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Dressage Clinic with Nova[Video]

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    02-26-2013, 12:42 PM
Green Broke
Dressage Clinic with Nova[Video]

My barn held a dressage clinic a week or so ago.. and I decided to attend.. deffinately took a lot from it! We were really have an issue getting nova to move her hind end as well as her from end at the same time while leg yeilding w/t and in this video sadly just shows the walk but we accomplished it at the trot as well. My barn is holding another on the 9th which im extremely excited for .. hopeing to get some starting tips on the shoulders in. We also got some pointers on how my position needs to almost mimic the bend I want from her.. she would bend but not through her whole body, just through her neck because I was a bit to straight so I was blocking her! The second I turned my body.. she instantly changed herself.. which felt pretty cool. She was also able to step through her hind end better as well. Definitely a good clinic.

Going to start showing nova this years in training level possibly play around in 1st. We went through intro level last year which she did well in.. scored mid 60's in intro C... She thinks if I keep going the road I'm going with her we should do well. I just need to bring up her poll a bit, and ride more forward..which normally I do, I think I held back in the clinic because I was nervous haha but I've been doing so much long and low with Nova cause of how when I first got her she was so bracey and stiff.. and now that's where she's comfortable.. so were going to start working on bringing her up again and strengthen her neck. As well as switching her bit to a neule shule [sp?] Starter bit. She has such a low pallet, and fat tounge so a normal french link snaffle just isnt comfortable for her.

She also told me that Nova is deffinately a tricky ride because she's so sensative especially through her mouth, she quickly switches from to much contact to to little, whch is why she thinks switching bits should help there. As well a nova tries to always be a step a head of you, and assume what we are doing. So you kinda gotta always be on her and not allow her to take over.

Heres a video short clip.

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    03-01-2013, 11:29 PM
Green Broke
Lots of views no responses??
    03-02-2013, 12:35 AM
Super Moderator
Not sure what to say. It's hard to see much detail from that distance. And you stated pretty much what I could see, what with her wanting to avoid contact and come behind the bit. It looks to me that you are just working along and right about where you are supposed to be.
I was wondering about your leg yield, it looked like there was very little forward motion. But, maybe the clinician wanted you to over emphasize the sidewasy. Without being close to hear her, and see detail, I can only say that .
    03-02-2013, 04:24 PM
Green Broke
Thanks for the reply.

Yes she seemed to want more sideways then forward. Getting her to really move her hind as well as her shoulders over... cause the second we really start to move forward while doing it she loses her hind end... anyone have any tip on that.. I generally have to bring her back to a halt or barely moving walk.. to move her hind over again.
    03-02-2013, 05:12 PM
Green Broke
This horse likes to be what I call "over" the bit. VERY hard to fix.. she tucks her nose IN to avoid contact and this allows her to disengage her rear and be heavy on the forehand. Often this issue of being over the bit is the result of the horse being sensitive AND being ridden front to back.

When I watch this I want to yell across the arena, "loosen the reins!! And ADD LEG!" (I could, in the day, yell across the arena too! LOL).

This horse needs more forward and less restraint. She needs to reach out and down with her head.

I watch this and am thinking that you go ahead and try the bit change, but I think I would go further. I think this is a horse I would put in a side pull or a rawhide core bosal with a mecate for a while. Something totally different that does not work off the bars of her mouth.

Removing the bit and doing this MIGHT work.. but it will require a really sensitive set of hands, an ability to fearlessly push the horse forward and to give her rein (even without the bit) so she learns it is OK to be forward and she won't get bumped by your hands in the process.

I am not saying YOU created this over the bit horse.. someone else may have done that.. but now you need to see how to correct it. I would be VERY interested in watching your progress. You have quite a challenge I think but I also think a horse worth the effort.
    03-02-2013, 05:30 PM
Green Broke
The Clinician kept asking me to pick up my reins. Which what you see in the video is more contact then I normally have .. I think that may be what cause her to dive her nose under? We we're deffinately having an issue with forward. I get so focused on something else I forget or I just slack off with pushing her forward that's my oops there. Not afraid though .. we go for gallops out in feilds.. I just need to remember


But its also hard because she can be TO forward.

I was doing a lot of long a low to help build her topline and loosen her up. Should I continue this? Or try and get out of her mouth more and work on forward???

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