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Dorky on Crossties

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    05-28-2008, 11:51 AM
Dorky on Crossties

My mare Jubilee is overall a very well behaved horse. She is very well-mannered, never pushy, doesn't bite and is very affectionate. She knows her boundaries and is very polite. In the field however, she is very dominant and will chase other horses. I notice that when I put her on crossties in the barn, sometimes she'll stick one of her forelegs out kind of in a pawing motion and touch her nose to her leg, but she doesn't scrape the ground with them, just balances it above ground. It's actually kind of funny to watch. If there are other horses in the barn, usually she stands perfectly still but if she is alone, she moves back and forth and to the sides on crossties and does her little pawing thing. She also whinnies all the time, as if calling to her friends. She is getting a bit better because I am trying to bring her in the barn more often. She is on 24hr turnout by the way, so she only comes into feed. A lot of times I tie her up outside to brush her and so she doesnt' spend much time on crossties. As I said, she's usually much better when other horses are in the barn with her. Also, sometimes if I just ignore what she does, she'll eventually give up and stand still for me. What do you guys think? Is she bored? Or does she just want attention? This is pretty much the only manners problem I have with her. Other than that, she is VERY well behaved.
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    05-28-2008, 02:25 PM
My horse used to do similer things to that. It wasnt because he was bored or wanting attention however it was because he was missing his mates in the field. He used to try and paw the ground but insted of hitting the floor he would just keep his leg in the air. At first I thought he had a problem with his leg but in time it became harder to bring him out the field and keep him out for a long period of time with out him calling to his friends or walking round in circles. He is also in 24 hour turnout and only comes in for his feeds. Try bringing your horse out with another horse if you can or at the same time another horse is in the barn and then take the other horse away sooner then taking yours back to the field. Your mare will then learn that she can stay in the barn for longer periods of time on her own and will still be back with her friends soon enough. I done this with my gelding and he soon learnt that he can be on his own and the reintroduced to his friends once I had finished grooming him or after he had eaten. I hope this helps...
    05-28-2008, 02:35 PM
Thanks Jemma! That is a good idea.
    05-28-2008, 02:41 PM
No problem, hope it helps, keep me posted! X

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