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ex racing tb - jumping problems...

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    01-06-2008, 11:48 PM
ex racing tb - jumping problems...

We have an ex race horse who we now jump... but he is a bit of a physco! He seems to think the jumping arena is a racecoarse and he zooms!! He jumps over a 1m and anything under bores him... he CAN NOT handle a lot of pressure from the leg! He has developed quite an attitude also... so due to all this he has had the past year and a half off...

My bf used to ride him... and although he was a champion dressage rider when he was younger he hates it now and only jumps... this has caused him to become very heavy handed and doesnt think of the horse... this has caused him to hate this horse and refuse to ride him...

He has lovely dressage movement and I think if someone worked on that he would quiten down but even im to scared to ride him... and I would NEVER jump as big as he needs too...

Does anyone have any training suggestions, prefrably from the ground that might quiten him down so he can be riden again?
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    01-07-2008, 01:05 AM
I would back away from the jumps for a while. Smaller jumps may bore him, but cross bars and caveletties are really helpful tools that you could throw into flatwork on a regular basis.

I would try to start over as if you were starting a young horse and recheck all of the basics to make sure that the controls are all there and functioning properly. Do a LOT of walk and trot work on the flat. Do a LOT of softening and suppling exercises (circles, serpentines, etc.). Spend a lot of time mixing things up to keep him from getting bored. I would avoid the canter until he is very soft and calm at the walk and trot on the flat and even over some trot poles.

If you think he might do well at dressage, maybe spend some time working through the intro dressage tests with him until he has them down really well - intro has not canter, so it would fit in with slowing down for a while.

You can also mix it up by spending time working on his leg yields, side-passing, pivots (forehand and haunches), etc. You can do half halts in trot work, spirals, figure eights, etc. (try to think of all of these things as your controls for faster and more advanced work - if they aren't there at a walk and trot, they will not be there at the canter and jumping).

It really just sounds like he needs to spend some time at a slow pace and learn to supple, soften, and calm down. When you get that at the walk and trot for any pattern, maneuver, or test, then maybe slowly try to add in jumping again.

There are a lot of great groundwork activities that may help because you can transfer the leaning to the saddle, but in the end, this is a riding problem. If he has problems yielding and being soft on the bit, definitely try to work that from the ground first...I or others on here can give you exercises for that.
    01-09-2008, 01:57 AM
That's strange that you say that he can't handle any leg? Most tb's are opposite, you need very light hands and more leg. Are you wearing spurs or using a stick/crop? If so, eliminate that immediately. I guarantee the biggest problem is your bf's hands when he's on him. If he's got heavy hands, that's probably your biggest culprit right there. Remember, on the track, we cue them to go faster by throwing a cross, which is more-or-less taking a tighter hold of the reins, gathering them up and getting our horses together to run and not fall apart. So, take into consideration that that is what your horse is accustomed to and trained to do. The jumping added is probably another thing to get excited over, most of them do that first. They tend to get proud of themselves when they accomplish something :) I hope some of this helps, keep us updated! Good luck!
    01-09-2008, 08:24 PM
You should try some ground work with him, with a rope halter. You could also try line stops to slow him down after the jump. You also want to make sure that he does not feel trapped when you or whom ever is riding him. You can half halt but then give your reins so your horse has a chance to respond even though that's probably the last thing you want to do with a fast horse. I hop this helps
    01-09-2008, 09:25 PM
Thanks guys! That's A LOT of help! We don't use spurs or whips on any of our horses just so you no lol... our place is under water atm lol, we've had a lot of water... but once we get dry I can't wait to try this all out... ill keep you updated and probly ask for more help haha!

Thanks again

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