy at first and didn't like her ears being touched. She was never treated wrong, she just wasn't worked with enough. As you were saying its a fidgety thing I would just start with rubbing her neck, face, find her sweet spot and really rub her and then rub up her ear quick, then go and rub her neck and face then rub up that ear and just keep you hand moving even if she pulls away. It took about 3 days for my filly to get used to it.

I would use a whip to start. Reason being- A horse should trust your hand more than a whip. My filly would rather have me pet her all over with my hand instead of with a rope or whip, she is fine with them but trusts my hand more. I feel you would get a lot farther, faster by using your hand instead of a whip. My horses if I let the string of the whip by the ears they twitch their ears and they really don't like it, but I can go and take my hand and play with their ears just fine and clip them.
    04-28-2013, 09:55 AM
If you put a little honey on the bit right before you put the bridle on, then after a minute or so pull the bridle right off & put a little more honey on the bit and put the bridle back on. Do this several times and she might not mind a hand behind the ears

My gelding was very nervous about his ears being touched when I got him. He would rip his head away if you even reached up. I would just rub his neck and sneak a little further here and there. If he pulled I would keep my hand there until he relaxed then drop my hand. I had to start slow, he would pull away if I was 12" from his ears up his neck.I can now run up and grab both ears and he is great about it.
    04-28-2013, 11:06 AM
Green Broke
My horse Taffy was ear shy, he was very hard to bridle.
I just didn't fight that battle. I completely took the bridle apart when I put it on him,
The English bridle was the hardest, but I unbuckled the left side both the cheek piece and the cavassan, took off the left side of the browband, then put it on him, put the head piece over the top of his head then put it all back together. I did that for the 28 years I had him. I never used a one ear bridle, and never the halter with the clip on the cheek. I eventually got to the point I could clip his bridle path, but never clipped his ears, (never believed in that anyway).

He was so good every where else, I just let him have this vice. Sort of my little gift to him. You can work around it, till your horse gets better about it. My Taffy never did though.
    04-28-2013, 11:51 AM
The girl I bought her from was using a two ear bridle on her and had to take it apart to get it on, after fighting of course.
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    04-28-2013, 01:32 PM
It sounds like she's been allowed to be a brat about it. Keep a halter on under the bridle for a few rides and see if that takes the fight out of it and work from there.
    04-29-2013, 12:51 PM
You know how when you are brushing your horse, you're mind is wandering other places and you just brush the horse even if you were eating a burger? (so to speak) Well, when you pet her head, do that.
Don't pay any attention to where you are petting - I mean, pay attention but take all your focus off the horse, so that way the horse knows you don't mean any harm and such.
There is two ways - that I know that work - to help this, but the second one has slipped my mind. I will post about it later when I remember, haha!

1: Getting closer, and closer, and closer, and closer........
So why don't you give her a treat? (remember, you are more interested in that rainbow than the horse at the moment. So to speak.) Then maybe try rubbing her nose, working the run line from her nose to between he eyes. Then start rubbing her cheeks and over her eyes. So like rub above her eyes then run over them and to her cheeks. Then I would rub her neck or her forehead still. Then Work your way to her ears until the point to where she flinches. Then rub her neck and work your way up to that spot and right when you get to that spot, go back to her neck. Just keep working like that until she gets better with one ear. Then go on the other side and do the same thing. Also try rubbing her poll and bridle path as well.

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