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    02-22-2009, 12:05 AM
excited horse/feed

I have a 20 yr old thoroughbred that im training to sell. Firstly what should I be doing to get him good for his new owner? My main issues with him are keeping a steady pace and keeping his head down...not specifically on the bit just low and not high and excited? Any suggestions? Also he's currently being fed 1 scoop of horse muselie (stuff with grains and lupins and that kinda thing) 3 scoops lucerne, half scoop rice bran, tablespoon celery seeds half scoop gumnuts. Im trying to fatten him up and must get him sold by april...preferably. Is my feed making him hyper? If so what shoud I cut out and replace it with? All help appreciated thanks
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    02-22-2009, 09:54 AM
Well on the feed you might want to think about feeding him Equine Senior. That can really put weight on a horse and it won't make them hot. It's got beet pulp in it which I really like.

Is he in good shape for 20? Is his back strong? If not I'd be working on a lot of "long and low" exercises to help get his back up. Relaxing exercises that help him to relax obviously and to also promote healthy biomechanics. Without seeing him I'm not sure what to tell you since he is older. You have to take into account his joints aren't going to be what they used to be. 20 isn't ancient of course, I was still riding my appy when he was 20 and going on 2+ hour trail rides, but he was in excellent shape and his age never slowed him down one bit. He lost his eye sight however and passed away on Valentines Day. I miss him terribly, but now it's up to my warmblood to step up to the plate.
    02-22-2009, 10:56 AM
For keeping a steady pace,I recommend a lunge line. Do a few exercises with that until he begins to keep a steady pace.
Just like Spirit Said.He he in good shape for his age? What is his current weight?

Good luck with everything!

    02-22-2009, 12:41 PM
We have had a few horses that cannot digest the Senior feeds, that seem to be high is sugar. We had a Appy/tb who was at the time 22 I believe that he was getting at least 3-4 lbs of senior and he wasn't looking any better. We put in on this stuff called Mormon's Senior Glo, which doesn't have sugars but its got rice bran and beet pulp, fatty acids, and very easily digested. You should look for something similar in your area.
We have never fed gumnuts or celery seeds. What does that do?
An easy no brainer exercise to do is put your horse in the bridle, and first teach him to lower his head by a gentle pull on his bit. Once he is soft to that, you can incorporate him moving his feet, while you holding the bit. If he puts his head up, gently touch it down. Don't make him keep moving his feet, wether its sideways or forwards, just get them started, lower his head, then start over again. This will teach him that he can move with a relaxed neck, and that he can move with it lowered. Do this both directions each way, and it'll help supplement the riding training.
Int he riding, try and teach him that when you squeeze with your legs, that he is to lower his head. To teach this, you just quietly and softly take an even feel of the reins, and squeeze with your legs. He may opt to put his head up, or toss it around, but keep everything the same until he can search for the correct answer. :) Little by little you'll be able to transfer that into all gaits.
The groundwork will help alot, I assure you. Some horses just don't know how to softly move their feet with their necks lowered, so you have to show him.
    02-22-2009, 09:14 PM
Hy Gain Balancer pellets, free choice hay and speedi beet :) Since you are in Australia. If you can't get that send me links to the companies you can get and I will dig thur them for you just takes longer because I have to google most of the ingredients LOL ...

Look for forage based feeds that contain no corn and little to no other grains also look for ones that have very little molasses MOST feed companies everywhere list ingredients most to least on the tag
    02-22-2009, 11:51 PM
He is slightly thin but noone thinks he's 20 when I tell them. He's in good shape with plenty of energy. He still jumps up to 60 cm and he hasnt had any major problems the chiropractor is coming on thursday to check his back. I think he weighs about 600kg. Celery seeds are like an anti inflammatory and help with arthritis and mitavite gumnuts are for old horses easy to digest that kind of thing.

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