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Extremly aggressive horse

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        06-17-2010, 03:25 PM
    I just wanted to say- you would have been better off using a snaffle. A pelham really doesn't give you any more control in my opinion, less in fact at times because you don't have the real ablility to direct rein. In a green horse I will always use a french link or my copper full cheek snaffle just because I can direct rein and turn the horse better until they learn leg commands.

    This little guy is going to make a person a very nice horse. Wish I had the money, I'd adopt him myself and ship him here! =) He is gorgeous and a nice mover even though he is obviously swollen up from the gelding.
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        06-17-2010, 06:02 PM
    Please, I really want to reiterate that I never used the word Abuse. I do not for a minute think that anyone of those men were abusing the horse. I don't think the guy riding the horse was abusive. I think he is an uneducated rider and it surprised me that for all the worry on behalf of the horse it seemed as if the priority was to get someone on its back regardless.

    I have to be completely honest, my knee jerk reaction wasn't to the treatment of the horse so much as the fact that the macho rider attitude struck a sour note with me. The guy on the vids, mannerisms, demeanor, body language (basically everything) reminded me of another man that I know. The man I knew also fancied himself as great 'cowboy' and I had to stand by helplessly for years watching him destroy horse after horse (in two cases I mean it literally - on two seperate occassions two horses that he was breaking in hung themselves by the rope he had around their necks "to get used to it"). The man I knew had such poor riding habits that he ruined horses mouths and bodies. Every horse he rode ended up with an underdeveloped topline and over developed muscles under the kneck. He also thought that he looked cool when a horse pranced and reared and would deliberately saw and fuss and jerk with a horses mouth until it did so. Basically every interaction he had with a horse was to demonstrate how cool he was, it was about showing off, "look at me riding this horse 'coz no one else can". Yuck, yuck, yuck!! So now apparently I have an allergic reaction whenever I see a macho male showing off on a horse. Huh - go figure.
        06-17-2010, 07:00 PM
    Do whatever you need to do, geld him, build him a pen, but he and the other stallion need to have somewhere to stretch their legs in. I know you're only trying to help, but it's not fair to him to be shut in that stall 24/7.
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        06-18-2010, 11:41 AM
    I agree equiniphile, he did get gelded about 2 weeks ago though. If he were mine I would give him a bit more time to heal and them put him out with some gentle mares or geldings just to run and detox from the bad handling he has had. Horses NEED to run, they NEED freedom. Its hardwired into their brains to move up to 30 miles or more a day to find food, escape predators etc. Its not fair to a horse to pen him in a little stall day after day and not allow him to run. He desperately needs it! His pain from his gelding will limit how much and how fast he runs, but walking around is going to help reduce his swelling which is quite a bit from the video you posted.
        06-18-2010, 11:59 AM
    I agree, once he has healed up a bit more, let him have a romp with some other horses. Honestly, I think socialization with his own species will do WONDERS for him. He needs time to run about and play, and just graze with a group. He will feel included and more at home if he can make friends.
        06-18-2010, 01:34 PM
    Read this thread. Beginning to end. First off- that is a Good looking horse! In watching the video (I could only see the first on the first post) I did really only see an aggressive reaction to the guy touching him. But everything I wanted to say was already said. :P

    Ok. To vid num two. I have to agree with Kiwigirl- knee jerk reaction to the guy in the saddle. Guy without the shirt on I cringed at too. But that being said looking only at the horse- He seems to know SOMETHING. Maybe not much, but he doesn't seem completely oblivious to whats going on like I've seen with first saddle rides on a horse that we(myself and others at my barn) knew for a fact hadn't had a saddle before.

    I also commend you on coming on this site, and reaching out to learn and try to better your horse world.

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